The true story - Larry

The story about Larry and their story.
From the begining to the end.


10. A big announcement.

Harry looked over to Lou and smiled. They were singing Viva La Vida and its was Niall's solo. Harry walked back and to Lou so he was standing next to him. They just smiled and looked out at the judges. When they had sang the song they walked back stage. Harry smiled and grabbed Lou's hand but just so no one could see it. He looked at the boys and smiled.

''Me and Lou has a big announcement to tell u!'' Harry said. 

Lou smiled wide and looked at Harry. He was really happy cup Harry wasn't affraind of telling them that they were a couple. Two boys who just loved each other and no one could tell them apart... He thought. 

''We're a couple!'' Lou smiled and tried to keep quiet. 

''We know'' Liam said smiling. 

''How?'' Harry asked.

''U always hear u giggle in ur room, u hold hands and u always smiles at each other.'' Zayn said and smiled at them 

''Good...'' Lou said and smiled. 

Harry didn't hide that they were holding hands as much as he did before. 

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