On A Valentines Day

Samantha Nightingale lived an average life for a while. No friends at first, but then a new guy cameto her school. His name was James Valentine. Her life was to change forever when he asked her out. It was just her and him for a while, living the perfect life. But then what started out very special, began crumbling apart. When James left her, Samantha died inside, shutting herself off from the world, always depressed. As Valentines day drew near by the day, Samantha couldn't possibly get any worse knowing she was going to be alone for the first Valentines Day in years. Is there any chance of getting her true love back, before it is too late?


3. A Question Of Change

A few weeks passed by. Me and James were becoming closer friends by the day. He made me laugh, he made me happy whenever I saw him. He even made me faint, I was yet to know this was love... Until the day James Valentine took out friendship to the next level. It was after school when it happened. We went to the park together, side by side, how our friendship had grown so quickly. I felt we were destined to be best friends forever. But James had other plans... We were walking together past the duck pond, and when we came to the grassy field, we began playfully tugging one another, seeing who would land on the floor first. We pushed each other about, laughing at the fun we were having. I slipped on a wet patch of grass, pulling James down with me. I rolled on top of him saying with a laugh "got you!" James rolled, now trying to hold me down. He was about to say "got you now!" But I wriggled free of his gentle grip, wobbly awkwardly back to my feet. I ran screaming and laughing away from him as he yelled "hey!"


He chased me to an old oak tree. I leant against it with exaustion. I couldn't see where James had gone. That is when he jumped out had me, pinning my hands to the tree. I screamed with shock, then laughed at him. We fell silent as we gazed longingly into one anothers eyes for a moment. James edged closer to my face, as I moved my head to look away from him. James held my hands lovingly and said "what is it?" I sighed and said "I don't want to ruin our friendship". James hugged me and said slowly "Samantha Nightingale.... We will never ever not be friends... But theres something you should know". "What?" I asked with interest.


James sighed and said romantically "I have fallen madly in love with you, and I know... Deep down... You like, like me too". I blushed as James looked at me, waiting patiently for me to speak up, but I was too shy. James said caringly "just nod if I am right". I nodded quickly, and blushed an even darker shade of red. James said "then kiss me". I didn't know what to do. My mind was a blurr, by heart kept screaming at me to kiss him. As he edged closer to my face, I closed my eyes nervously. James gently pressed his lips against mine. At first I did nothing, just letting him kiss me. But on the second contact I began returning the passionate kiss we now shared. We began to slide down the tree, until we were sitting on the floor, still engrossed in our romantic first kiss. We ended in a friendly hug. James whispered in my ear "I love you Nightingale". I smiled and said back with a happy short laugh "I love you too Valentine".

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