On A Valentines Day

Samantha Nightingale lived an average life for a while. No friends at first, but then a new guy cameto her school. His name was James Valentine. Her life was to change forever when he asked her out. It was just her and him for a while, living the perfect life. But then what started out very special, began crumbling apart. When James left her, Samantha died inside, shutting herself off from the world, always depressed. As Valentines day drew near by the day, Samantha couldn't possibly get any worse knowing she was going to be alone for the first Valentines Day in years. Is there any chance of getting her true love back, before it is too late?


4. Valentines Day

Valentines Day was brilliant. My mum had kicked me out of the house with £10 to go and watch the new film 'Endless Love'. I remember thinking during the film 'I hope our love will also be endless'. When I left the cinema I went straight home. The lights were all turned off, and my mum's care wasn't in the driveway.


I walked into the warmth of the quiet house. I first noticed a flicker of light near the staircase. I walked towards the staircase to see it had two candles eaither side of every step, burning a tunnel of light to the top floor. My eyes drifted down to the first step, this is when I saw the valentines card in it's red envelope. I also noticed the red rose petal all over the stairs as well. I opened the card slowly, and began to read the romantic poem James had wrote for me inside.


The Card Said:


'To the one my heart burns for most of all on valentines day.

With you around, I will always stay.

I love you with all my heart.

I longed for your affection from the start.


Now follow the petals to your lover.

I will be hiding... Maybe under the cover.

So follow the light to your destination.

Please don't be showing hesitation.


For I've waited all my life for you.

Now come for me, show me your love is true.

I'll be waiting no matter what.

Now come and show me what love you've got.


I teared up because the poem was so passionate. I felt the urge to follow the trail of love he had left behind, and hug him, wanting to never let go. I walked slowly up the stairs, and hesitated for a moment, before opening the bedroom door. He was led in my double bed, lights off, and the tv flickering on. He tapped the bed with his hand and said "come over here you". I ran over to him, jumped on top of him, and wrapped my arms tightly around him saying "oh I never wanna let you go my love!" James hugged me back and said softly "I feel the same way". He gave me a teddy, and we snuggled together under my covers to watch a film, with my mum bringing up snacks. That night I fell asleep in his arms. I wouldn't of minded never waking up if it meant remaining in his arms forever.

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