The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


7. Nandos.

Lou looked at Harry and smiled a little. Harry sat down with one knee on the ground as if he were going to propose. He was holding a white rose. '

'Eh.. Would you like to go on a date with me?'' He asked, smiling. Lou happily took the rose.

''Yes!'' He smiled. Harry stood up and hugged him tightly. Lou smiled contentedly.

''What do we do on out first date?'' He asked smilig. Harry smiled.

''I invite you on resturant!'' he smiled.

''Which one?'' He smiled cheerfully.

''I had imagined Nandos. Niall said it's so good food so I thought we could try it out, but only if you want to do?'' He smiled. They both told the guys they were going on the date and even asked Niall what they were would order which was plenty. After that they started walking towards Nandos.

''So, What are you going to order? He rattled off so many dishes, So I dont know.'' Lou laughed. They both signed autographs for some fans who probably were their fans since their first audition. After they were done talking with them, signing autographs and taking pictures they went into Nandos. They ordered one dish that Niall told them about and sat back down at a table.

''So, Harold. Tell me a little about yourself.'' Smiled Lou contentedly. Harry laughed a little.

''Ehm.. I work at a bakery in Cheshire, I can juggle and sing.'' He said and smiled.

''And you?'' Lou nodded and looked at him. '

'And I do not know what I can tell you. But i can sing. '' He said and Harry laughed.

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