Jean Harper

Sixteen-year-old Jean meets Nathan at a party her bestfriend throws at her own house. In the mean time her best friend Georgia is also in love with Nathan but keeps it a secret as she is dating Nathan's best mate Ben.
How long can Georgia hold it in for? And what is Jean hiding that not even her parents can know?
Find out when you read "Jean Harper"


1. Here we go.

~Jean's point of view~

*On the phone to Georgia*

Jean: "So my parents are going away for a month, and because they think I'm an absolute angel they said that I can stay home alone until they come back - as long as I study, of course."

Georgia: "You're kidding me?! And when are they going?"

Jean: "They leave tonight at eight o'clock, you should come 'round once they leave!"

Georgia: "Of course I am, I was going to go even if you didn't invite me"

Jean: "Okay I'll text you once the coast is clear."

*End of phone call*


Georgia and I have been best friends for 7 years now, all the way through primary school and the beginning of secondary. I know her like the back of my hand, I think we've reached the point where we can even read each others minds. In school she's considered to be 'miss popular' everyone loves her, who wouldn't, I mean she's every guys dream girl, long brown hair with eyes as green as your neighbors grass, a rocking body and a smile you could see a mile away. And me, well, I'm kind of in between, I'm one of the smartest in my class, I don't go out much unless Georgia forces me to, some people consider me as being popular and others don't even acknowledge me, that's okay though, I don't really like being center of attention anyway.


~Georgia's point of view~

I took my phone out of my pocket and text everyone in my contact list, from people 16 years old to people 25 years old, the text message read 'PARTY at Jean's house tonight, bring friends and alcohol! Hope to see you there xo'. Tonight was going to be crazy, I want Jean to come out of her shell tonight. I want to introduce her to a special someone. All of a sudden my phone went off, telling me I had a text message.


*Text messages*

Jean 8:30pm: Coast is clear.

Georgia 8:31pm: On my way.

*End of text messages*


I put on my sexiest clothes knowing that no matter what I wore I was always going to be the prettiest at the party. I threw on a skirt and a top and some heels and I was off to Jean's which was only a 10 minute drive away.


~Jean's point of view~


*Door bell rings*

I ran downstairs and opened the door which of course revealed Georgia. 

"Hey my girl!" she shouted

I laughed and hugged her.

"how are you?''  I said

"Yeah I'm good" she replied happy as can be.


She was dressed awfully nicely to come to mine, she had her mini skirt on which cut just below her ass and a baggy, almost see-through top which only just showed her black lace bra.


"You're dressed pretty nice to be at mine,"

"Maybe because I'm not going to be the only one at yours."

"What do you mean?"

"I kind of sent an invite to the whole school saying that there's a party at yours tonight. . ."

"You kind of what?! One thing is asking me for permission and another thing is organizing it without asking me... But who cares let's party!"

Georgia laughed "I knew you wouldn't say no, they're arriving at 11:30"

"Okay good that gives me time to get ready," I said relieved

"Yeah. While you get ready I'll go preparing cups and start organizing things."

"Okay, if they arrive before I'm ready take care of it!"

"Will do, don't you worry!"


I ran back up stairs and into my room shutting and locking the door behind me. I grabbed my phone that was sitting on my beside table charging, and plugged it into the docking station in the bathroom and played some tunes. I stripped naked and turned the shower on, not caring about whether the water was hot or cold, I jumped straight in, scrubbing every inch of my body with coconut body wash. I then grabbed my razor and started shaving my gorilla legs, armpits and for the first time, I shaved 'down there'. I reached of the shampoo that was at my feet and squeezed a handful of it into my hand which I then rubbed into my hair thoroughly, I rinsed it out and repeated my actions with the conditioner.


Hopping out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around my body and another in my hair and cleared the mirror from the steam that had accumulated. I let my hair out of the towel, and started brushing it. Whilst I brushed my hair I also brushed my teeth. Finishing both tasks I picked up the hair dryer and started to dry my hair. Once I'd done drying my hair I got all my make-up together, spreading a light layer of foundation, trying desperately to cover up my blemishes, I looked at the time 11:30pm. I panicked for a second as I heard people arrive, mainly girls. After the foundation I applied some blush to my cheek bones giving them a pink natural glow, applying eyeliner above my eye and then adding fullness with mascara and topping it all off with a coat of red lipstick.


Now for the clothes, rushing to find something to wear I found a tight, white dress which brought out my tan and pushed up my boobs with a frill that surrounded the dress at the stomach. I slid it up my body and zipped it up on the side. I teased my blonde wavy hair a little, I looked at myself for the last time in the mirror and was just about to open the door to the ocean of people downstairs, when I realized I had no shoes on, I ran into my closet and grabbed a pair of black heels and slipped them on.


As I arrived at the top of the flight of stairs for the second time tonight, everyone went silent, I didn't know what to say when all of a sudden someone shouts,


And everyone screamed and shouted in his favor.

I felt like a new person, I felt different, tonight I was going to be a new Jean.


I walked down the stairs and Georgia caught my attention, 

"Hey babe!" She said excitedly

"Heyyyy!" I replied

"I'd like you to meet a special someone!"

Unsure as to whom she was going to introduce me to, I worried for a little, knowing that Georgia doesn't really hang around with the best crowd, if she isn't around me. Finally after walking through the sea of bodies we stopped, there was a group of boys up ahead, but I couldn't see as Georgia was blocking my view. Although I did see someone get up and walk towards us, then I heard Georgia talk,

"Nathan, I'd like you to meet Jean,"

Georgia moved out of the way and I saw 'Nathan'.

"Hi, I'm Nathan," he put out his hand and I obviously shook it,

"Hi, I'm Jean," I replied.

Nathan was so dreamy, I went into a trance, his hair was a light brown, his eyes were bluer than the sky on a summers day and his arms from what I could see were toned. I was so into Nathan I switched off and didn't even realize he was talking to me,

"Hello? Anybody in there?" He asked 

Waking up from my trance I looked down in embarrassment and laughed lightly

"Sorry, what were you saying?"

"I asked if you wanted to get a drink,"

"Yeah sure!"

"Okay, what do you prefer, vodka or beer?"

"Vodka!" I replied

"Good choice, I'll be right back," He smiled


~Nathan's point of view~

Fuck, I thought to myself as I was pouring Jean's drink into the plastic cups that were available. Jean was so hot, I think she's even hotter than Georgia. Her chocolate brown eyes, her blonde wavy hair and her long tanned legs had me by the minute she said hi, not to mention her body was killer. Ben came up beside me, Ben was my best mate he comes to every party with me. 

"Hey man!" He said with a girl drunk as can be hanging from his shoulder

"Hey bro! How's it going? You havin' a good time?"

"Fuck yeah! What about you?"

"I'm just about to." I said as I winked in his direction while walking away from the drinks table.

I wondered back to where I had left Jean when Georgia pulled me back by my arm, I almost spilled Jean's drink all over myself.

"Hey big boy!" She said with a flirty tone in her voice

"Yo Geo!" I said back normally

"Whose is that drink may I ask?" Her drunk-self reached for my hand and swung it back and fourth

"It's Jeans," I replied releasing my hand from hers

"Ohhh! It's Jean's hey, well have fun." She yelled while looking at me in distgust

I yanked her back and yelled in her ear so she could hear me over the blaring music "Speaking of Jean, have you seen her anywhere?"

"No I haven't, not since you guys met!" And she walked off. 

I roamed around aimlessly, I reached the place I had left Jean and she wasn't anywhere to be found.


~Jean's point of view~

Half an hour had passed and Nathan still hadn't come back with my drink, I knew this was going to happen, who would want to get with a girl like me anyway? I decided I'd go get my own drink.

Drink after drink I started to get more confident with myself, I went into the crowd and started dancing with every guy I saw, I grind and rubbed myself against almost every moving thing. When all of a sudden I saw Nathan with Georgia, he was whispering something into her ear. I ignored it and moved on to get another drink. By the time an hour had gone by the party was at its peak. And I was having a great time sitting around with other drunk people and meeting Geo's friends. 

I felt someone tap me on the shoulder, I turned around and saw Nathan. 

"Where did you go?" He asked me with a little anger present in his voice

"Where did go?! Don't you mean where did you go? I waited half an hour for you to come back with my 'drink' and you never did!"

"I know I'm sorry I got caught up,"

"Yeah I know, I saw you chatting up my best friend over there..."

"I wasn't chatting up Georgia, I was asking her if she'd seen you anywhere!"


"Exactly, here's your drink though,"


He handed me the drink and left, I screwed up once again! Another night without a hookup.

I got up and decided to dance some more, finding groups of people I hadn't even seen in my life I introduced myself even though they all already knew me, seeing it was technically my party. I danced away, shaking my hips to the beat and dropping low when the music did, I found myself at the pinnacle of my drunk phase, I threw myself at everything.


~Nathan's point of view~

Bloody girls, always the same, if something isn't perfect they get all up in your grill. I went to look for Ben, he was no where to be found. I ran up the stairs and opened a door to which I closed immediately after seeing Ben with Georgia in bed. Well that solved the missing Ben situation but just created a new one, how am I to forget what I just saw! Laughing to myself I thought of Jean and decided that it was time to take action.


~Jean's Point of view~

I felt someone come up behind me, so I started circling my hips against their crotch, making sure that I was so close that they could feel my underwear. They grabbed me by the hips sinking their movements with mine, I wrapped my arms around their neck while their hands explored up and down my body, I was so horny at this point, I couldn't help myself, I whipped around and kissed them, they kissed me back and boy were they a good kisser. Both our tongues fought for dominance, their hands firmly placed on my ass and mine running through their hair.

I stopped myself and looked at to who it was that I danced so erotically with, 

"Nathan?" I said shocked

"You can really move baby!"

A whole flow of emotions rushed through my body, I wasn't sure whether to feel embarrassed, happy, horny, excited, proud, I had no clue.

I was stumbling on the spot, I had so much to drink I couldn't stand up right. Nathan took my hand and lead me upstairs, but as I came to the top of the staircase my foot slipped from under me and I fell backwards, tumbling down each individual step I landed at the bottom, everyone begun to crowd around, next thing you know... I passed out.


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