The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


6. Bisexual

The guys sat and talked and told each other things that they have never told anyone.

''I'm bisexual.'' Sa Harry and looked at them.

''Me to.'' Sa Lou. He did not like to say that he is gay even if he was. Harry nodded happily and looked at Lou. Liam nodded and looked at them.

''And you like each other?'' He asked with a smile. Lou looked at Harry.

''Uhm... We've been thinking about taking a coffee break or so and we met before we were put together as the band but.. I do not know..'' Harry said and met Lou's gaze. Lou nodded and smiled. He then looked at the others.

''But it does not tell anyone! Okay?'' He said and looked seriously at them. The boys nodded and smiled.

''Promise.'' The said and Lou looked pleased at them. After they had talked about what song they would have their first performance as a band. It decided tower and Niall took his guitar and they started practicing on who should sing what. Liam sang first and then Harry while the others sang in the background. Everyone was happy with it.

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