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186. The summer of 1956!

It was the summer of 1956 when I met Justin. I had finally finished my second last year in high school so now my family and I were going on a vacation. We would be staying at a family resort, the same one as always, but I loved staying there. I knew the people that worked there, and I had friends that came there, too, but this year was different. To start off I was a year older than last year, but I had also gotten other interest than just sitting around and reading, I wanted to explore the outsides of this city, but unfortunately my dad wouldn't let me, he was very protective. 
It was the first day at the resort, and I was already bored out of my mind. 
"Dad please" I begged my dad. "No Y/N, what if something happens to you?" he asked as he kept reading his paper. "But there won't! Please just trust me" I said. I sat down beside him and folded my hands, then I started pouting. I knew he couldn't stand my pout. "Okay, but you have to be back here before dinner. We are having dinner with Marc and Elisabeth and their son Eric" he said. I sprung up and then I embraced him in a hug. I hurried into my room and went over to my suitcase that I hadn't unpacked yet. I decided to wear a floral skirt with a simple black shirt and a pink cardigan, then I also put on some white sneakers. I grabbed some money from my wallet and found a bag to go with my outfit. 

I went out of my room and said bye to my mom and my dad, then also my little brother. 
"I'll see you guys soon" I yelled, then I left the house and went over to the main part of the resort. I wanted to take the bus into the center of town, but I had no idea when the next one would leave. "Hey, do you know when the next bus to the center of town comes?" I asked the woman behind the desk. "Of course, the next bus will be here in 10 minutes," she told me. I thanked her, then I went out to the bus stop and waited for the bus. As minutes passed more and more people came over to the bus stop, but especially one person caught my eyes. He was dressed in tight black jeans, a black shirt, and a leather jacket. His hair was all greased and behind his ear, he had a cigarette.

He must have felt me staring because a few seconds later he turned his head towards me. He looked me up and down and bit down on his lip. I wrapped my cardigan tighter around my body and looked the other way to see the bus coming. 
I was the first one to get on the bus. I paid for my ticket, then I sat down in one of the seats and looked out of the windows. Soon after I felt someone sit down beside me, which made me turn my head to the left. It was the guy from before. "Hello beautiful, my name is Justin," he said as he reached out his hand. I lightly shook it and smiled at him. "I'm Y/N," I told him, then I turned my head towards the window and watched the cars as we drove by them. "Are you new here because I don't think I have ever seen you before?" Justin asked. I shook my head and turned to look at him. 
"I'm staying at the resort by the bus stop," I told him. "Actually, I have been staying there the last 8 years," I told him. Justin nodded his head and smiled at me. "Well, I'm really glad I got the pleasure of meeting you," he told me. I smiled and thanked him. "Where are you going?" he asked. "I'm just going into town, I've never been there before," I told him. Justin furrowed his eyebrows and chuckled. "So, you've been here the past 8 years, but you haven't seen the town itself?" he asked me. I chuckled and rolled my eyes. "That's about right, but it's because of my dad," I told him. Justin nodded his head, then he pulled out a box of cigarettes, he lit one, then he took a drag of the cigarette and blew out the smoke. I took myself in biting down on my lip because of how sexy he looked. 
"Could I possibly have the pleasure of showing you around?" Justin asked me as we both got off the bus. "Oh, I'm sure you have something more relevant to do than showing me around," I told him as he took another drag. "I actually don't, I mean I was supposed to meet up with my friends, but I would rather show a beautiful girl around" he told me, then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and dragged me with him over to cafe, where I could see some guys sitting, they looked Justin's age, so I guessed it was his friends. "I'll just tell them that I can't hang out, then we'll leave," he told me. I nodded my head, then Justin left and walked over this friends. I looked around at the beautiful city as I waited for Justin to some back, but eventually, I ended up looking at Justin and his friends. There was something about Justin that made him stand out from all of his friends even though they practically all looked the same. Justin started laughing at a comment one of his friends made, which made me smile widely, he looked so good! 
A minute later Justin came back and wrapped an arm around my shoulders again. "Where do you wanna go, beautiful?" Justin asked me as he looked down at me. "Wherever you wanna go," I told him. Justin nodded his head, then he turned left and walked down a street until we reached a bowling center. I covered my mouth and giggled, I had never tried to bowl before. "Oh no!" I whispered to myself, but Justin heard me. "What's wrong?" he asked me, which made me smile, he was so caring! "It's just that I have never tried bowling before," I told him as I looked down at the ground that suddenly seemed very interesting. Justin grabbed my chin and made me look at him. "It's totally fine, we can do something else if you don't want to try," he told me. I shook my head, then I grabbed his hand and dragged him into the bowling center.
Justin turned out to be a real gentleman. He paid for our session and our shoes, even though I insisted on paying for myself. He also helped me tie my shoes, even though it wasn't necessary.                        
I was the first one to bowl, so I grabbed a light ball and went close to the alley and threw the ball, but it immediately went to the brink, which made me pout. I grabbed another ball, and just as I was about to shoot, Justin wrapped his arms around me and held my hand. "Let me help you," he told me. I looked up at him and nodded my head lightly. "Okay, you wanna focus on the pins, and then look at the triangle that is formed right in front of you" he continued, then he threw the ball and it went straight down the middle of the alley and hit all the pins, which created a strike. I squealed and turned around, then I jumped into his arms and hugged him tight. "Thank you so much for helping me," I told him, then I kissed his cheek and let go of him. I sat down and watched Justin create another strike. 
We finished the game, and of course, Justin won, but it didn't bother me, I was proud of myself, and so was Justin. "Wanna grab something to eat? I know a great diner only a mile away" Justin said. I nodded my head and smiled at him. "Are you sure you still want to hang out with me, I mean you don't have to?" I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he lit another cigarette. "How many do you smoke each day?" I asked him as he intertwined our fingers. "Probably about a pack, why are you asking?" he asked me. I nodded my head and shrugged my shoulders. "I was just curious," I told him, then I smiled at him and looked down. 
We arrived at the diner and found a booth in the corner. "Hello, and welcome to Mel's diner," a waitress said as she smiled at us. "What would you like to eat?" she continued. "I'll take a cheeseburger with a strawberry milkshake," Justin told the waitress. "Uh, that sounds good, I'll take that, too," I told her. The waitress nodded her head, then she left us alone. 
As we waited for our food Justin and I just talked, we talked about everything and anything. 
"So, you're originally from Canada, but you moved here because you wanted to become a singer?" I asked Justin as he finished telling me about himself. "Yeah, I'm actually a really good singer," he told me, which made me giggle. "Show me then," I told him. Justin's eyes got wide, but then he smirked and stood up. He went over to the jukebox and found a song, which happened to be "Rock around the clock" by Bill Haley. Justin came back and grabbed my hands, then we started dancing as he beautifully sang the song. "One, two, three o'clock, four o'clock rock, five, six, seven o'clock, eight o'clock rock, nine, ten, eleven o'clock, twelve o'clock rock. We're gonna rock around the clock tonight." he sang. He then twirled me around, which made me blush crazily. After the song finished we sat down. People around us started clapping, which made me hide my face in my hands. I had completely forgotten that people could see us, in my world, it was only Justin and me, it was absolutely perfect! 
After lunch, Justin brought me to the beach. It was kind of chilly so we were practically there all by ourselves. We sat down on the breakwater  and looked at the beautiful view. "Thank you for an amazing day, Justin, it had truly been amazing," I told Justin. Justin found his comb and ran it through his hair, then he put it back in his pocket and wrapped an arm around me. I placed my head on his shoulder and sighed happily. "I'm glad you enjoyed it because I would really love to take you out on a real date someday," he told me. I nodded my head and smiled at him. "I would love to," I told him, then silent replaced our words. The waves had a calm effect on me, and I was about to fall asleep when I realized it was getting late. "What time is it?" I asked Justin as I looked up at him. Justin looked at his watch and then sighed. "It's half past seven," he told me. I immediately sat up straight as my eyes got wide. "Oh no, I was supposed to be home by six!" I told him, then I stood up and handed Justin his jacket. "Thank you for today, but I really need to go now," I told him. Justin stood up, too and grabbed my hand. "Let me follow you back to the resort?" he asked me. I smiled and nodded my head. "That would be lovely," I told him, then Justin intertwined our fingers and followed me back to the resort. "When do I get to see you again?" Justin asked me as we stood outside the resort. "I don't know, I don't think my dad will ever let me leave the resort again," I told him as I pouted. "I'll sneak you out then," he told me, then he grabbed my face and connected our lips in a sweet and innocent kiss. "Sounds good, then I'll see you soon," I told him, I then went inside and turned around to see Justin looking after me. He stayed until I was out of sight, then he left. I went back to my family's house in the resort and went into my room. I sighed happily as I laid down. This had to be the best summer, ever!     
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