One Direction Imagines/Preferences

This is just a book of situations about you and the boys on the stairs!! XD


3. IMAGINE FOR @Elin1DForever

My name is Elin. Yes I am the one dating Harry Styles and I'm on the most perfect date right about now. He turns to me and smiles. "I love you Elin." He whispers gently.

"I love you too Harry. Always." I murmur in response and smile lightly. He kisses me gently that causes my heart to race. Dinner was amazing at his house, as always he made his famous Fajitas, but he had this constant nervous/excited look on his face.

"Elin. I've loved you for a long time now and I want to do something. One sec." He rises from his chair across from me and comes closer before kneeling in front of me. Oh. My. Gosh.

"I would've brought you to a public place, or wrote you a song, but I know that I don't need to do that. You are the one who loves the simple night in with a movie in the DVD player. I do have a problem with calling you my girlfriend though. I'd rather call you my fiance. So, Elin, will you marry me?" He opens the ring box and a brilliant little diamond shimmers in the light. I feel my own eyes start to shimmer, like the diamond, as I mutter my reply. "Yes. Yes of course." He smiles and leaps up off the ground and kisses me gently, wrapping his arms around my waist crushing my body to his. He breaks the kiss shortly to slip the ring around my finger and I smile.

"I love you, Mrs. Styles." He smiles, "You better get used to hearing that name."

"I already am." I reply. I've been waiting for this forever. I kiss him again to seal the deal and smile. I love him...





So, how'd you like it, Elin? Was it okay? I hope it was long enough. Anyways, I hope you guys like the imagines, and if you have any ideas for one, don't be afraid to comment in the box or mumble to me. I'd love it! Thanks!


Lots of love,


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