I Am Experiment X

Megan Blake is a 17 year old girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes. At age 13 she Is diagnosed with cancer. When she is 15 the doctors determine she only has a couple of months to live. Her dad, is a scientist. He creates a serum that he believes will cure Magen's cancer. At first, she reacts well to the treatment but soon things go haywire. She starts doing things and not remembering them. She starts hurting people. When her parents are killed in a fire it goes way out of control and the government takes her away and locks her up leaving her brother who is 2 years older than her, alone. She slips into some unexplained coma for 2 years and when she wakes up she can't remember anything. She has an uncontrollable energy running through her. She is a monster. Can she control it???


27. short on money

I sighed and stood up. Well that was stressful. It was awquard between me and Marcus now. After all, I killed him. We could all feel the tension growing in the room as the silence enveloped us.

Josh sensed my discomfort and spoke up, "we are running short in money" he blurted.

I nodded my head and the rest agreed. Somone

Needs to get a job. We looked around at eachother.

"I'll do it" I said quietly raising my hand slightly.

I was the one that got them into this mess, it was my job to at least attempt to get them out.

"But what if Someone recognized you?" Josh asked hesitantly.

"They won't" I said with a smirk. I grabbed our bag with the disguises in it. I re-dyed my hair to dark chocolate brown. Then, I took my bright green contacts out, and put brown ones in.

"How do I look?" I asked when I walked back to the group.

"Different" josh responded with confidence.

"Perfect!" Abby sang.

"Good" Marcus said shifting awquardly.

I rolled my eyes at his childish ways.

"Where will I work?" I asked Turing to face josh.

"I don't know..." He mumbled. He picked up a newspaper and looked at which stores needed more workers, "the thrift shop, bakery, ice cream shop...."

"Ice cream shop" I blurted.

"Ok ice cream shop it is." He agreed.

"Can we go now?" I asked.

"Why?" He responded.

"Because I'm excited" I announced, justifying myself.

"Fine" he groaned and led me to the back of the wharehouse. We left the dirty old whare house behind us, and started of towards the ice cream shop.


We walked for about 10 min. We arrived at the shop, and walked inside. I was immediately greeted with the sweet, wonderful smell of strawberries, chocolate, and other amazing smells. The place was old, and the once bright pink paint was peeling, but it was still pretty compared to the rest of the dilapidated city.

"Can I help you?" I heard a sweet male voice. I turned around to see a young boy (about my age). He had light brown hair, and the most beautiful stormy sea colored eyes I had ever seen. He was wearing a white t-shirt, and black pants. He had a faded pink apron on with the shops logo on it.

"Hi" I answered shyly, "I'm here looking for a job"

"Great!" He said happily, "you can start today"

"Today?" I asked suprised.

"Well I need to show you around." He winked.

I blushed, "oh uh ok"

Josh walked away and left me with the boy.

"I'm Zachary chapman. You can just call me zach though" he said sticking out his hand.

"I'm Jenna Blake" I lied as I shook his soft warm hand. I had to change my name. I did not know if I could trust him yet.

"Ready to get started?" He asked clasping his hands together.

"Sure" I responded.

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