Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


3. The Chosen

Rosaline was sleeping when she heard her mom coming up the stairs, she knew it was getting late for school, but the perils of teenage years was forcing one out of bed and getting ready for school. Leaving that cozy bed was too much of sacrifice for the girl. Amanda, her mother, was at the door, shouting at top of her voice, “Rose when you are getting up? It is getting late for school wake up honey.”

Her mother came inside, kissed her fair forehead; she opened her eyes which sparkled like a ruby. Amanda move around the room, collecting the books, clothes lying around, thinking the same thing which she thinks every day before waking up her daughter. “This girl, how she is going to be, she is already 15, soon she will off to college, who will look after her?”

Rosaline was sitting on the bed knowing what her mom was thinking and slowly smiling to herself, her mom looked at her, with motherly anger and love in eyes, to her beautiful Rose, beautiful yet so irresponsible and reckless girl. Both looked at each other passed a smile as if knowing what is going in other’s mind.

It was already 8 am, Rosaline rushed to the washroom, to get ready while Amanda went down to the kitchen, to prepare the breakfast and pack lunch for Rosaline.

Rosaline was down in a jiffy and as ever gulped down the milk, ate a piece of omelet and rushed to catch the school bus which was honking and impatiently waiting for her.

She waved a kiss to her mother and rushed into her bus.

And there her best friend, partner in crimes was sitting, Haley was waiting, both passed the mischievous smile. She grabbed her seat and both started talking their own talks, plotting their next task.

They reached the school and rushed to their class. The first period was boring History as usual. They hated Mr. Simons, an old man with funny spectacles, the only thing funny in the entire class. They both giggled at each other. Mr. Simons looked sternly at them and told them to keep quiet. But girls will be girls, and if they are as spirited as Haley and Rosaline.

The girls were very famous in the school for their mischievous rendezvous. Even though not part of the popular groups, they had their own charm. The feisty Haley with the half-moon symbol on her neck, not a tattoo, she was born with that symbol. And it shone like the diamond on a princess tiara, during midnight, not many people knew this. But, nevertheless, it added to her beauty.

Rosaline, though she hated her name, it was so old fashioned, she was named after her grandmother’s best friend, a dying wish of her grandmother, which her father fulfilled. Her mother called her Rose, for she was like one. Fair, with ruby eyes, something very rare. But, the town is  so full of rare and strange things, that no one seem to notice all these minor details or give a thought to all this. Yet, those eyes had a powerful magic, so piercing yet so beautiful, amazing, adding to her perfect face. She was like once in lifetime creation of God. The only daughter of her parents, her mother Amanda, her father Gabriel LeMargaux Thorne., a small time businessman, who is mostly away on business trips, and he adores his little princess.

Haley and Rosaline were childhood friends, their families have known each other for time unknown. Haley father Conrad McGrey, was also a small time businessman like Rosaline’s. Her mother Emily was a teacher at high school. Her elder brother, Augustine, was one year older to her, a boy of many talents, girls swooned over him. He had a band of his own, a basketball player, handsome will be mere description of him. A charmer, friendly, lovable and so much more. One can tell he was raised to be an ideal man. Except one fault his anger, which at times overshadowed his goodness of heart.

He looked for Haley and Rosaline, for him both were his little sisters. Dare any guy hit on the girls, till they had him no one could even think of harming them.

Lunch break, Haley and Rosaline will join Augustine and his friends, Jack, Daniel and Dylan the twins, Lydia Jack’s girlfriend, Troy, Crystal, whom Augustine liked very much, Tyler, whom Haley liked so did Rosaline, but Tyler had eyes only for Crystal and Faye, who liked Augustine, and then there was this loner away from all this alone in his world, Castiel, secret admirier of Rosaline. Castiel the chosen.

The destiny of Mateo depends on these young people.


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