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8. Youtuber!

Imagine for @jdb_is_swaggy
*Your POV*
“Okay, so you guys made me make an Youtube channel, and know I made one, and do you know have embarrassing this is, like I’m sitting talking to a camera” I said a little embarrassed “Anyway, I asked you on twitter what you wanted my first video to be about, and almost all of you said a Boyfriend TAG, so I’m going to do that, Justin will you please come in to the bedroom?” I said, “What’s happening?” Justin asked, “your Beliebers made make an Youtube channel, and they want a boyfriend TAG, so are you in” I asked, “yeah, that sounds funny” he said, he came over to me and sat down beside me, giving my cheek a little peck, “okay, so I’m going to ask you some questions, and if you answer one right, you get a kiss, but if you don’t, you’re going to be whipped creamed” I said, “wait, you’re not going to answer any questions from me?” he asked “nope” I said, “well okay, then I’m just going to answer all of them right” he said confident, “okay, I wrote all of the questions down on my phone.. So where am I born?” I asked, “You’re born in (your hometown)” he said, “well that right” I said giving him a little peck on the lips, “ah, ah a real kiss” he said, I smiled and gave him a ‘real’ kiss, “so, can you say the date?” I asked “yeah, of course, (your birthday)” he said, I gave him a kiss “What’s my favourite basket team?” I asked him “well, mine is Cleveland Cavaliers, so I think that’s yours too” he said with doubt in his voice, I gave him a kiss more “yes!” he said, I let a little giggle out and continued “What about hockey?” I asked “Toronto Maple Leafs, since I’m born in Canada” he said with a cheesy smile, I punched him lightly on the chest, and he made a face “au, baby” he said pouting, I gave him a kiss. “Okay, we are on a date, what do I order to drink?” I asked, “Mostly water” he said “and?” I said “Err, white vine?” he asked, “NOOO, silly diet coke” I said, “oh, yeah that’s right” he said, I took the whipped cream and took some in my hand, Justin closed his eyes really tight, I whipped the cream onto his face, and laughed a little, “can I take it off?” he asked, “no, you have to let it be on your face” I said smiling my cheesy smile, “but, my face is going to be sticky” he complained, “sorry, not sorry” I said ”UGHR” he said, “okay my favourite cake?” I said, “You really like chocolate cake” he said, I kissed him. “Favourite ice?” I said, “Vanilla” he said, I gave him another kiss, wow he was actually really good. “Okay, next, favourite Music, Okay, that’s a silly question” I said “It’s easy, my music” he said. “You’re so right” I said giving him a kiss “Idol, okay, that’s really silly” I said “haha. That’s me, you’ve been a Belieber since 2009” he said, I smiled and kissed him, “Do I collect anything?” “Well, you have a lot of posters of me, and other kind of things with me on it, but otherwise no, I don’t think so” he said, I shrugged my shoulders and kissed him. “My best friend?” I asked “Samantha, Ariana and Demi” he said, “totally” I gave him a kiss more. “Okay, where did we meet?” I asked “EASY, my concert, you were my OLLG” he said, I was about to kiss him, but instead of his lips meet mine, I got whipped cream in my face, “JUSTIN!” I whined I smiled at him and pulled him in for a kiss, “I love you” I said “I love you to”. “Okay, first date?” “It was at Tosca nova in Calabasas” he said, “That’s right, I forgot that” I said a little ashamed and looked down, Justin made me look up again, and he pulled me in for a kiss. “First meet with my parents?” I said. “Oh, I remember that day like it was yesterday, we were in (your hometown) and I remember I didn’t want to go inside, because I was nervous” he said. “Oh yeah I remember. It was my sister who made you come inside, and at the end of the night they loved you” I said, I pulled him in for a kiss. “Do I have any tattoos?” I asked “yes, you have one on your left wrist. One on the side of your right little finger and one on your left ankle” he said, “yeah. But you forgot one” I said, he looked at me, obviously thinking “No, you only have three” he said confused, “Okay is a little cheating, but I got one two days ago, behind my right ear” I said, “What, why?” he asked, “well, I saw your note behind your left ear, and I thought it looked good, so I got one to, just on the other side” I said, “See” I said turning my right side to him “It’s beautiful” He said, I made a cheesy smile and took some whipped cream in my hand and whipped it in his face, he made a weird face and whipped some of it off . “When did we become official?” I asked, “April 6th” he said, I kissed him again, again. “Who wear the pant in the relationship?” I asked, “Well, you have a dress on, so I think it’s me because I have pants on, but you bought them to me, so you” he said, “I agree” I said, I gave him a kiss more. “’m watching television, what do I watch?” I asked Justin “probably Glee or How I met your mother” he said, I smiled and kissed him, well he’s getting a lot of kisses today. “Okay, there no more questions” I said, “Okay, can I ask one?” Justin asked, I nodded slowly and bite my lower lip. “So, I was supposed to ask you this tonight, but I think now is the right time” he said, I looked at him in confusion, “Y/N we’ve been together for three and a half year, and I can’t imagine life without you, you’re the one I love, the one I can come to if I’m hurt, you’re my rock, my everything” he said, he walked over to the nightstand and opened the drawer, he took a red velour box up and walked over to me again, “Y/F/N Will you do me the honour and marry me?” he asked, “OMG, yes, yes, yes, of course, OMG” I said, he got a big smile and opened the velour box, and the most beautiful ring popped up (ring in the picture). He took it out of the box and pulled it on my finger, I jumped in his arms and gave him a big kiss, “you really got a lot of kisses today” I said “Yeah, but this one meant the most” he said, “aww” I said. “Okay, so I think were done now, I hope you liked the video” I said and turned off the camera; I transported the video to Justin’s Mac and uploaded it after. I saw Justin logged on Twitter and wrote something. After 3 minutes my phone vibrated, I turned it on and logged on twitter too ‘Hope you guys like the video, Please tell me if you got surprised’ Justin had written with a link below, I smiled at his tweet and retweeted it, after I logged off Twitter.
“Are you hungry?” I asked Justin, “yeah, come on, I’m going to make us dinner” he said. We walked downstairs and walked into the kitchen, “Spaghetti?” Justin asked “sounds delicious”.
After 40 minutes the spaghetti was done, was both took a plate and some cutlery and walked into the living room, we sat on the couch “I can’t believe, we’re getting married” I said in disbelief “No, but it’s going to be amazing” Justin said “let’s go watch some of the comments on the video” he said right after, he found his Mac and logged on Youtube, “OMG THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED” “OFFICIAL MRS.BIEBER” “SO SWEET” “WHY HER?” “THAT SHOULD BE ME” All kind of comments, many of them were positive and of course some people wrote hate, but that’s how our life’s is. 

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