Isn't She Lovely

Hayden Horan is the sixteen year old daughter of Niall and Allison Horan. They live in Texas, USA. But what happens when they go to the birthday of a family friend and what happens when they stay a little longer than expected.


2. Chapter 1

"Hayden, sweety are you almost done?!" My dad yelled from down the stairs. "Coming!" I yelled before throwing my blonde hair up in a high ponytail. I grabbed my bag from my bed and sighed before making my way down the stairs. "Mom is already waiting in the car." Dad explained as he took over my bag and I nodded before following him to the car. 


After getting off of the plane I stretched my bag and followed my parents to the bag place as our security pushed through all the papparazi and fans. I sighed as my parents were bussy in a conversation again and walked over to one of my body guards Jay. "Hi Jay." I greeted as he continued to keep the crazy fans on a distance. "Hi princess. Mom and dad bussy again?" He asked in a sorry tone and I sighed. "Yup." I breathed and he flashed me a sorry smile. "I'm sorry." He said and I shrugged. "It's not your foult." I told him truthfully and he sighed before letting another security guard take over. "Come here." He laughed and hugged me. Jay is truely like a second dad to me since my own dad never pays any attention to me which is pretty sad I guess. "Hop in, H." He chuckled opening the car door for me. I smiled at him and entered the car to be greeted by the most amazing suprise ever. "Ashton!" I squealed hugging my older brother. He's in collage in Washinton so I never really see him. "Hayden!" He greeted hugging me tightly. Ashton is not only my brother but also my best friend. "I still can't believe you named him after the guy that ruined our wedding day." Dad mumbled under his breath and mom smacked the back of his head. "Niall, cut it out. He still is one of our best friends and we'll see him later so please. Behave." Mum scolded at him and me and Ashton rolled our eyes before bursting out in laughter. 

"Where is my princess?!" Dad's friend Harry yelled dramatically as he jumped up, making his curls bounce. "Uncle Haz!" I yelled before running upto him and jumping into his arms, hugging him. "I missed you." I whined into his shoulder. "So you think I didn't miss you?" He said pouting and I rolled my eyes at him. "Let her go Harold!" Louis growled and I smiled before squirming out of Harry's grip and running into Louis'  arms. "Uncle Lou!" I squealed before hugging him. "This is going to take to long One Direction group hug!" Louis yelled before everyone hugged me so thight I thought I was going to faint. "Not you Niall she's your daughter you get to see her every day." Zayn scoffed before pushing dad out of the hug so that he could reach me better. "5SOS time!" Michael yelled loudly before Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum hugged me tight. "We missed you princess." Uncle Ash whispered in my ear before kissing my temple. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek sweetly. "Maybe we want kisses too!" Luke yelled pointing a finger at me and I giggled before giving everyone a kiss on the cheek. Everyone may seem to be overreacting but I've only seen everyone on my birthdays and I never have met their girlfriends or children.

"I'm Summer, Liam's girlfriend." Summer smiled and I smiled back at her. "Hayden." I introduced. "I'm Claire, this is Demi, Marina, Diana and Katherine." I greeted everyone. "Harry where's Gabriella?" Dad asked Harry confused. " broke up." Harry trailed off. "I'm sorry man." Zayn said patting his back and Harry  shrugged. "It's fine." He said and an awkward silence overflooded the room. "So... when am I meeting your children..." I said trailing off to change the subject since Ashton got a phone call, leaving me alone with all the adults. "I'll bring you to them." Harry said quickly before picking me up bridal style and carrying me towards the backyards. "Children I'm here. Your life just got better." Harry said sassily and everyone laughed before turning around. "Uncle Haz who's that girl?" A girl asked giving me a dirty look. "Well, Vanessa, this is Hayden." Harry introduced me pecking my cheek. I giggled. "You can put me down now." I laughed and he shook his head. "Nah, I'm good." He shrugged and I laughed. "So is this your girlfriend....?" A curly haired boy asked Harry looking hurt and I started laughing as well as Harry while he put me down. "I'm more than half his age." I laughed. "Besides, look at him." I said sassily and he shot me a glare. "I'm amazing. Aren't I son?" He asked the brown haired boy who appearantly is his son. "Sure, dad. Who is this girl?" He asked and I smiled. "I'm Hayden, Niall and Allison's daughter." Some of the girls shot me dirty looks making me feel just like I did at school back in Texas. "Nice to meet you, I'm Keaton. Luke and Michelle's daughter." A cute boy smiled and I smiled back. "Nice to meet you too." 


Okay so after talking I got to know that Liam and Summer have a son called Nate. Louis and Katherine have a daughter called Elena, Zayn and Claire have a son called Tyler and a daughter called Vanessa, Harry and Gabriella broke up but their soon Drew still hangs out with Harry sometimes, Michael and Demi have twin daughters called Danielle and Hannah, Calum and Marina have a daughter called Ashley, Ashton and Diana don't have any children and Luke and Michelle broke up but he still sees his two sons Justin and Keaton.

"I have an idea how we could get to know eachother better." Danielle smirked. The smirk made me feel uncomfortable. "A friend of mine is throwing a party tonight. It'll be amazing. Plus. There will be hot eightteen year old boys there." She smirked and I shifted uncomfortably. "I'm not really someone to go to party's..." I trailed off biting my lower lip. "Jeez, don't be a bore like Ashley." Hannah moaned and I uncomfortably looked around the room to see everyone was giving me looks as if telling me I had to. "Er... Okay." I said awkwardly and Vanessa smirked before grabbing my hand. "I'll help you get ready." She said before dragging me through the house and up the stairs into a room. 

My wavy blonde hair had been straightened to perfection while my make-up looked great. I smiled and walked back into Vanessa's bathroom. "Ugh you need more make-up." She said after glancing at me. I emediatly felt self concious and walked back into the bathroom where I applied some more make-up and slid on the clothes Vanessa had given me. I felt uncomfortable and walked back into the room, crossing my arms over my stomach. Vanessa was already done and sighed as she saw me. "It'll have to do." She sighed again and I awkwardly slid on the heels I had gotten from Vanessa.

"Ready?" Everyone asked in sync and Vanessa nodded before pulling me into the livingroom. "We're going to Joey's party." She chirped and Zayn gave her appearance a dissaproving look. His eyes turned to me and he gave me a look as if saying 'I didn't expect this from you' I looked down at the floor. "Yeah they thought it'd be a good way to get to know eachother." I said trying to sound happy which didn't really help much. "That's great sweety." Dad said not taking his eyes off of his phone and hurt overcame my body. "What do you think of my outfit mom?" I asked, my voice sounding just as hurt as I felt. "You look amazing, Haz. Have fun." She mumbled as she continued to text, not once looking up at me. "I will." I snapped before gripping Vanessa's hand and dragging her out of the house to where the rest was. "Let's go." I umbled as I got into Keaton's car and everyone agreed before driving off. I felt everyones eyes on me as we drove but I ignored them and focussed on my hands.

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