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18. Visiting Jeremy, Jazmyn and Jaxon!

Imagine for @_nae_bieber_xox_
“Hey Jeremy” I smiled as I hugged Jeremy. Justin and I were visiting him and the kids in Canada, and since it was winter, it was so freaking cold outside.
“Hey kids, come on in, it’s cold outside” Jeremy said as he let Justin and I in. Justin and Jeremy hugged and then Justin grabbed my hand and together we walked into the living room and greeted the kids.
“Y/N, JUSTIN!” Jazmyn and Jaxon yelled as they got up from the couch and hugged Justin and I.
“Hey” I squealed as I hugged both of them at the same time, “I missed you guys so much!” I told them as I continued to squeeze them.
“We missed you too Y/N” Jazmyn said, then she pecked my cheek and ran over to Justin.
“Y/N, you are my girlfriend, right?” Jaxon whispered in my ear as he continued to hug me.
“Of course” I told him as I winked, Jaxon giggled and then he ran over to Justin to hug him.
After they had hugged, Justin came over to me and wrapped his arm around my waist.
“JUSTIN, STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRLFRIEND” Jaxon yelled as he ran over to me and wrapped himself around my leg.
“What? Y/N is my girlfriend” Justin said as he pecked my cheek, he was going for a kiss on the lips, but I turned my head.
“Hey, what did you do that for?” Justin asked as he pouted,
“I’m Jaxon’s girlfriend, I don’t kiss on other men” I told him as I winked. Justin finally understood and winked back,
“Okay, then I’ll just go be with Jazzy” Justin said as he pouted once again. Jaxon grinned and nodded his head. Then Justin left to go be with Jazmyn and I walked into the kitchen, with Jaxon right behind me, to see if Jeremy needed any help with dinner.
“Do you need any help with dinner?” I asked Jeremy as I picked up Jaxon. Jeremy turned around and shook his head.
“No, you and Justin should go unpack in your rooms” Jeremy smiled,
“Rooms?” I asked him as I furrowed my eyebrows,
“Yeah, we can’t have you sleeping in the same room together, at least not while you’re here” Jeremy smiled, then he turned around and continued making dinner.
“Jaxon, I’ll just go talk to Justin, I will be back in a second” I told Jaxon, then I placed him on the ground and walked upstairs and into Jazmyn’s room.
“Justin, I need to talk to you,” I said as I walked into the room. I was about to say something, when I opened my eyes and saw him wearing a diadem, instantly I started laughing.
“OMG!” I said as I continued to laugh. Justin was quick to remove the diadem from his head and stand up from his seat.
“Jazzy, I will be back in a sec” Justin told Jazmyn, and then he grabbed my hand and dragged me with him into a room I guess was a guestroom.
“What do you wanna talk about?” he asked as he pulled me close, I bite down in my bottom lip and quickly pecked his lips.
“Your dad doesn’t want us to sleep in the same room, so he gave each of us our own room” I told him as I smirked. Justin’s eyes got wide and he started blushing,
“I kinda told him that we went pretty crazy a few nights ago” Justin explained as he looked down,
“So that’s probably why he won’t let us sleep together, but that can’t stop us! I’ll just sneak into your room tonight when the house is quiet” Justin smirked, and then he kissed my lips and grabbed my ass, which made me gasp. Justin took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth. I moaned by the taste of his lips and then I wrapped my arms around his neck. Justin smiled and then he guided me over to the bed. He laid me down and hovered me. Then he deepened the kiss even more and led his hands under my shirt so they came in contact with my bare belly. I gasped by the feeling of his cold fingers running up and down my skin. Justin moved his kisses down to my neck and soon enough he found my sweet spot and started sucking.
“OMG!” I moaned as quiet as I could. “ Justin, we shouldn’t be doing this! Someone could walk in on us any second” I told Justin as I tried to get his head away from my neck,
“No, they think we’re unpacking” Justin smirked as he continued sucking on my neck.
“Are you sure?” I asked him as I moved my hands under his shirt. I started moving it up, so he could take it off. Justin understood my hint and finally his head left my neck. He sat up on top of me and slowly pulled his black T-shirt over his head. I looked at him in pure lust and bite down in my lip. Justin noticed and smirked before leaning down over me, his lips slightly touched mine, but he moved away again and pulled my white hoodie over my head. What a tease!
“Mh, you’re wearing your sexy black Calvin Klein underwear” Justin moaned, as he looked at me with pure lust. I nodded my head, and then I pulled his head down to mine and started kissing his lips again. Justin stopped kissing me and lifted my body, and then he took the covers and covered us.
“Just in case” he winked, then he started kissing on my collarbones, he made his way down to my breasts and his hands made their way onto my back to unclasp my bra, he quickly removed it and started kissing my breasts. We were so into our hot “make out session” that we didn’t even notice Jazmyn coming into the room and going out again, until we heard someone clear their throat. Justin pulled away from my breasts and quickly covered my breasts with his chest.
“DAD! What are you doing?” Justin yelled as he looked at Jeremy. I didn’t dare look at him, so I looked down and started blushing. THIS WAS SO EMBARRASSING!
“Jazmyn noticed you guys practically having sex! See that’s why I wanted you guys to have each your rooms! They’re too young to know anything about this!” Jeremy said as he looked at us. You could easily tell how disappointed he was.
“Get dressed, dinner is ready” Jeremy said after a few minutes of silence then he left the room. He closed the door after him and when he did, Justin started laughing.
“That was so embarrassing!” he laughed. I kept quiet and kept looking down, so when Justin finally noticed, he stopped laughing and instead started hugging me.
“Hey, it’s okay!” he said as he hugged me. I pulled the covers over my chest and shook my head.
“No Justin, can’t you see? We really disappointed your dad,” I told him, as I looked him in the eyes.
“Baby, no we didn’t! He’s just really shocked that we would do it here, while the kids are awake, that’s all! He’s not disappointed in us” Justin smiled as he grabbed my jaw, he kissed my lips and then he continued smiling at me.
“Come on, let’s get dressed and then go get some dinner,” he said, and then he got out of the bed and pulled his T-shirt on. I did the same and then we walked downstairs and actually had an amazing night with the kids and Jeremy, like nothing happened.  


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