Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


5. One Rainy Day

Luke was standing at the window; Castiel was in his room reading. The rain was ravaging outside, just like the day 15 years before, when he and Alicia found the baby. And the injured mother, pleading Alicia to take in the child. The child was no stranger to them, it was their own blood. Luke’s brother’s child. And the woman standing in front of them was Nadia. They couldn’t help her but before anyone could find the baby they have to hide him and cover the tracks. Nadia gave the little boy to them and ran away. The fearless woman, who she was once, was reduced to a pleading mother scared for the security of her only child. When Alicia decided to bring Castiel as their own son, and keep him safe from all those forces waiting for him outside, she didn’t know what risk it involved and the price was her life.

Luke knew Cass, as he called Castiel affectionately knew what he is, but the calmness in such a young boy was impressive, at the same time scary, just like his father Lucas. After all, he is the chosen, and Luke and Alicia were lucky to save him, and keep him safe till now. For which Alicia, gave up her life. Poor Cass, lost two mothers in such a short span, and he didn’t even know how much those two women loved him.

The eyes of Cass reminded him of his brother, so intense, hiding so much which normal eyes can’t comprehend. Just like Karl, the day he chose side and he gave up all for Nadia. Nadia and Karl was a couple whose strength togetherness’ was all that Cass inherited. Luke couldn’t do what his brother did.

He lacked the strength but he knew if that day he also went away with Alicia, then may be little Cass would have been in wrong hands. Now he was with his family. And this time he will not hide, he will protect him with all the strength he has. This was time to reclaim his inheritance, and prove to the souls of Karl and his father Lucas, that he was one of them, a part of the Dawn pack, the only thing is to wait for the dawn.

He went to Cass’s room and the father-son passed a smile and sat quietly near the window, remembering the days when Alicia used to make them dance in the rain, her favorite pastime, and then she serve them with hot bowls of her chocolate milkshakes. For a moment, they both sat in silence and rushed down and did what she used to do. Be free once and enjoy the rain, for tomorrow you may not be there, Cass. For you have hard choice to make, my little one, thought Luke.

And for this he will keep an eye on all the forces trying to harm Cass, especially look out for the girl with the moon and her brother Augustine. And, that ruby eyes,pretty one, Rosaline. She is the key to keep my Cass safe, and, achieve his destiny and complete what Nadia and Karl left behind.

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