Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


9. Across the valley of death

They reached the Valley of Death, beyond it lay the most beautiful sight, lush green meadow, covered with flowers, roses lilies across the meadow, and there stood the LeMargaux witches, Kastien family, protected by his soul. Cass could feel the presence of his father’s soul, everywhere. Rosaline got down, Cass changed back.

Luke told them that this Kastien son and they need to find the witch who can help. The LeMargaux senior came and told Cass they need the girl with the power of moon. Rosaline was standing next to them, they knew she was the one.

Haley saw all this from behind, why were they helping Rosie, when she felt a hand at her back, she growled back, but she saw Luke. He told her she is alone here and no one can help her. So it is better if she comes along. Haley changed back and went with Luke.

Rosaline asked Haley to see beyond the blind side. What Augustine and McGrey showed her is not right. She asked her to look straight into her eyes, and then she saw what happened that day, the treachery and lies of Augustine, his greed and lust for power made him blind and he sacrificed entire pack, including his beta. And, this time too he will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and leave behind anyone who weakens him.

Haley was shocked, his brother is not the hero, nor he was the hero, it is all lie, packs died for him, he took them straight to death mouth.

LeMargaux witch told them there is not enough time, Rosaline has to pull her strength and call upon the Blue Moon. Rosaline, was not sure, Cass took her hand, “ Sabine power is there inside of you, you protected it so long, and we are guarded by Kastien’ s soul, and above all I am there this time with you, no harm will come your way, I promise, I will take you out from all this, I promise.”

Those words had this magic, Rosaline, closed her eyes, and when she opened her eyes, they were shinning the ruby red, clouds were getting darker, she was suddenly wearing this red dress and was slowly floating into the air, it was so mesmerizing for everyone around her. And, then she raised a storm in the sky and tearing apart the dark clouds, there it was full moon, the Blue Moon, shining brightly and in her eyes sparkled the eyes of Sabine, and she closed her eyes and fell down. Haley picked her up,

This storm leads the fighting below to stop, for everyone was spell bound, and shocked.

LeMargaux witches told her to get the ruby inside her eyes off, for they were the soul of Sabine and they put them in the Charm box which has Katien blood. Cass gave his blood and Haley, and Luke mixed it with theirs, and this blood immersed the rubies. All that they had to do, is go down to the Wolf Moon Lake, and put this blood and rubies, and to free all the wolves and witches trapped for an eternity, the freedom.

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