One Direction Imagines/Preferences

This is just a book of situations about you and the boys on the stairs!! XD


4. He cheats. HIS POV (all boys)


I walked into the flat that Y/N and I share together. Today, is the day that I'm coming clean about Alexis. Alexis and I have been dating since about three weeks into Y/N and I's relationship. I know what your going to say. But I couldn't help myself. She just came up to me and we just hit it off really well. I walk into the flat and all I hear is dead silence. This isn't good. Because normally Y/N has either music blasting through the house or is doing something loud. And that is what I love about her. But now all I hear is an eerie silence. "Y/N?!" I call. But there isn't an answer. I walk into the kitchen and sure enough there is a note.

'Dear Liam,

I know. I know what is going on between you and Alexis. But what bothers me the most, is that I had to find out from a bunch of paparazzi and not you. How could you?! Was all the sweet things you said to me mean nothing to you? Because it wasn't like that for me. I loved you with all that I am, gave you my heart, and all you did was put it through the shredder. Don't try to find me. Don't call me, tweet me, email me, or contact me. I've gone away so you can't find me. Have a nice life you disgusting bastard.


Y/N. She's gone forever. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?! I loved her the most but I just couldn't resist Alexis. Shit. I've messed up and I can't get her back. Tears well up in my eyes and I just fall to the ground sobbing. Why did I have to give in to my body and not my head. I'm so fucking stupid. I wish I could go back in time and change everything...


I was at the mall with Jaimee. Yeah you're probably wondering why I'm not with Y/N. Well I'll tell you. We aren't really on the best terms right now and Jaimee helps me. We walk into Hot Topic and start shopping when I see a familiar mop of Y/H/C. Oh shit. Y/N is here. "Jaimee, babe, we have to go now."

"Why?" She asks.

"My girlfriend is here." I say warily. The next thing I feel is Jaimee's lips on mine. It doesn't spark the same fireworks like when I kiss Y/N, but it is exhilarating. I kiss her back. I hear a gasp and I turn to see Y/N facing us with tears in her eyes.

"You asshole." She whispers.

"Y/N please it's not what it looks like." I say desperately. Jaimee gasps and turns to me and slaps me across the face. It stings but I deserve it. I shouldn't have cheated on Y/N like that. She's right. I am an asshole.

"Why Harry? Why?" She asks.

"We weren't on the best terms and she helped me feel better." I say tears forming as I realize how cowardly and stupid that sounds.

"Yeah. We weren't on the best terms but I tried to make it work. I didn't go fucking cheating on you. I want you gone by 5:00 today." She says quietly leaving me standing there. I chase after her.

"Y/N don't leave me please." I beg her.

"I never left you Harry. You left me but I'm just cutting my string from you. Go back to the other girl you were with. Have a nice life you backstabbing two timing shithead." She says acidicly walking away.

Shame. That is the first thing I feel. I had a diamond but I left her for a piece of tar. Why do I always do that with the best relationships? Why?


I was in a restaurant eating a wonderful dinner with Mackenzie. Why am I not with Y/N? Well, she told me she had a Father and daughter dinner tonight so I thought why not go out with Mackenzie. We've been secretly dating for over a year, and I started dating her just when Y/N and I started. But I really don't care. "Lou, I just wanted to thank you for this dinner." she says. She leans over the table and presses her lips to mine. I accidentally open my eye to see Y/N and her father walk through the door. HOLY SHIT THIS IS WHERE THE FATHER DAUGHTER DINNER IS?! SHIIIIIIT!!!!!!!! "Um, Mackenzie?" I ask her. You see, she doesn't know that I'm cheating on Y/N with her.

"Yes babe?" She asks.

"We gotta go.''



"Ok. Lets go.''

*{Y/N POV}*

I look over my dad's shoulder and see Louis. Thats funny. He said he was staying home tonight. WHO IS HE WITH?! OH MY GOD HE IS CHEATING ON ME! "Dad?" I whisper quietly.


"I'll be right back." I walk over to Louis's retreating back and lightly tap his shoulder. He whips around with pure fear in his blue orbs. "Louis?" I ask him.

"Hi......." He says awkwardly.

"What are you doing here? You said you were staying home tonight while I went to my dinner with my dad."

" laugh)uh......." He says trying to find the right words.

"Oh excuse me but who are you?" The mystery girl Louis is with asks me.

"Oh. My. God. You didn't even tell her about me Louis?! I'm Y/N. Louis's ex-girlfriend."

"Wait what?!" Louis and mystery girl ask at the same time.

"YOU WERE TAKEN AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN TELL ME?! YOU ARE A FUCKING DICK AND I AM SOO DONE WITH YOU!" She told Louis. she slapped him and walked away.

"Yeah. I don't think she's coming back. And neither am I." I start to walk away but he grabs my wrist.

"Don't go. I need you.'' He pleads.

"I thought the same thing, but it looks like what we had was a lie. My love wasn't a lie. I loved you notice the past tense. But now I just hate your guts. I'm leaving you. For good. I'll come by to collect my things soon. Goodbye Louis."


I was lounging in the flat Y/N and I share with Zoey. We've been dating for about three months. I love her, but I also love Y/N at the same time. And I hate it. I can't deal with lying to Y/N, but I also can't go without seeing Zoey. She leans over and kisses me on the lips. I hesitate, thinking of Y/N but I realize she shouldn't be home for another hour, and give into those intoxicating lips of Zoey.


I pull on my pants over my sweaty legs. I open my bedroom door and see the person I share this flat with. Y/N. "Y/N. Please." I say.

"No. You cheated on me. I'm done." She brushes past me and starts packing her bags. I walk over to her. I pull stuff out as she puts it in.

"Zayn. She obviously doesn't want you anymore. Just let her go and stay with me." Zoey says. Y/N whips her head up.

"Listen here bitch. And listen good. He was mine before you. I know all his secrets and insecurities. Don't even try to say that. You are naked on MY fucking side of the bed. You are lucky I'm not beating thee shit out of you right now. But you are right. I don't want Zayn anymore. But don't act like you were his steady girlfriend." She spits out. And she's right. She knows me backwards. she could literally recite my life story backwards. And I realize, that I would always choose Y/N over anybody. But now she's gone. She zips up her suitcase, and turns to me. "I'll be back tomorrow to get the rest  of my stuff. You can continue with whatever you were doing." She says and walks out the door.

Niall:(Y/N POV)

Niall and I were in a club with the boys celebrating because of their album release of Take Me Home. "I have to go to the bathroom. Be back in a bit." Niall's thick accent says in my ear. I nod.


DING! DING! Vibrates my phone in my pocket. I open the message to see that my girlfriend Maggie is here. Yes my public girlfriend is Y/N. She thinks she's my only girlfriend too. But the truth is that I'm dating Maggie too. I love Y/N but I like Maggie as well. "I have to go to the bathroom. Be back in a bit." I say in her ear. She nods and I get up. I walk up to the mens room, when a feminine hand taps my shoulder. I turn around and right in front of me, is Maggie. She looks smokin. She leans up to my ear. "I need you Ni. So bad." She whispers sensually in my ear. She presses her lips to mine forcefully. Y/N crosses my mind, but I push her aside. She thinks I'm still in the bathroom.

Minuets later, I feel Maggie's tounge brush up against my lower lip. I was just about to open my mouth to let her in, but a finger taps on my shoulder. "Go away." I growl.

"No. I just wanted to see if you fell in. But I see why you were taking so long." Y/N's voice rang out. I stop immediately and turn around. Y/N is standing there with tears in her eyes looking at me. "So this is the famous Y/N that Niall is supposedly dating." Maggie sneers.

"No. Was dating." Y/N says smoothly. I look her in the eyes for any sense of sarcasm, but fine none. She's serious.

I stumble forward and kiss her. She bites my lip. Hard. And I back away immediately. "Stay away from me you idiot." I walk forward again and reach my hand forward. She grabs it and uses it to force me to the ground. When I'm down, she twists my arm behind my back, and slaps me across the face. "I said stay away from me." She spits in my face again. She stands back up and walks away. I get up and race after her. I just reach her back, when Liam holds me back. "Don't mate. You lost her." He says.


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