Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


10. Chosen has spoken

There, stood Augustine, in rage, no one is able to complete his task, why can’t for once a rogue become Alpha, why can’t he? He had power cunning and smartness, but he lacked a heart. He wanted power for himself and keep others below him, not to nurture the races.

He snapped back at the twins, how two wolves could couldn’t hold on to a girl. That was all that Kastien’ s blood speaking, he has not left him in peace even after his death even after stealing Sabine from him. He will kill Castiel this time.

No witch wolf mix and match this time, it has to stay pure in the breed, not some liberal agenda.

Haley came down the valley. He was relieved to see her. “Haley, tell me, you bring at least good news, these useless jerks are waste of time for me, did you get Rosaline, please give me some good news.”

Haley snapped back and slapped him hard. “You, weasel, liar, you want to use all of us for your own good, you did not even consider even once before throwing us in front of the Alpha of Alphas, and you want us to risk our lives for your ambition.”

“Haley, shouted Augustine, I am your Alpha, not some half witch, you all will listen to him, “he growled back at her.

“Can’t you see the bloodshed, just like last time, look down to the ground you have made packs fighting shedding each other blood, tearing each other apart, for what, to prove that you are right, and for all that you want.”

Augustine, was filled with rage and he changed back into this black beast, and he was about to hit Haley, when Castiel jumped straight in front of him. This is first time Augustine saw, the Chosen.

His eyes had the same soul piercing stare like Sabine, and the power he got was just like Lucas, Sabine’s father, it was very strange, he was magnificent, anything but, nothing like him.

He looked straight into him, for a moment Augustine was still, as all his past memories rushed into his mind. Sabine’s eyes, Kastien’ s blood, and he could feel their souls, around him, waiting for his death and their revenge.

Castiel held his paw and with one stroke, Augustine was shocked. He knew all the wolves on the other side for waiting for his blood to shed. He was not ready to take the fall, not yet.

He held Rosaline and dug his teeth into her neck, he realized her eyes were not ruby, they had succeeded, he was about to kill her when Haley hit him hard, Castiel jumped right onto him. Meanwhile, LeMargaux went near the lake and put the magical blood with rubies into the lake.

And, that act made, the veil to lift, the wolves on other side were waiting for this, they all were baying for Augustine’s blood, the fighting below stopped. Everyone was waiting for what is happening up on the lake.

The witch groove opened and witches trapped there could cross over.

Augustine was all alone, with no pity, he had to face the consequences of his past acts and present acts, Haley the twins, and no one is there to help him. The witches with their spell and the trapped wolf packs waiting to tear him apart.

But, just then Castiel howled back at all of them, and no one can ignore him, the chosen, there was this silence, the bleeding Augustine, Rosaline were lying there.

He told them all to stop, his voice echoing over the valley, “ Stop, this bloodshed, right now, I am not hearing any of this anymore, you all had your way, fighting each other, killing each other. Isn’t all enough for you all. Witches, wolves and all you creatures, I command you all to stop. What is wrong in asking for equal rights, when we all belong to the same packs, why this difference, rogues, crystals, and breeds, we all are creatures of dark, and we need to help and nurture each other, we need to stop this  bloodshed, and heal each other.

I, the chosen one, the Amuro Wolf, declare all packs equal from this day, no more rogues or crystals, and all the witches, you are to use your spells not to changes other creatures, but to protect and heal them.

I, the son of Sabine and Kastien, whose souls reside in this and whose blood flow in this lake, standing near the Blue Moons, with the power of moon, release all the wolves and witches trapped and freeing their souls with my blood, you all are to leave this earth and free your souls, and the creatures who are there, are to make peace with each other and so as to not to harm each other or human race, and live in peace.

And, as for Augustine, I take away your powers of werewolf and command you into life of human, and I forgive you for killing innocent, that you should live the life, accepting your wrongs and try to make them right, and as far as rest of us go we, are to go back to real lives, and only assemble on my call, and never to harm any other soul ever. And, anyone going against my command, will not be spared”.

Everyone listened, and then from the blue moon rose Sabine, and from the lake Kastien, they were so proud of their son, and with the final spell, they withdraw the powers from Mateo, hiding them deep beneath the powerful lake, and deep inside Castiel.

And with them came the storm taking all that, trapped here, and freeing others from the curse, and Augustine soul also followed Sabine, for she was always one thing he wanted with true heart, in death he met her, and they all disappeared, so did the Blue Moon.

And, the entire place calmed down, Castiel and Luke saw the souls crossing the groove and reaching the destination they were meant to reach, Sabine looked once back at Cass, and then at Rosaline, and she was no more.

Castiel, called the witch inside him, to heal the injured and with one strong spell, he made the upside down world back to normal, it will take some time to make it same, but the secrets erased, and they can start fresh.

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