On A Valentines Day

Samantha Nightingale lived an average life for a while. No friends at first, but then a new guy cameto her school. His name was James Valentine. Her life was to change forever when he asked her out. It was just her and him for a while, living the perfect life. But then what started out very special, began crumbling apart. When James left her, Samantha died inside, shutting herself off from the world, always depressed. As Valentines day drew near by the day, Samantha couldn't possibly get any worse knowing she was going to be alone for the first Valentines Day in years. Is there any chance of getting her true love back, before it is too late?


6. Hope...

I was walking through the streets one day, when I bumped into a familiar face. He had changed so much that I barely recognized him from a single glance. It was James Valentine. "Hey Samantha, how's it going?" I tried to stay strong under the pressure and said quickly "yeah everythings great, what about you?" James said with a kind smile that once warmed my heart, but now turns it ice cold "yeah great, you seeing anyone?" My heart lurched as I stuttered "N-no, not really. You?" James shook his head and said "nah, who needs love anyways". As we went seperate ways he said to me "well good luck with the future. I hope you will find someone who will treat you right". I sighed as I thought 'I thought I had' as I replied with "yeah, you too". I noticed he kept looking back at me, but I knew all hope was still lost.


Valentines Day came along, and I felt terrible all of the week before the day. On Valentines Day I felt I needed to be alone. It was only a year ago that James made me feel special, made me feel wanted, and loved me. But now he was just a cold memory that cracked my heart in two. I decided to go for a walk to let off some steam, and take my mind off of being alone on Valentines Day. I went to the park, where we first declared our love for one another. I walked the same route we did that warm summers day. I looked at the ducks for a while, trying my best to hold the tears back as I looked at the grassy field where we once rolled about as best friends.


I stood beneath the old oak tree, drooping sadly over me. I leant against the tree trunk, and slid down to the floor, my face in my hands as I burst into tears. "I thought I might find you here" a familair voice said softly nearby. I looked up, my face red from all the crying to see James standing tall, with a smile on his face. I got up and said "James, what are you doing here?" James said with a smile "I dunno, looking for you I guess". I burst into tears as I stood up quickly shouting angrily "I can't do this anymore, just leave me alone!" James said sweetly "what if I don't want to. I wish we could just be friends again, like old times". I said quietly "I can't, I either love you, or leave you. I cannot hold my feelings in around you. Right now I just want to hug you. I still love you, and I can't kill those feelings!" James said with an eager smile "then don't". I said with surprise "what?" James said once again "I said then don't". I said sadly "what do you mean". James said softly "come here". He held his arms out for a hug. I slowly walked towards him, as he gently wrapped his arms around me. His chin leant on my shoulder as he whispered longingly into my ear "will you wait for me?"


xX Happy Valentines Day Xx

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