I thought he loved me

Hi, my name is Katlyn, and I would like to tell you what you don't know about me. my mother died when I was only 8, and now I am living with my abusive father. on till I decide to escape (witch wont be easy)


3. Ecsape?

Today is the day, the day to get away. My father is away everyday from 2-2:30 am. So I have to make this quick. "What do I do, where do I go?" I wonder to myself. I look at the time, 2:17am. I take a deep breath, look again, 2:18 am. I quickly packed up my suitcase, packing only a few items. I grab 27 dollars from my fathers room, I know it wont be much, but I can buy food, but what about shelter? Look at the time one last time, 2:23am. "It's Time" I whispered to myself, "Time to live my life. I grab my necklace my mother had given me, and hold its tightly. I took a deep breath and headed for the door.

              I got to the door way, but I saw someone in the window. "HES BACK!" I screamed in my head. I quickly run up stairs hoping he did not see me. "Damn" I thought, "What now?" I slowly start to sweat, pasting back a forth. "KATLYN ILL BE BACK AT 2:45am, I EXPECT THIS HOUSE TO BE CLEAN BY THE TIME I RETURN!" My father said. Then I heard the door slam shut, I watch out my window to see if he left he did. I cant go out the door this time. Since my room is on the bottom floor, I go though there. I grab my bag, and left.

               Since its 2:30 in the morning, I head to the closest store I know in London, there's not many since I never go out. I saw 4 guys standing on the side of the building, I stayed away from them, the gangs here a really bad. I felt my stomach growl, so I went inside to get some food. As I walked into the store a ran into a 5'11 man. "my bad" He said. I slowly look up and the first thing I saw was his beautiful green eyes. He was smirking. "No" I replied, "Its was my fault" He chuckled. "What are you doing out this late ma'am?" he said. "Umm, long story, I think" I said. He started to laugh. "Y-you think im funny?" I said surprised. He took my phone in punched in his number. "Call me sometime, love"  He said as his eyes glittered. "Will do!" I said with a shock. He left the store but he dropped something, it was Nerd Glasses, on the said it said, 'Zayn' He left before I could give them back to him. I texted him to tell him. "Come to my house tomorrow and give them to me xx" he replied. "That's a date lol" I replied. Great. I walk out of the store, and I heard a guy whistle at me. I turn quickly and look, it was a blonde guy from the gang! "You guys are nasty" I replied with a snap. "Your loss, baby" The one with the blonde hair said. I quickly walk away in disgust.  "Now its time to find some place to 'live'.

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