I thought he loved me

Hi, my name is Katlyn, and I would like to tell you what you don't know about me. my mother died when I was only 8, and now I am living with my abusive father. on till I decide to escape (witch wont be easy)


2. Sunday, Febuary 10, 2014

He pushed me again today, left marks, bruises, scraps. He had wounded way to many times. Why do I deserve this? "KATLYN!" he yells from downstairs, "GET YOUR ASS DOWN HERE!" I slowly walk downstairs, watching every step I take, these stairs have been so used and worn out who knows what could happen? I finally get downstairs, and I see "living hell" with his friends. They told me to go down into the basement with them, and if I didn't, they would kill me. I follow them to the basement. They slowing undress me, I could feel tears running down my face. "Stop Crying!" his friend said as he slapped me. It bruised intensely. They finally finished undressing me, they pushed me up onto the wall, raped me, then pushed my onto the ground. There, I was laying on the floor curled up into a ball, laying on the cool cement floor, naked, tears running down my face. Saying yet again, "What did I do to deserve this?" I have to do something, escape. Right now that is the only answer. "E-S-C-A-P-E." I whisper to myself.  "It has to be done." 

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