A Collection of Nightmares

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  • Published: 10 Feb 2014
  • Updated: 2 May 2014
  • Status: Complete
A collection of short pieces meant to scare.


3. Baby Annabel

Hey guys, this ones a little different to the others, because it's true. This really happened to my sisters and I, and freaked us right out. Read on to see why....

Did any of you have one of those Baby Annabel dolls as a child? You know the ones the laughed and cried and went to sleep. Creepy things, right? Well, my sister had one. She never turn it on because the noise used to drive my mother crazy, and so it never had any batteries in it.

One day she decided she wanted to try the doll out again, and so she found some batteries and I put them in for her. She and our other sister played happily with it all morning.

Somehow though, they manage to spill water on it, and this is how the strangeness started. They bought it to me, complaining that it had stopped working, and it appeared to be the case. Then it's eyes, which were purplish in colour, started opening and closing in a steady rhythm, and it started laughing. This was strange, but I just assumed the wires had somehow been fried when the water had been pored on, it causing it to go into overdrive. What happen next really freaked me out though. The dolls cheeks started to move in and out, like it was breathing. Now there was no way for the doll to be able to do this. The cheeks never moved before, and they weren't designed to either. I could also hear these rasping breaths coming from the doll.

The off button didn't have any effect.

My poor sisters were terrified, so I tried to remove the batteries, but the screw had been stripped. Eventually I just ripped the entire battery case, tearing the wires out.

At a later date I fixed all the wires and turned it back on. It all seemed normal, and none of us noticed anything strange about the doll after. We made sure to keep it away from water, though.

I haven't seen it for a while now, I wonder what happened to it....

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