Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


8. The time

Next day, at the school, Rosaline was searching for Castiel, but he was nowhere to be seen. For two days she waited to meet him and tell him what she saw, but he had disappeared into thin air. Unknown to her Augustine was also looking for Castiel.

It was an open war, everyone knew what is required, what is their role, and it was just a matter of time.

Castiel and Luke were waiting at the lake, when the other pack members come around. They were on the other side,  waiting. Every full moon they have seen Castiel going through the painful transition, and only when he can awaken his inner witch he can control the change and open the gates for their change. And, they free themselves from this eternity and receive their freedom.

Castiel had to do the change before Augustine can lay his paws on him or harm others in anyway. And this time he will keep Rosaline safe.

Augustine knew he has to stop Rosaline before she gets to Castiel.

Castiel and Luke had to travel across the valley of death, where Kastien and Rosaline gave up their life and love. It was a pure spot and Augustine cannot reach the place. It was scared and there was no way a wicked soul like him can reach there.

Augustine had to rush before Castiel cross the valley of death. Daniel, Dylan, Haley were on the task to stop Castiel, Haley was keeping Rosaline distracted, while the twins were trying to beat the chosen.

The witch groove lay beyond the valley of death, Castiel had to reach there and the witches can perform spell and awaken the powerful witch inside him, the part witch and part amuro wolf spirit inside him.

Rosaline got up and told Haley that she will back in a second. She knew about where Castiel would have headed and seeing Augustine gone AWOL, she was sure where he went.

She rushed to the wolf moon lake and saw the wolf pack standing their hoping that finally they will be freed from the other side.

Castiel and Luke were standing near the valley of death, when they heard Rosaline shouts for help, the twins were chasing here. And, that point Tyler, Jack and Troy jumped to save her. Looked like everyone knew what they were supposed to do. But, the boys were no match to these rogue wolves, and the packs waiting behind the lake were helpless.

Castiel had to do it, it will be painful and hard, but he called his wolf, and with a cry which echoed across the valley, there he was the Alpha of Alphas, eyes glowing with the power he commanded, eyes of fire, and what an magnificent beast he was. Everyone was shocked to see this transition from a meek boy to this. He was fearsome, spine chilling, terrorizing yet he was different.

The entire town shook with terror when they heard his voice, and this was the call that they were all waiting for so long.

The witches inside the town came out so did the friends of Augustine pack, the Chimmeras, the evil creatures of dark, Maltarian, the scorpions, the crystal pack and rest of the remaining clans, it was all out. The Chosen had called.

LeMargaux and McGrey were not friends but foes. Keep your friends closer, keep your enemies closer. LeMargaux was leading the good ones, the ones fighting for freedom and redemption of soul. And, McGrey was part of the evil group.

LeMargaux as the witch was holding up the fort to stop the Augustine pack and their friends to stop the Chosen, but the tremor which the town told him that his help is not required much. The Chosen has arrived.

He feared for Rosie, but he knew she will be safe with the Chosen. The fight was below here on ground, when they has hold all these murderous creatures from reaching up to the valley of death, it will require all his efforts.

The Maltarian with their poisonous sting had already injured many, so did the Chimmeras the disgusting shape shifters with their sharp nails and cannibal nature. Blood was flowing again, just like yesterday. It was all like the picture playing it again, but he won’t give in.

Lydia and Crystal jumped straight at the Augustine pack wolves along with Amanda and attacked straight at those filthy creatures, this bought LeMargaux time, and he started using spell to immobilize Chimmeras and he knew it is a long fight till Chosen reaches the witch groove, they have to hold the fort.

There, on the lake, the twins were standing next to Rosaline, ready to jump at her, but they couldn’t kill her, that is up to Augustine.

But, when Cass and Luke jumped down, the sheer size of the Amuro wolf scared them, Cass looked straight into their eyes and they looked like miniatures in front of him. He lifted his paws, and choked their throats, they squealed in pain like dogs, begging for mercy. Cass was raised by Luke and Alicia, he knew better, power is not for personal gratification. He hit them hard to make them unconscious for some time, for Augustine to find them.

Rosaline was trembling with fear, he bowed in front of her, and she climbed on top of his back, they rushed beyond the valley the death, while death was dancing everywhere on the ground.

Haley saw and rushed behind them for Augustine cannot come near Valley of Death.

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