Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


7. The eyes of truth

When her best friend Haley was discovering life altering facts, Rosaline was trying to find her own. The ruby eyes which sparkled back to her in the reflection of the lake was Sabine. Sabine, wanted to show her the truth, something which was hidden from her for a long time. As Sabine reflection came out of the lake, Rosaline was in awe, she was the most gorgeous women she ever saw. Skin as white as snow, lips so red, and eyes which were the exact copy of Rosaline’s eyes. The eyes had a magic, so mesmerizing, the air was filled with aroma so enticing, that Rosaline forgot where she was, who she was.

And, the floating pictures were so clear, she could almost touch them.

Sabine was the link to the witches and the wolves, the connector. Kastien just wanted to make sure her powers did not fall into the wrong hands, or go wasted. Her eyes could channel the powers of moon, the blue moon. This power can help all the magical creatures whom naked eyes can’t see, it can help them to refrain from violence and lead a better life not just for themselves but their descendants too.

Sabine was in love with Kastien, his views were just way ahead of time, he believed in magic. And that for a greater good. He wanted to use it for helping others and she wanted to be part of this. She had the power to convince her packs to use it; this will free them from the clutches of painful shape shifting and give them a sense of living a higher purpose to integrate with the world.

Their love was of higher order, not just physical but they were soul mates. Their souls were entwined forever.

Kastien was developing a spell and he wanted to use the ruby of Sabine’s eyes to complete the spell, if completed the spell will free the wolves from the painful shape shifting and they can be part of society and not just wolves but also other creatures of nights. This was all for Sabine.

On the day of Blue Moon, Sabine and Kastien and Kastien friends’ Jackson, Tyler, Troy and Sabine’s confidant Lydia and Crystal were meant to there. They needed the werewolves’ blood and mixed with the witches, to complete the spell. And Sabine’s ruby which she preserved in her eyes. But, what they did not know was Augustine, hiding for them to come. He was following their moves and plans, and when he realized the power Sabine had, he couldn’t resist. This was his chance his destiny, he will become Alpha of Alphas, dethrone Lucas. And be the master of this amazing woman, if he owns Sabine, he will own the world. His lust for her, covered by his thirst for power, made him blind.

He and his pawns Daniel and Dylan, and his beta Haley, had this devious plan. They were rogues so no one will believe them; they had to make other packs believe them. Daniel went after Crystal, and poor sweet innocent Crystal was no match for him, he ripped her apart with his bare claws, her shrieks echoing the valley. And, on the other side his evil twin Dylan, killed Troy. And left Haley completed by stealing beads which only royal packs wear and spread around Troy.

The witches were filled with rage to see Troy in such a position; Tyler saw the beads and the witches immediately knew that it was work of the wolves. And no one was in a position to know the reason behind this attack, they retaliated back. The massacre, the spells it was ugly scene.

The cries of young ones, the shrieks of witches and the bloodbath shook Rosaline’s soul. Everyone screaming, innocent blood was shed that fateful day.

Sabine and Kastien were near the lake, waiting for their friends, that is when Lydia, came running to tell them about the war. And before they could do anything to stop this, they were faced with the worst nightmare in the form of Augustine.

His eyes were bloodshot, Sabine was looking irresistible and Kastien was the roadblock, he jumped straight onto Kastien, before Kastien could utter any spell, he slit his throat. Sabine got his knife and wanted to stab Augustine for all this.

But, she couldn’t for Haley attacked her from behind, and poor Sabine was between Augustine and Haley, and no one to protect her, Kastien was dead or near dead, everything was lost due to one man’s greed.

Sabine knew she had look deep inside her, wake her witch, she casted a spell keeping all wolves on the other side of lake to protect them from Augustine and his pack, and cursed them to stay beyond the other packs, and witches in the witch groove protected by Kastein’s soul.

And only thing which could save all of them is the Chosen, the one born from Sabine and Kastein’s union. And since Sabine cannot do this anymore, she was about dead and no position to save her child, she used magic saved her unborn.

Augustine was immobilized due to the spell; he couldn’t let Sabine slip off. Sabine pulled all her strength made till the valley rock, where the few Crystal pack wolves were there. She met Nadia’s mother there and parted with the soul of her unborn child and put a spell on the soul to protect it. Only, an Alpha woman should bear this child.

The remaining Crystal pack ran off back vowing to fight Augustine, one day, till that time comes, they wait.

Sabine waited on the high rocks and when Augustine and Haley came for her, he leaped right on to her, and was just about to drag her down, when she saw Kastien standing there, blood oozing out of his body. He held Haley and threw her off the cliff.

But, all the blood sacrifice made Augustine strong and killing of witches, the darkness of his heart was too powerful for Sabine and Kastien to hold him. Before he could make a move on Sabine, they did what they had to, Kastien jumped in front of Sabine and took the blow from Augustine, and this time he did it, and he died there. And, then Sabine with tears coming out from ruby sparkled eyes, she looked at the moon once, and jumped off the cliff with a shattering howl.

And no one saw her again, the lake overflowed with blood but no one knew where did she flew off that day, and this made Augustine crazy.

So this whole town was made, divided between the Augustine followers who were keeping his soul safe so that he can reclaim what he couldn’t achieve waiting for him to realize and get the magic back. And the witches who are keeping Sabine and the chosen one, son of Kastien and Sabine, whose soul Nadia carried, and gave to Alicia and Luke, when the Augustine followers attacked the crystal clan to retrieve the Chosen, but Karl and Nadia fought them with bravery but were unsuccessful. Nadia reached Luke and Alicia who had left the clan to live life of humans, and handed Cass to them. Cass who was born of Sabine and Kastien’ s souls and only who can stop Augustine, before he can reach his powers and destroy all the things again.

Rosaline was part of Kastien witches, and she was the vessel which carried Sabine’s ruby eyes and kept them protected till Castiel can channel his inside witch and the wolf to bring down the evil.

She was standing in front of witches groove kept safe by Kastien and the witches smiled at her saying that they will be there when she need them.

She heard Haley screaming, and the images faded off, but they were imprinted in her mind forever. She had to find Castiel and tell him, the blue moon is near; she needs to help him finish Sabine’s work.

She ran back her eyes gleaming, she met Haley and both knew each had a secret which other knows, the walked back silently.

But Rosaline knew someone was following her, Augustine’s evil dark eyes. He was back, his soul was back, it was matter of time when he can get his power back only this time he won’t harm anyone by his greed and treachery.

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