Jean Harper

Sixteen-year-old Jean meets Nathan at a party her bestfriend throws at her own house. In the mean time her best friend Georgia is also in love with Nathan but keeps it a secret as she is dating Nathan's best mate Ben.
How long can Georgia hold it in for? And what is Jean hiding that not even her parents can know?
Find out when you read "Jean Harper"


2. Unconsciously Conscience

~ Jane's POV ~

I woke up with blurred vision, blinking my eyes repeatedly I tried to evaluate where I was, I sat up slowly resting on my elbows. I looked around and realised I was in my room, 'that's a good sign' I thought to myself, I could hear the shower in the background, I sat up properly, my head started throbbing from the major hangover I had. As I rubbed my temples to try ease the pain I looked down and realised I had no pants on and someone had changed me into my pyjamas. I tried to think back to last night and tried remembering anything that had to do with this, but nothing clicked - "That's it!" I started talking to myself, I remembered that I fell down the stairs on the way to where ever it was that Nathan was going to take me.. "So who's the one in the shower?" I asked myself.

The shower suddenly stopped and a few minutes later while I was getting dressed the bathroom door opened and Nathan walks out with a white towel wrapped around his waist revealing his amazingly hot V-line and his abs which were perfectly dented into his body, he even had a tattoo on his waist line, which just made him one-hundred times hotter than what he already was, I could've stared for days.

"Oh hey I didn't know you had woken up, how long have you been up for?" He asked scanning up and down my half naked body. I grabbed some clothes from the floor and tried to cover myself up.

"Um, not that long, around fifteen minutes," I replied struggling to hold the ball of clothes in my arms.

"Did you stay the night?" I continued.

"Yeah.." He laughed as if it were obvious.

My eyebrows came together in confusion "Where did you sleep?"

He chuckled "You're a funny one babe," he kissed my forehead and with that he started walking out of my room, as he reached my door he added, "And why are you covering yourself up? It's nothing I haven't seen before," he winked and walked out.


~ Nathan's POV ~

I walked out of Jane's room  and walked down to the kitchen where Ben and Georgia were having breakfast,

"Hey brother," Ben said holding his fist out,

"Hey man!" I pounded his fist

"I need the toilet I'll be back," Georgia contributed

"Okay baby," Ben replied

I went to the fridge and grabbed some milk, poured it into a glass and heated it up in the microwave, toasting a couple pieces of bread at the same time. I grabbed the milk and ripped up the bread and shoved as much as I could into the glass full of milk. 

"How'd everything go last night" I asked Ben

"Dude, it was the best sex I've had in so long, she was horny as fuck, she rode me the whole night, I'm surprised she can actually walk this morning," he chuckled "What about you bro?"

"Fuck man she's smoking, body and all-" I was cut off when I saw Jean coming down the stairs.

her blonde hair was up in a messy bun, she still had make-up on from last night. She was wearing baby blue silky pyjama shorts which were just long enough to cover her ass but short enough to see the full length of her tanned legs, to go with it she wore a tight black singlet which showed enough cleavage to get me going.



~ Jean's POV ~

"Morning boys!" I said as I joined Ben and Nathan in the kitchen

"Morning!" They both replied in sync

I grabbed a croissant out of the pantry and filled it with Nutella.

"Where's Geo?" I asked Ben, and just as I did Georgia came out of the bathroom wiping her mouth.

"You okay?" I asked worried

"Yeah just my body reacting to all the alcohol from last night!" She replied

Finishing our breakfast Georgia asked Ben to meet her upstairs, so it was just Nathan and I sitting across from each other at the dining table.

"How are you feeling this morning?" Nathan asked me

"If you want me to tell you the truth I have no idea, I'm so confused right now, I don't recall anything after I passed out.." I exclaimed

Nathan choked on the piece of bread he had just put into his mouth

"You can't...remember?" He said with a worried tone in his voice

"No I can't, I don't know how or why I woke up with morning with my pyjamas on and with no pants either, I don't know anything!"

"You don't remember waking up while I carried you into your room, you don't remember the things you said or the things we did?"

That's when everything came flooding back.


I woke up in the arms of, I have to say, the hottest guy at the party.

"Hey hot-stuff!" I said seductively and then laughed at my stupidness.

Nathan looked at me with fright ridden within his eyes "Are you okay?" He asked me desperately

"Yeah I'm fine, put me down," He put me down and went and sat on my bed.

I asked him to help me unzip my dress which he didn't hesitate to do, I slipped it down my legs in front of his greedy eyes and took off my heels letting out a sigh of relief I grabbed a shirt out of my drawers and put it on not bothering with pants. I looked back at Nathan who was staring at my ass,

"Good view?" I asked cheekily

"Never seen anything better," He said

I chuckled and walked over to him biting my lip, I pushed him so he was now lying on the bed, I crawled on top of him straddling his waist, leaning forward he placed his hands on my bare ass. Our lips were millimetres away from each other. I stared at his lips and casually went back to look at his eyes which were clouded in lust.

"Do you want to kiss me?" I whispered

He nodded, swallowing the nerves that built up inside of him

"Then what's stopping you?" I asked him curiously

With that being said he crashed his lips against mine for the second time tonight, he flipped us over so that he was now in control and placed himself between my legs. I unzipped his fly and undid his button revealing his huge bulge, I wasn't even sure how that was going to fit in my vagina. We flipped over again so I was hovering over his member, I grabbed the band of his underwear and slowly started to pull down, he sat up took off my shirt and unclipped my bra giving my breasts full exposure, not fully satisfied he pulled down my underwear. I stopped him before it got too crazy,

"Slow down baby, we've got all the time in the world," I said.

I made him lay back down on the bed and placed mine over his,

"Do it," he demanded, desperate to feel himself inside me

I lowered my body and let it slide in bit by bit, he let out a small moan and started thrusting slowly.

"Are you okay baby?" he asked making sure it didn't hurt too much

"Yeah, just go slow," I replied focusing on making the pain go away.

With every thrust he went deeper and faster, and soon the pain turned into this incredible feeling. We turned each other over for the last time and so now he took control. His member was now completely inside of me, he kept thrusting. Moan followed by moan left my mouth uncontrollably, I could feel my walls tighten up, he thrusted once more and with that his name flew out my mouth and mine out of his. He fell beside me and kissed me once more before saying goodnight.



I had lost my virginity to someone I had met that night, I couldn't believe myself, I couldn't handle what I had just remembered, it was better when I had forgotten.

"We had sex..." I said, in complete shock.

He laughed "Yeah babe,"

"I don't see what's so funny about this.." I stated

"I don't see what's so wrong about having sex?"

"Can you please leave? I really can't deal with this at the moment," I said pacing back and forth in the kitchen

Nathan walked over to me and grabbed me by the waist, I pushed him away

"Please don't!" I shouted

Nathan took a step back and and I could tell he was wondering whether I had gone mad

"Just go, please," I said, trying to calm myself down.

"Whatever," he poured his milk out and went upstairs.


~Nathan's POV~

What was wrong with this chick, it was just sex. I grabbed my bag from upstairs and opened the door in which Ben and Georgia were talking. 

"Bro let's go," I said

"Why, what's wrong?" 

"I'll explain in the car,"

"Alright, let me just get my stuff together and I'll be down soon."

"Just come now man, I'll go without if that!" I shouted back

"Bro I need to finish talking with Geo.."

"Whatever man, I'm going!" I said leaving him to it.

I walked furiously down the stairs and back into the kitchen where Jean was crying, I stopped and for some odd reason I felt guilty, I wondered up to her and just stood there looking at all the little details on her back, each individual freckle and beauty spot,

"What do you want?" She asked

"Look at me" I replied

She turned around slowly and looked at me while wiping her tears away, I gently lifted her chin so that her indulging brown eyes looked into mine, staring into her eyes for a few seconds I leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips pulling her small figure tight against my body. She parted herself from me and looked back down at the floor, I let my tight grip on her go and walked out the house, closing the door behind me.


~Jean's POV~

"What have I done?"


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