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2. Wedding!


*your POV*
Today Justin and I are getting married, I'm so excited, I know me and Justin are madly in love with each other.
I'm standing in front of the mirror looking at myself, I have just got my wedding dress on, my mom  and dad came in to me "honey you look beautiful" my mom said "thanks mom, I'm so nervous" I said "I understand, but just be yourself" My dad said. I took a deep breath and looked at my dad "you're ready sweetie?" My dad asked "yeah, just a second" I said, I looked in the mirror one last time; I walked over to my dad. "Ready" I said. We walked over to the door, and walked out. We got to the church, the door opened and the music started, everyone turned their eyes to me, I looked up and saw Justin smiling at me, I smiled back, right now it seems like we were the only one in the world. "I love you" I murmured to him "I love you to" he murmured back, my dad followed me up to the aisle, My dad gave my hand to Justin, I gave him a kiss, "you look beautiful" Justin whispered "thanks, you look handsome" I whispered back, (I don't know what the priest say, so I'm just writing something) "we are here today to bring these to human together in marriage Y/N and Justin please come up to me" the priest said, you walked up to him and he started to speak again "Y/F/N will you take Justin as your husband, through the better and the worst, and to the death separate you from each other?" he asked he, I looked Justin in the eyes "I do" I said smiling "likewise I also ask you Justin Drew Bieber will you take Y/N to your wife, through the better and the worst, and to the death separate you from each other?" The priest asked Justin, Justin looked at me "I do" He said "I know pronounce you as husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride" The priest said, Justin took my veil of, and kissed me, the kiss was full of love and passion. We walked out of the church and a 924 Le Mans was holding outside, Justin knows it's my favourite old car.
We got in and the driver started driving to the reception "So do you like your new last name Mrs Bieber?" Justin asked me "Like it? I love it" I said giving him a kiss “good cause that your last name forever” he said. I smiled at him, just the thought of being Mrs Bieber was amazing, and the thought of our kids getting that name “what are you smiling at?” he asked me confused “I’m smiling at the thought of us getting kids” I said to him, Justin got a really big smile on his face “yeah, we are going to have a lot of kids” Justin said “No Justin, we agreed getting three kids” I said looking at him, “but I want10 kids” he said pouting “NEVER!” I said to him “It’s not you there is going to give birth to them” I said right after “Please baby” he said still pouting “No! I’m not getting that many kids” I said, “What if we get twins?” He asked, “How, there is no twins in my family, and neither in yours” I said, “but don’t you want twins?” he asked “of course, but it’s never going to happen Justin” I said “sorry to interrupt your conversation, but we are at the reception now” the driver said, “thanks, it doesn’t matter, we were done with this conversation” I said to the driver. Justin held the door open for me and I got out.
*Justin’s POV*
We finally got to the reception, I held the door open for my beautiful wife and she got out, and still after all these years she still takes my breath away.
We were eating, when Y/N wanted to say something “Okay so again Hey everybody. So Justin and I have something to announce” She started, I looked at her confused, and what was she talking about? “Or Justin doesn’t know it, but I thought it was a good way to tell it, so on the way over here, Justin and I talked about kids, we both want kids. So in about 6 months there is going to be a little Bieber running around” when she said that I jumped up from the chair “OMG we’re going to have a baby” I said loud enough for everyone to hear it, quickly I pulled Y/N in for a kiss, “OMG I’m going to be a daddy” I said “Justin I’m not done yet” Y/N said, she giggled a little then continued to talk “we also talked about getting twins, and I said to you it was never going to happen, but I lied, we are getting twins, a little girl and a boy” she said, I pulled her in for a tight hug I laid my hands on her stomach “we are going to have twins” I said, now tears were streaming down my cheeks, but I couldn’t care less, we were going to have twins, a boy and a girl, I couldn’t be more happy, it was like the best day ever. Y/N pulled me into a kiss. After we sat down again, I laid my arms around her and kissed her cheek, “when did you find out?” I asked her “remember when I told you I had food poising, because I threw up, well I thought about it and remembered that my period was late, and that we had sex a couple of days before? So I took a test and it came out positive” she said, “I love you” I said to her “I love you to” she said. “Now it’s good that we’re moving to a bigger place” I said, “what did you buy a new house?” she asked me “ups didn’t I tell you, oh well yeah, it’s much bigger, so now they can get a room to themselves” I said “but Justin, the house we have now is big enough, I still can’t find everything, so an even bigger house, do you think that’s a good idea?” she asked me “yeah I think it’s a good idea, because your parents are moving in to the house beside us, and then the kids can run over to them” I said to her “really are they moving to LA?” she asked, she stood up from the chair and walked over to her parents, in the meantime I started talking to Ryan, Ryan was my best man for the wedding, “congratulation Justin” Ryan said “thanks man, it’s big” I said “yeah, I know” he said “Justin can you promise me one thing?” Ryan asked “what is it?” I asked “can you promise me, that when the twins get born I can see them?” he asked “of course, you’re going to be there Uncle Ryan” I said to him “Really, thanks man, it means so much” he said, I pat he shoulder and stood up, I walked over to my mom and dad “Hey mom and dad” I said to them “hey honey, congratulation, I can’t wait to be a grandma” my mom said “Thanks mom, I can’t believe it, but know I understand why she eat so much” I said, mom started laughing along with dad, “Yeah, well me and her mom already knew it, so we understand” Mom said “you knew it? How could you keep it a secret?” I asked “trust me; it was not easy” she said, “son, you have to remember a thing” dad said, I looked at him “and what is dad?” I asked “be a good father, and promise that you’ll stay with them forever, remember when you were born, I were never there because I moved away, I don’t want you to experience that to” dad said “I promise dad, I won’t ever leave them, they are the ones who means the most to me, I can’t let that go” I said to him “good son” he said, he smiled at me, I looked over at Y/N, she was still with her parents, she sat on a chair, and held her hands on her stomach, I smiled at her, and she saw it, she smiled back, and made the *come-over-here* look, and I immediately walked over to her “Hey baby” I said to her, giving her a kiss, I can’t get enough of them, they are so soft, and just kissable “Hey” she said back “So Justin, exited to be a dad” her dad asked me “yeah a lot, and when it’s with your daughter, even more” I said “good” he said “Y/N can I borrow you a minute” her sister asked her, “yeah, I’ll be right back Justin”.
*Your POV*
“I’ll just going to say congratulation, it’s amazing” My sister said with a big smile “Thanks, and yeah it is amazing” I said “But why didn’t you tell me, I’ve been through two pregnancy’s, I could have helped you?” she asked “I wanted it to be a surprise for you two, I know you always wanted to be an aunt, and I know you have been through two pregnancy’s, but I want to do this on my own” I said to her “Okay I understand, and of course I always wanted to an aunt, because it’s you there is going to have the kids, and one last thing, remember I always want to babysit them” she said, I smiled at her, and gave her a hug.
We walked in again, and I went over to Justin, “Baby, it’s time for the cake” I said to him, Justin smiled at me, and got up from the chair. We walked over to the cake, we cut the first peace together, I thought I would be fun to throw some cake on Justin, so I took some in my hand, and made Justin look at me “hey Justin” I said, he turned his head over to me and I threw the cake in his face “oh, you shouldn’t have done that” he said in a threatening voice, I started running, but Justin catch me, he tried to knock me over “ah, ah, remember I’m pregnant, so be careful” I said to him, he stopped and looked at me, he leaned in to kiss, me I did the same, but as our lips were about to touch he threw some cake in my face, I gasped, Justin started laughing, and so did I, I pulled him in to a kiss, full of cake.

 Your wedding dress.

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