I Am Experiment X

Megan Blake is a 17 year old girl with brown hair and bright blue eyes. At age 13 she Is diagnosed with cancer. When she is 15 the doctors determine she only has a couple of months to live. Her dad, is a scientist. He creates a serum that he believes will cure Magen's cancer. At first, she reacts well to the treatment but soon things go haywire. She starts doing things and not remembering them. She starts hurting people. When her parents are killed in a fire it goes way out of control and the government takes her away and locks her up leaving her brother who is 2 years older than her, alone. She slips into some unexplained coma for 2 years and when she wakes up she can't remember anything. She has an uncontrollable energy running through her. She is a monster. Can she control it???


5. escape

"Meg, the serum is turning you into a super human....."

My eyes got wide, "really?"

"Yea" ha replied, "3 years after the injection date, you will be able to control it. Right now you are in the transformation stage. That's why it's going crazy and you can't control or remember it."

It had been two years...... So in a year I would be able to control this energy? That would be great! I wouldn't have to worry about killing people. But a lot of damage can be done in a year......Just then, some government agents bursted through the door interrupting my thoughts. Joshua jumped up, startled by the noise.

"Megan Blake, you are under arrest for murder" said the taller one. They where pointing their guns at me but I tried to stay calm so the serum's energy couldn't take over.

"Do they know?" I asked whispering to Joshua.

He shook his head. These guys had no idea what it was like. They had no idea it was a crime I never knowingly committed. They could never know About the power of the serum, no one could know. People could use it for horrible things. I had to let the take me in, I wasn't in the mood for killing anybody else.

I got off the bed slowly and put my hands out.

"No!" Joshua screamed, "NO MEG NO!!! I CANT LOSE YOU AGAIN!!! I CANT LET THEM TAKE YOU!!!"

"Joshoua please" I whispered, "I have to do this"

He shook. His head and took a step back, "no, you never meant to..... It was because of the seru......" He stopped himself. He almost let out the secret. The secret that saved my life. The secret that was getting people killed and getting me in trouble.

"Josh" I whispered trying to calm him down. Despite my efforts he would not let me do this.

"Shut up kid" the shorter agent yelled at Joshua as he pointed his gun at him.

"No! SHES THE ONLY FAMILY I HAVE!" He screamed with tears streaming down his face.

It meant a lot to me that he cared about me that much. I never thought anyone could care about me after I was labeled as a cold blooded killer.

The agent walked toward Joshua. "And your going to shut up or I'll kill you" he growled. Joshua's eyes widened. Ok so if anyone thinks I'm a cold blooded killer they should meet this guy.....

"Or I could shoot you anyway!" He growled as a devilish smile crept across his face.

Right as he was about to pull the trigger I knew I had to act fast if I wanted to keep my brother alive.

"NO!" I screamed, "ill do what you want! Just leave him alone!"

"Ok" hissed the vicious agent seeming to agree, "but in case he tries to follow us...." He paused and shot Joshua in the leg. Joshua let out a scream and writhed in pain. The taller agent seemed disturbed by the shorter agents cruel actions but he said nothing.

"JOSHUA!!!" I screamed. But before I could do anything strong hands where dragging me away.

"Common.....common!!!" I whispered to myself angrily. I hoped for the feeling of the power surging trough my veins. All I wanted was to break free and get Joshua to hospital but I couldn't. I was stuck in the hands of these cruel agents.

Just when I was about to give up, I felt the energy surge through my body. "Finally" I thought to myself. Without having to thing I slammed the taller one of the agents to the ground. When I turned to knockout the shorter one, he was about 10ft away and has his gun aimed at me. I know I'm like half super human and all but I can't outrun a bullet. I couldn't control myself. All I could think was escape so I broke out into a run heading in the direction I has come, to save Joshua.

"Stop or I'll shoot!!!" I heard the ruthless agent scream. I knew he was not kidding and would shoot me if I did not stop but I couldn't stop. The energy had taken over and all I could do was brace myself for the pain of the gunshot. I heard the gunshot ring through the streets. I was laying on the pavement and I could feel the immense pain in my chest. This is it. I'm going to die. I thought. I tried to breath but I couldn't. I squeezed my eyes shut against the pain. Suddenly, I felt a tingling feeling spread from the spot where I has been shot and all of the pain vanished. I stared in astonishment. The wound was all heals up but the blood from the wound still stained my clothes. I jumped up and ran back into the building. I did not look back to see the face of the agent but he was Probably shocked out of his mind that I was alive. I rushed into the room where Joshua was and he was already passed out.

"Common josh" I begged as tears flooded down my face, "please wake up"

His eyes remained closed and I was so scared. I lifted him and ran out of the building. I saw a man getting into his car. I shoved him out of the way and set Joshua in the back. I shoved the key in the ignition and zoomed off. The gps came on.

"Where would you like to go?" It asked in a min atone voice.

"Take me to the hospital now!!!" I screamed desparetly. The auto drive took over and started on the route to the hospital. I crawled into the back and took Joshua's shirt off. I wrapped it around his leg. He was losing blood fast. He wasn't going to die. I couldn't lat that happen.

"Common josh" I sobbed holding my brothers face.

When the car arrived at the hospital, they rushed him in on a stretcher. They asked what happened but I knew I couldn't tell them. I mean what was I going to say? They would just think I did It if I said that a government agent shot him. I just trembled and pretended to be too in shock to talk. The nurse nodded her head and smiled sympathetically. She pointed to the blood on my shirt.

"Are you ok?" She asked.

"It's h-his b-blood" I lied. She just nodded.

After I slept in the scratchy chair in the hospital for a few nights, and he got a couple blood transfusions, the hospital finally released him. He was on crutches and really weak with a Bandaged up leg but he was alive. I hailed a taxi and helped Joshua get in. He grunted and squinted his Eyes against the pain in his leg.

"Are you ok?" I asked getting in the taxi and sitting next to him.

"I'm fine" he mumbled meekly, "are you?" He asked turning to me.

I nodded.

We got to the hotel. It was like a mix of a hotel and an apartmentish type thing. I paid the lady at the front and she gave us a room key. I thanked her and helped Joshua into the elivator. When we got into the room we took a look around. It wasn't too bad. We decided to eat an early dinner so I ordered from room service because I was way to tired to go to a resturaunt, and dragging josh around was not a good idea. The butler came to the door with the food and I thanked him and handed him the money. We only had a little money left an it would not last us very long and I was worried. We ate dinner fast because we where really hungry. I was so tried. So after dinner I did not even change. I just collapsed on the bed next to my already sleeping brother and fell asleep.

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