The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


11. Managment.

Harry and Lou was sitting talking to each other about the last performance on X-factor. They got placed as third. Zayn, Liam and Niall came into the room and looked at them. 

''Harry?? Lou?? Uhmm... We have bad news..'' Zayn said. 

Harry looked at them. ''What?'' He asked. 

''U know the managment, that we signed?''


''Well, They heard about ur relationship and they dont accept it..'' Liam said and looked at them.

''So, we aren't allowed to date?'' Harry asked and looked at them. 

''No..'' Niall said. 

Harry teared up and looked at Lou. Lou got up and ran out of the house and to the managment's house that were only meters away. The boys followed him as he pushed the door open. He stormed in and was going to beat one of they guys up. Niall and Harry grabbed his arms and held him back. 

''U CAN'T DO THIS!'' Lou screamed and tried to push them away. ''U CAN'T FUCKING DO THIS!'' 

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