Wolf Moon Lake

A fight of pack of wolves to survive and regain what has been lost and taken away from them by treachery.


11. A beginning

A year later, Augustine and Crystal were off to college, the twins were off to Germany to study Art, Ty, Jack and Troy were in senior year, and Lydia and Jack were shortlisting the colleges. Haley was with Tyler, and Rosaline and Cass started hanging around Luke’s shop more often, and Luke was happy for Nadia, Karl and Alicia was at peace. And Cass is truly happy, and  LeMargaux was happy to see this.

Augustine was at home on holiday, from the rash teenager he was becoming a different man, someone who was reliable and trustworthy. May be he changed his soul.


But once a year, when no one hears, near the lake the blue moon shines, behind the cover of full moon, and there that magnificent beast howls, for its cry pierces the very soul of the moon and there gleams two rubies beneath the lake, where she waits for him to come back, for his howl is the proof that they are all there but just better and for good.

And, he will be always be there for her, for he made a promise, whether her eyes had the power or not, he will be there, for she saw the goodness of his heart, behind this fearsome beast.

It was all fresh start to them , a chance of redemption, to be better with each day.



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