On A Valentines Day

Samantha Nightingale lived an average life for a while. No friends at first, but then a new guy cameto her school. His name was James Valentine. Her life was to change forever when he asked her out. It was just her and him for a while, living the perfect life. But then what started out very special, began crumbling apart. When James left her, Samantha died inside, shutting herself off from the world, always depressed. As Valentines day drew near by the day, Samantha couldn't possibly get any worse knowing she was going to be alone for the first Valentines Day in years. Is there any chance of getting her true love back, before it is too late?


5. Things Went Wrong Real Fast

Mine and James love grew as fast as our friendship did. We went everywhere together, he never left my side, and never battered an eyelid when a hotter girl than me walked by. He was very loyal, and I trusted him with my life, and most importantly my heart, which I hoped he would never choose to crush. I was falling madly in love with him, and I felt that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. But it was not long after Valentines Day when things started going terribly wrong.


James had to talk to me one day. "I feel like your a bit too clingy. We may need a break". I said in shock, with a tear forming in my eye "what are you saying?" James sighed and said seriously "I'm saying we should break up. I can't concentrate on school work thinking of you all the time". I began to cry as I said desperatly "but I love you!" James said with his head bowed down "I'm sorry Sammy, but I feel it's best we just remain friends for a while".


A few weeks after this my love urges remained strong, and James soon got angered by my needy petty behaviour. He turned on me one day yelling crossly "Samantha this is getting too much, I did like you, but this is getting annoying!" With that James walked away from me, and we never spoke again. I sobbed for monthes, and never moved on. I moved to a different college than him, and thought I could finally let my feelings for him go. I forgot for a while, thinking ill of him helped a lot. I had other guys after me, but for some reason I refused to love again.

breaking up hurt me too much.


Monthes went by, and I soon realised my heart ony burned for one person, and only them. That someone was of course James Valentine. The one who broke my heart, and destroyed our friendship. I decided if I couldn't have James, I would love no other, and remain forever alone. I still blamed myself for our separation, after all I did become far too clingy. But that's what first love does to you, and I still wanted him to be my last. Even though we were no longer together, he was still my last, and I hated love so much now, that he would forever be my last.


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