Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


4. The wait of the Chosen

Castiel was content with his life, he was adopted he knew that, but his family loved like their own. His mother died when he was just a kid. He was adopted when he was 2 months old, and when he was 10 years old he lost his mom. It was said it was due to an incurable disease. But, he knows his mother’s death was no illness, in Mateo such things are hidden away, lest it draws attention. He hardly knew his birth parents, and now his mother gone, he had no one looking out for him. His father Luke Cates was a very affectionate man, who adored his son. But, after losing his wife Alicia, he was lonely and in grieving, for she was his soul mate. Now the father son had only each other, and they were each other’s solace.

His father owned the small eat out joint in the town, and Castiel helped in the shop after school. After his mother’s death he became even more quiet and drawn to himself. All he did was read and pen down his thoughts in his diary. The diary was his best friend, holding secret of his night adventures, when he actually became what he is actually is, waiting for his chance to come. And for that it is better to stay hidden from the normal eyes, which cannot see beyond the sad lonely boy.

But, the moment he sees Rosaline, he know there is some strange force pulling him near her, he tries so hard to stay away from her. She has the magnetic power hidden beneath her ruby eyes, which only he can see and feel. So, the only way is to stay hidden from her and those eyes, and that is how he is keeping her safe, away from those who want her. It pains to see her looking at Tyler, but that is just a teenager crush, Tyler is never good for someone like her. May be he will wait for some time, till he gets hold of the other side. And, then he can cross over and tell Rosaline all his heart always wanted to tell her. He needs to wait patiently till she realizes her destiny. And, then she can see him.

Till, that time he needs to be the same way he has been, the lone wolf, with no pack to look after him, alone he will roam till the pack knows he has arrived, he was always there, how he crossed over was not a smooth sail, and that pain still haunts him, the nightmares which visit him. His father tells him, and so does his shrink, that it is only because the pain of losing of his mother so early in life, that is the meaning of these nightmares, and they will soon pass over, when he starts college and will move to city.

But he knows he has to move but not to city but to his side, but which side, is it the one beyond the moon lake or the other side of lake. His choice will decide all that will happen in Mateo and its Wolf Moon Lake.

And he know all of them, are waiting, and he is waiting for Rosaline, only then he will make his choice, just hoping she realizes it before it gets too late and the lake dries up.

With this thought, he finished his diary entry kept it locked in the safe and hit the bed exhausted, waiting for the night to engulf him. And he hears the wailing of a woman to save her, howling of wolf, loud cries of  a little child with ruby eyes and the moon shinning brighter and brighter like the princess tiara. And before he could do anything, he woke up, lying naked with the same marks on his body near the lake, the marks formed the pattern covering the years he suffered the nightmares, and before the sun rose he rushed back to his room.

The long wait is getting painful for the chosen. Wish she also sees him.

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