The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


1. Introduction

Harry went out on Twitter and looked at Lou .

''Are you sure about this?'' He asked with a slight smile. Lou nodded and also logged in to Twitter. Harry started writing and saw the late Lou.

''100%?'' he said. Lou nodded and Harry sent out what he had written.

//And the big announcement is...// He tweeted and looked at Lou. Lou also logged onto twitter and smiled.

//...Larry is real. // Their mobile vibrated several times. It was both angry and super excited fans who tweeted them. Lou looked at Harry and then at the other guys. He looked at Harry again .

''No more secrets.'' He looked at Paul who walked into the room.

''It was announced your own choices and you will be free to face the consequences...'' Smiled Paul.

''There's probably no Eleanour....'' Lou interrupted him.

''There was never either.'' he murmured, looking at Harry all the time. Harry laughed a little and looked at Lou.

''We will be called gays and that stuff just so you know. And I hope you can handel it.'' whispered Harry and stood up. Lou nodded and looked at Harry who was a little longer than himself .

''I'll make it.'' 

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