One Direction Imagines/Preferences

This is just a book of situations about you and the boys on the stairs!! XD


8. How He Feels When You're Gone (Half A Heart inspired)


He's totally wrecked. He can't stand the fact that the love of his life isn't by his side. He knows that he screwed up, and he wants to fix it desperately. He cries himself to sleep every night at the loss of his girl. The boys are constantly coming over to his flat to find a broken boy on the floor, sniffling and sobbing. 


He feels as if his heart was ripped apart and stomped on when you left him. He can't live with himself that he did something so bad to his one and only. He rarely eats, and he barely gets enough sleep to bring him through the day. He's fallen asleep standing up in the studio due to sleep deprivation. The boys are concerned, but know that there is no way to make him better unless they get you there to see him. At least once.


Niall, being the love sick puppy he is, sits at home looking at the old photos of you two thinking at what should've been forever. He doesn't eat. At all. The boys pratically shove the food down his throat. He sleeps very lightly now, grasping the pillow that your head used to rest. But much to his dismay, the luring scent of your perfume is slowly but surely fading and eventually diasppearing. A day he never wants to come, but knows that alot of the things that he doesn't want to happen eventually take place. If only he didn't break your heart so severly...


Liam throws himself into his music. He doesn't stop. The songs just come out of him. He says he's fine, but on the inside he knows he's lying to himself unsuccessfully. He's constantly working out as if he's punishing himself for the horrible fight that broke you two up. He rarely cries, but when he does, it doesn't stop. Hours and hours on end Liam will cry at the loss of you, but he knows better than to call you. For he knows, it will only make the hurt worse.


He denies he's hurting. He thinks that if he plays it off as nothing, then it will just go away. But it doesn't. It gets worse. He self-harms on occasion when he reads an old text, or sees an old picture of you guys together. He wishes he could have a heart again, but he gave it to you, and he doesn't want it back until he can take the fact that you're gone. For good. The boys do see him cry, but don't let him know they saw. Little did Zayn know that he was being taken care of by a certain someone who was mending the other half of his heart. YOU.

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