I Am Experiment X

Megan Blake is a 17 year old girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes. At age 13 she Is diagnosed with cancer. When she is 15 the doctors determine she only has a couple of months to live. Her dad, is a scientist. He creates a serum that he believes will cure Magen's cancer. At first, she reacts well to the treatment but soon things go haywire. She starts doing things and not remembering them. She starts hurting people. When her parents are killed in a fire it goes way out of control and the government takes her away and locks her up leaving her brother who is 2 years older than her, alone. She slips into some unexplained coma for 2 years and when she wakes up she can't remember anything. She has an uncontrollable energy running through her. She is a monster. Can she control it???


7. running for good

I stared around the room, trying to wrap my head around this.

"So..... Marcus is...... Also superhuman?" I asked shyly.

"Yup!" Marcus exclaimed before Joshua cos answer.

"We have to run. All of uS." Joshua sighed. " I have the hair color and wigs, the money and the passports and all that stuff ready"

After the long pause of awquard silence, Joshua stood up, and grabbed his crutches.

"I'm going to go downstairs" he said walking towards the door, "I'm going to check out our choices for breakfast"

"Hehehe" I laughed nervously. I want over to 'hug' josh. "Your leaving me alone with HIM? I DONT EVEN KNOW HIM!" I growled quietly in his ear. Joshua smirked and shrugged. Then he walked out the door.


I turned to Marcus.

"Um.... Hi?" I said trying to to sound childish. It was hard to trust people. I mean, I did not remember anything about my old life. But, that was in the past. I needed to concentrate on the present......And......staying alive.

"Megan" Marcus began, "you dont have to be scared of me"

I looked him in the eye.

"I know it just........ It's just that.... You know I don't remember anyone or anything from my old life." I responded

He was about to say something when we heard voices in the hallway. We both knew who the where and who they where here for..... Me.

"Crap.....not again!" I mumbled closing my eyes. When was this going to end? I mean ya I killed 6 federal agents, I know and I feel so bad about it, but, I would have never done that without the Influence of the serum. Was I going to have to run like a criminal my whole life???

"Megan" I heard him whisper, "Megan just stay calm I know what to do." He grabbed my had and I opened my eyes. He put me in the closet right before the loud pounding came to the door.


Dangit they really want to bring me in.

He rushed to the door an I heard his calm voice, "um can I help you?"

"Is anyone staying in the hotel with you?" I heard An agent ask.

"Just my girlfriend.....Why?" He asked. He sounded to calm.

"Can we talk to her?" I heard another voice. Oh man there's 3 agents...... Not good.

"Shes changing in the closet" I heard Marcus say. I caught onto his plan.

"Ya I'm changing" I said. I knew what I had to do. I took my shirt and shorts off as quick as possible leaving me in my bra and underwear...... Imbaressing..... But this would save us from having to kill more people I knew I had to do it. I saw our go bag and put a blond wig on as quick as possible then put green contacts on my eyes.

I just got the contacts in my eyes, they opened the door.

"HEY!!!" I screamed turning my back towards them.

"Oh I'm sorry mam...." The youngest one blushed, I guess we got the wrong room."

"Well then get your butts out of here!!!!" I screamed. They ran out hoping to find me somewhere else when I was right here.

I let out a sigh of relief and and plopped down on the bed, forgetting I was in my bra and underwear. I realized when I saw Marcus looking.

"Oh my word" I mumbled. I covered my face and giggled. When I stood up Marcus looked me in the eyes and kissed me.

"Hey!!" I said loudly as I pulled away.

"You don't like me" he asked suddenly looking sad.

"Marcus we just met why did you kiss me?" I asked glaring at him.

"I forgot you don't remember...." He sighed

My eyes got wide.

"Remember what?" I asked hoping he would tell me.

"We used to go out. You know before all this happend" he said waving his hand at the air.

I smiled at him.

And when I looked at his face I remembered a somthing. It was like a little flashback.


I was sitting at a table and he came in, with a rose for me......

"Happy valentines day" he said as I stood up to hug him. I kissed him.


It was a short little bit of memory but enough to make me overjoyed because it was the first thing I ever remembered from my past. I kissed him. Just a light peck on the lips.

I noticed Joshua was in the door way.

"MARCUS!!???" He yelled when he saw me, "what the heck is going on???!!!"

"No... No,no,no Josh don't freak out I can explain!" I said hoping he would be able to understand. He saw the blond wig and the green contacts and resized what had happened and calmed down.

He laughed and turned to Marcus.

"You used the girlfriend changing in The closet cover story, hey?" He asked. Apparently we had done this before I just didn't remember...

"Yup" Marcus replied with a smirk.

I went back into the closet and put my clothes back on.

"There's free breakfast downstairs but we need to disguise our selfs. We are leaving for the airport at 10 and the plane leaves at noon." I heard Josh sigh.

"Ok" I nears Marcus reply.

When I walked out with the bag, josh turned to me. "Right now, we are in Manhattan. We are escaping to a tropical islands called Cape Verde." He told me, "the flight will be around 6 hours, 45 minutes long"

Instead of using the wigs, we colored our hair, the wigs where just for slipping on quickly if needed. I colored my hair a natural red color and put green contacts In My eyes. I put on some nerdyish black glasses. With no prescription of course. And looked at myself in the mirror. I couldn't believe the girl in the mirror was me.

Marcus left his hair it's beautiful brown color but put brown contacts in his eyes. After all, he wasn't on the run for his life, he was just helping us. The agents had not seen much of him so his disguise did not need to be as drastic. I cut his hair quickly because we did not have much time.

When I looked to josh I could net believe it was him. His hair was blond but his eyes where still blue. He actually looked pretty good with blond hair. We all made sure we looked like different people, then we went over covers to make sure we memorized them.

I went first, "My name is Jessica Rowe, I have red hair and green eyes, my boyfriends name is...."

I paused so Marcus could do his part, "My name is Mason Turner, I have brown hair and brown eyes my girlfriends name is Jessica Rowe.." It kinda made me sad he had to cover in his beautiful blue eyes and make them brown.

Josh was posing as a friend I guess, "My name is Todd Nelson, I have blond hair and blue eyes and my best friends name is Mason turner."

Once we all recited our covers, we rushed downstairs to eat breakfast. We ate as much as we could because it could be awhile till our next meal. Its to get meals in when your on the run from the government.

After we finished stuffing our faces, we hailed a cab and went to the airport. We got on the plane thankfully, without being asked any questions. I got in my seat and made myself comfy. It was only a 6h and 45min fight but I knew it would be boring. The aisles had two seats on one side and only one seat on the other. I sat but the window on the two seat side next to Marcus to keep the boyfriend girlfriend cover. Josh sat in the one person seat which was right next to Marcus. They where not very far apart. The tiny plane aisle was all that separated them so they could still talk quietly without others hearing. I looked out the window as the plane took off. I'm running from the government........

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