The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


8. Cuddle.

It was then they would sing the song Torn. They stood and sang it at judes house. When they were done singing they went back to their rooms and Harry and Lou shared the same room because they had asked for it. They had a bunk bed, their own computer and there was a desk there. Harry slept upstairs and Lou down there. Harry climbed down the ladder to Lou and sat with him.

''So, do you think we go further in the competition?'' Asked Harry.

''I don't know. I try not to think about it because then I will be so disappointed if we don't make it. '' Answered Lou and looked at him. Harry took his hand.

''It will be okay.'' Lou squeezed his hand and enjoyed.

''So, Do you wanna do something? A second date?'' Lou smiled. Harry nodded.

''Shoppig round or just cuddle? '' Asked Harry and looked into his eyes. Lou smiled.

''Cuddle'' Harry smiled.

''Good '' He took up his computer and lay down on the bed. Lou laid down beside him with his head on Harrys chest. Harry bent his legs, and put the computer against his legs. He put on a movie and picked up a bowl candy as he laid on Lou's belly. Harry looked at Lou's hair and smiled broadly. He leaned his temple against his hair and looked at the film. Lou smiled and ate little. He took a piece of candy and looked up at Harry. He took the candy to his lips and smiled. Harry opened his mouth and looked at him while he took the candy in his mouth. Lou smiled and looked at his lips. Harry smiled and ate candy. Lou looked at him with a smile and Harry leaned forward. Harry kissed him.

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