Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


6. The knock of tales

It was lazy Sunday, after the pouring rain stopped; Rosaline and Hayley were sitting idle. Augustine and his friends were gone for trekking and girls were left behind. Haley was always the impulsive one, always thinking of something new. Haley jumped up and said, “hey Rosie, let’s go up to the lake”. Rosaline was reluctant to go to the lake; there was something about the lake she didn’t like. But reluctantly agreed to go with Haley. The clouds were still roaming in the sky. They headed towards the lake. With every step Rosaline felt her heart getting heavy. She told Haley, “Haley it is getting real dark here, don’t you think we should head back.” Haley retorted, “Hey, Rosie, when did you get the chicken hear?”  “It is not about getting afraid Hales, it is something eerie about this place, I feel some presence, something which is not correct, please can we turn back.”  “Oh! Come on we are already near it, let’s just go near it and then we will rush back, I promise.” Rosaline sighed, and went ahead.

The clouds were getting darker and darker, they were near the lake. And then as Rosaline looked into the water, she was shocked to see the reflection. It was not her; it was just her eyes, her ruby eyes staring back at her. Haley did not see it. She was too busy exploring the place. And she stumbled upon the footprints. And she followed them, and there stood in front of her a huge beast, she stood there, her throat dry, who looked straight into her eyes. And the moon on her neck shinned bright and was burning her. She wanted to shout Rosie but she didn’t .And, Rosaline was lost in her own eyes.

Haley silently walked behind the beast, and then one more appeared. And not believing what was happening in front of her. The beasts slowly turned to Daniel and Dylan. And, she didn’t know what in the hell just happened.

She fainted and Daniel carried her to nearby place. She was hysterical when she woke up; the boys gave her time to recollect her. She was searching for Rosie who was nowhere to be seen. She shouted, “What in the hell is all this Daniel, Dylan, what just happened, what kind of sick joke are you playing.”

Dylan spoke, “Hales, relax, let me explain, don’t worry we won’t hurt you. Just listen to us for a minute, please.”

“You see Hales; we are all not what we seem to be. Our families have hidden many things from us. But, sooner or later you were supposed to find out. We are part of the rogue family. I know it sounds crazy, but we have to find the chosen and take him to Sabine, so that the curse on the family can be broken and our clan can live safely.”

Haley was shocked, “Wait Dy! What are you talking, you sound like some fantasy story teller, and it all doesn’t make sense in this world. You mean you are wolf, and I am too, are you mad?”

Dylan, “Hales, when the blue moon comes, you will change the shape and believe it or not, it is the fact.”

Daniel jumped in, “Hales, listen, it all started over a century ago, the werewolves ruled this place, but with passage of time, the packs started having wars among themselves, and the Alphas of different packs wanted power. We were considered the rogue; the lower of all the werewolves, the royal clans did not like us. They considered us low, as our powers were very limited, and our Alpha wanted us to have same powers, or so he thought. But, he never had any power, but someone else had. Sabine, the amour wolf. She was not just a wolf, she was a witch, with powers of werewolf and her ruby eyes had the power no creature could resist. The crystal pack was the royal pack and Sabine was the daughter of the Lucas, the Alpha of Alphas, she was supposed to take over the packs, once Lucas reign is over. Her mother was a witch whose powers Sabine inherited. She was a spirited girl, and always ventured into the unknown. Fearless spirited and strong woman. All alphas wanted her; if you have her you have all the power in the world, to make all the creature bow before you. And our Shadow pack never stood a chance, but our Alpha knew where you cannot win by strength you use your cunning.

Every blue moon when all packs gathered around and saw the new born change shape, Sabine went and waited for her true love, Kastien LeMargaux, the master of witchcraft, the whole thing was strange, when all Alphas were fighting to win over Sabine, she felt connected to her witch side more. She and Kastien met near this very lake, and their witchcraft made them close. And, the Shadow pack’s Alpha, our Alpha, Augustine, knew this fact. Only if he can have Sabine, and the power of her magic red ruby eyes, he will rule the world. Neither crystals nor any other pack can stop him. He loved Sabine, but he wanted his pack to get power.

Kastien was one of the most powerful witches ever, he wanted the time to be right so that he can take Sabine away from all this wolves fights and shape shifting and make her a complete witch. She had more potential as a witch than wolf. Why combine her powers when you can channelize it to become more powerful.

And before our pack could do anything Kastien did something which Augustine did not expect, Kastien was not a honest lover, he wanted to use Sabine’s power to make witches powerful and rid the world of all these other species. And, the power Sabine had were in her eyes, and on the Blue moon day he took the witch knife and wanted to take away those ruby red eyes to complete his spell. Those eyes could draw the strength of moon and make any man powerful and strong. Augustine jumped to save Sabine, but he was not powerful enough, the witch knife was too strong for him and he died defending the lady whom he wanted and loved.

Sabine eyes were bleeding due to the fight with Kastien, she tried running away from his clutches, to reach her pack, but she couldn’t run fast enough but before he could take away her eyes she jumped off into this very lake, which was a flooding river at that time. The river flooded with her tears of sadness and treachery. Kastien was injured himself, but before dying he casted this spell over the forest that werewolves will not get any power and no pack will ever be together till they get the ruby eyes back to the witches groove. Till that time they will be stuck in this forest and this doomed place forever.”

Haley was processing all this, “Wow, Kastien was a bastard, but dude seriously what is happening for my head is spinning so hard that I don’t know what to react for all this shit!!!”

Daniel and Dylan knew this, this was their reaction when they were told all this stuff by their parents, and they were shocked, and thought that their families have gone cuckoo.

But, last year when they changed shaped and they had this moon over their shoulders just like Haley, and they knew it is all true.

Conrad and Emily McGrey knew this; they wanted to tell Haley and Augustine this. And, then they came out of wood, Haley was in for shock, “Dad Mom, what is happening?”

Emily, “Hales, honey, all this what Daniel and Dylan told you is right. Please, listen to us, for once, just relax, we all are part of Augustine’s pack and the reason we are here not on the other side of the lake, is because of the sacrifice made by our ancestor, Augustine to save Sabine. We are waiting for the chosen one, who can break the curse of the witch, as he will have the power of witches and the wolves. His howl will tear away the curse. And, we all are instrumental in saving him to help him to the task. And, your brother Augustine is not your brother, he is Augustine the one who tried saving Sabine, he was injured badly, and before dying his soul was saved and I gave birth to our Alpha. He will finish the task which he left and he need Rosaline for this, she is Sabine, look at her ruby red eyes, and those LeMargaux are keeping her with them, we need Augustine near her, so that he will remember his legacy and this time our pack will win. And all the other packs will be under us.”

“But, wait, whoa, Mom, don’t Augustine know this, about all this blah blah history, and Rosie is like his sister, he takes care of her just like he takes care of me, and you talking about some strange stupid love triangle? This all doesn’t tie up.”

Conrad said this time, “Yes sweetheart, they don’t but about time, when Augustine will conquer the chosen and then win Rosaline, all will be restored to the natural order, how it should have been, we need to keep her safe and give him time to see the things. Keep it to yourself, or else you will ruin what we worked over so many years.”

Haley ran off and Rosie was missing, she was not near the lake, she left her. Rosie, Rosie she shouted, but in vain.

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