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Mandy and Harry used to be bestfriends but then harry ditched her to become popular. Will he try to make it up to her? Will they have a forever after? Who knows?



Mandy's POV

I continued with the week and surprisingly harry hasn't bothered me yet, but you never know with Harry. By now it was Thursday and tomorrow was the day I have waited for all through high school, the day I graduate. I just hoped he wouldn't do anything to ruin this day for me like he does the other 264 days of the year.

I walked through the school gates and made my way to my first class, maths which sadly I hade with harry. Me being me I arrived late, as I walked through the doors everyone turned to look at me. A few girls seemed to look at my clothes which consisted of baby blue jeans with a black and white polka dot blouse. Hey giggled to themselfs before the Mrs McCarther spoke up saying " there is only one seat left to Mr styles" I sighed stomping up to sit next to harry. I knew this hour was going to be bad because I knew he was saving all his insults until he found just the right moment to unleash them on me.

I sat there in silence staring off into my own world when suddenly a piece I scrunched up paper landed in my desk in front if me. The curiosity got the better of me in the end so I opened the piece if destroyed paper and read what was on it. " you look beautiful today -H".

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