The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


2. Form the begining.

It all started when Harry's mother requested Harry to xfactor. Harry had been in another band previously called White Eskimo, but his mother and older sister Gemma thought he would develop his singing career. He got there and got his X-factor number. Before it was his turn he was on the toilet and encourage himself because he was nervous. Another guy came in and happened to push him.

''Oops !'' He said, laughing a little. Harry smiled.

''Hi'' he said and looked at him. He had a gray cardigan, a black tie and a light blue shirt  His bangs was all over his face and he lokked really cute. Harry would sing before Lou so he loaned out his jacket to him.

When Harry came out on stage, the only thing he could think of was Lou. He answered the questions Simon and others asked. After a while he would sing and he sang without any melody. He sang Isn't she lovely. When he fell silent applauded. He got 3 yes and went on to bootcamp. When he came backstage Lou came and hugged him after his family said congratulations.

''Congratulations!'' Lou smiled and ruffled light to his hair. Harry smiled broadly.

''Thank you !'' He smiled. He took off his jacket and gave him.

''Take this and so you go out there.'' He smiled. Lou nodded and took it. When it was his turn he walked nervously out and sang Hey there Delilah. He also received three yes and went back stage. Harry came and hugged him.

''Congratulations!'' Log he and ruffled even to his hair.

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