Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


2. The sun rose again


The bright sun greeted the morning, the morning dew on the green leaves, the noises of early morning chores. The howling ceases as the rays of sun shone brightly on the earth.

The town of Mateo, was in full swing for welcoming a new bright day, a town with hardly a population over 1000, where everyone seem to know everyone. A friendly town, mysteriously hidden from the rest of the world. Where the locals lived peacefully, acting ignorant of their legends and tales. Where the howling is shut down every time it gains strength. The land of powerful witch Sabine who tricked the wolves and made them pay for her loss, and dragged them into the heart of forest and locked them away.

The people of town knew as long the wolves are in the woods they are safe, and they have to keep them away from the town, for if they get the scent of the chosen one, if they track the chosen one, they will come for, breaking all spells and take away what is rightfully theirs.

They have to keep the chosen one hidden till the time comes, and if it all turns out to be like they planned, the chosen one will be on their side and they will end this war for once and all. But, meanwhile they also wait, with every passing day waiting for the chosen one to gain powers without bringing the attention to the wolves, for they have their powers and are in the town, not physically, but through their friends, the other creatures of dark, whom roam in the day in the town to find the chosen one. The town, the wolves and their alliances, know the time is nearing, and all are waiting to put their paws on the chosen one.

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