The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


5. Pancakes.

The next day Harry woke up. He went into the kitchen and started making pancakes. He wanted to do something special for the boys since it was their second day together. After a while Lou came out to him. He only had on a pair of white boxers on. He jumped up on the bench next to the stove so he could see what Harry did.

''Don't you have curly hair?'' He smiled and poked gently with Harry's hair.

''I curl it myself.'' Replied Harry and looked at him. Lou smiled and met his gaze.

''What is that?'' He smiles.

''Pancakes.'' He replied, and turned on the pancake. Niall came out and looked at them. He opened the refrigerator and took out the milk. He opened the cap on the container and drank quickly from it.

''What is that?'' He asked in his Irish accent.

''Pancakes.'' Answered Lou contented and heard Harry laugh at Niall. Niall smiled with satisfaction and went around.

''Okay . But hurry then. I am hungry.'' He said.

''Take it easy man.'' Harry laughed. After a while Liam out.

''Who whines?'' He asked tired and rubbed his eyes.

''Niall'' Lou laughed and looked at Liam. Harry put up pancakes on a plate and put the plate on the food table after Lou had succumbed.

''Go ahead and eat.'' He said. All the boys except Zayn sat and ate. Liam was the only one who was wearing clothes. After a while Lou stood up. ''I'll go and check on Zayn.

'' He said and went to Zayns bedroom.

''Zayn ! Wake up! Harold made ​​pancakes!'' He said and laughed a little. Harry heard it and laughed a little.

''It's Harry! Not Harold.'' he shouted. Zayn hawed and went back to sleep. Lou came back to the others and smiled. '

'We can sing for him and wake him up?'' He smiled. The boys nodded, and they put on their clothes on. Niall took his guitar and the boys went to Zayn and started singing a song. They improvised and when they were done they jumped on bed to get him to wake up.

''Okay! I will! Just give me a sec.'' Said Zayn and laughed a little.

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