The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


9. About the kiss.

Lou and Harry had not talked about the kiss. They continued dating but had certainly not talked about it. In the end, Lou couldn't hold it in.

''So.. That kiss?'' They sat at Nando's and there was hardly no there so he could start talking about it without anyone questioning him. Harry blushed and looked down at the food while he lightly played with it.

''Yes .. Well. The Kiss.'' Lou laughed a little, he became so quiet.

''Um.. Okay, so I really like you and I had long wanted to know if your lips are as soft as they look, and then I couldn't stop myself.'' He said and Lou smiled.

'' Aha .. But shall we tell the guys that we're a couple?'' Harry shone up and looked at him.

''Yes​​!'' He smiled. When they got home they went in to their room. Lou closed the door and locked it. Lou kissed Harry. He stood a little on the toes because Harry was longer. Harry replied and smiled broadly.

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