One Direction Imagines/Preferences

This is just a book of situations about you and the boys on the stairs!! XD


9. Niall Imagine

Niall Imagine-

Imagine you are on the most perfect date with your boyfriend Niall. He took you out to eat, at of course Nando's, and you were on your way to the park. Since you guys were best friends since you could walk and talk, and have been in the most perfect relationship for the past three years. You didn't need all the flashy crap that he first gave you when you first started going out. You just needed him.

You guys get to the park, and Niall is a little jumpy. You guys go to the place where you had your first date by the rushing ocean. "Do you remember this place Y/N?" Niall asks looking at you smiling.

"Of course I do! Our first date was right here!" You say looking at him.

"Yeah, but you're forgetting one thing..." He says.

"No I'm not." You say puzzled.

"We'll this will solve your problem.. Y/N, I've loved you ever since I can remember. You're all I want, and I want to show you that for the rest of our lives. Will you.. Will you marry me?" He asks getting down on one knee, pulling out a simple yet stunning ring.

"Yes. Yes!" You say. He jumps up to you grabbing a hold of your waist spinning you around. He sets you down and gives you along, sweet kiss. He pulls back looking at you with his eyes a little misty. "I love you Y/N." he says sliding the engagement ring on your finger.

"I love you too Niall. More than you can ever imagine." You say back. And you guys spend the rest of your day in total happiness.

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