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189. The Prince and I - part 1

Today was a completely normal day as all the other days, or so I thought.  
I recently moved to England to study music at the University of Oxford. The school itself was very beautiful and very unique. 
Being in England was still very new to me. Since my parents weren't in need of money they decided to get me an apartment close to the university, which I was very grateful for. But living alone also meant that it was harder to get friends, but I had gotten one. Her name is Charlie, and she is the sweetest, most kind and amazing person in the world! She is also studying music here, which meant we would have most classes together. 
Charlie and I had used the whole day out and about in the city.
We were both in need of an outfit for the social event at the university tomorrow night. We had both gotten amazing outfits, and I couldn't wait to show mine off. I had bought a black dress that went under my knees, but with splits in both sides. I also bought a pair of peep toes in black. 

Charlie, on the other hand, had bought a light purple dress with lace and a pair of white heels to go with.   

Charlie and I had completely different personalities. Charlie liked gold, while I liked silver. Charlie had more experience with guys, not that it's a bad thing because it's definitely not! I was able to learn a lot of things by her mistakes with guys, and by her good choices with guys. 

Tomorrow arrived, which meant the big, social event would be in a few hours, but before I could even consider getting ready I had some homework to finish first. I went down the stairs that was on the edge of my bed. I sat down at my dining table and opened my MacBook, then I opened word and found my newest assignment.  
"Either make a composition of a song that inspires you, or make your own lyrics to a song you intend on finishing for the next assignment." the assignment read. I smiled and found some paper to write on. I already had a song in mind so this assignment wouldn't be hard to fulfill. 
Since I had just gotten out of a relationship a few months ago. I wasn't the one breaking up, Liam was, he had fallen in love with another woman, which broke my heart to pieces since I was still madly in love with him! 
*Pretend that Ariana Grande didn't write "One last Time"*
I had set my alarm to alert me when it was time to get ready because I knew I would get caught up writing lyrics for my new song, "One last Time". I placed my pen beside my paper, then I stood up and went into my kitchen. I took a bottle of water from the fridge. After taking a big sip I went into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I definitely needed to take a shower, so I did. 
After getting out of the shower I heard my phone ring so I went over to it and looked at the ID-caller, it was Charlie. I quickly answered the call and put her on speaker as I went back over to the mirror. 
"Hey," I said letting her know that I was there. 
"Y/N I need your help! I don't know how I should do my hair" Charlie whined. I grabbed my lotion and started rubbing it all over my body. 
"How about curling it and then pull your bangs away from your face by a cute braid?" I asked her. Charlie sighed in relief. 
"Thank you so much! I actually considered putting it up, and you know I never do that!" she told me. I chuckled and nodded my head, it was the truth, Charlie never had her hair up, only when she was at home having one of her regular lazy days. 
"Have you seen the latest assignment we have gotten?" I asked her as I put on a bra along with matching panties. 
"Yeah, but I seriously don't know what I'll do! I have no inspiration for a new lyrics, but at the same time, I don't want to make a composition of a song" she told me. This was so typical Charlie, she never knew what she wanted to do, which made her make her homework at the last minute. 
"I already figured out what I want to do, and I only need a verse more, then I'm done," I told her as I started doing my makeup. 
"Lucky you, you always know what to do," she told me with a laugh. 
At 7 pm I met up with Charlie at her dorm room. I had decided on going with straight hair since I rarely straightened it. 
"Y/N you look beautiful," Charlie said as she greeted me. I smiled and winked at her. 
"Well look at you, you look even more beautiful," I told her, then I hugged her. 
Charlie and I lingered arms as we made our way towards the social event. All students would meet up in the auditorium where our principal and the sponsors of the school would have a talk with us, nothing serious, they already told us that. 
Charlie and I sat down beside Charlie's boyfriend Noah and his friends. 

The event started a few minutes later. The principal was the first person to attend the stage. We all applauded him, which made him smile. 
"Good evening everyone, I'm glad so many of you showed up at this very special event. Tonight we got the pleasure of welcoming a new sponsor of this school. He is bound to be king in a matter of years, so please show our new sponsor, the prince of England, Justin Bieber a warm applause. 
My eyes opened wide as I started clapping along with the others. The prince made his way on stage and smiled widely as he looked around. The principal bowed and so did the rest of the people on stage. 
A man handed the prince a microphone, which he gladly accepted. 
"Thank you" he started off saying. "It's a true pleasure to be standing here, on this stage in front of so many intelligent people" he continued. "This school means a lot to me, because as you all may know I graduated from here two years ago with a major in music". All music students erupted in cheers, which made him smile widely. Even I cheered in though I was in pure shock! I had always had a huge crush on the prince, and I have to admit that I, ever since I was little, had dreamed of becoming the queen of England someday, but of course that dream vanished as I got older, but I never got over my crush on the prince. 
I don't think I heard the rest of the speech, but I got out of my trance as everyone around me started clapping. 
Half an hour later we were given permission to leave the auditorium to go into the next room. 
Charlie and I made our way over to a corner, where her boyfriend met us. 
"Wanna go dance?" Noah asked Charlie. Charlie looked at me like she needed my permission? 
"Why are you looking at me like that? Go dance with your boyfriend" I told her, then I pushed both of them onto the dancefloor. 
I kept standing in the corner sipping of my drink as I watched the lovebird's dance until someone made their way over to me. I looked at the person and realized it was the prince, which made me pitch. 
"Stop doing that, I don't like it when people do that," the prince told me as he helped me up. I was speechless, was he really standing in front of me? Let alone talking to me???!  
"I'm sorry your highness," I told him as I looked at the floor. The prince shook his head and started laughing which made me blush like crazy! 
"Please call me Justin," he told me as he made me look at him. 
"Okay, Justin," I said as I smirked, where did that confidence come from? 
"What's your name, beautiful?" he asked me as he crossed his arms over his chest. 
"Y/N," I told him. The prince, I mean Justin started grinning widely, which made me raise an eyebrow. 
"You're that girl everyone is talking about," he told me. I shook my head and smiled lightly. 
"Nah, no one is talking about me," I told him. 
"Aren't you the girl with the song "Tattooed Heart"?" he asked me. 
"Wait, everyone knows about that song?" I asked him. 
"Are you crazy? All of England knows that song plus some of your other songs, too" he told me. My eyes got wide, and I covered my mouth.  
"Those songs were never supposed to be released!" I told him. Justin's smile turned into a frown, and his eyebrow raised. 
"Why not? You have a beautiful voice, and besides everyone is waiting for new music" he told me. I gulped and rubbed my face. 
"OMG," I mumbled to myself. I was now finally realizing what Justin had just told me. All of England was liking my music! 
"I was actually hoping to get to talk to you tonight, but I just didn't know what you looked like since there are no pictures of you," Justin told me. 
"Seriously? What did you want to talk to me about?" I asked him as I smiled. 
"Well, as you know I also write and sing music, too," he told me. I nodded my head, I always listened to his music, it always inspired me. 
"Well, I'm currently working on a song called "What do you Mean", and I was wondering if you would like to be featured in the song?" he asked me. My eyes got wide, and I was quick to answer. 
"I would love to," I told him. Justin smiled widely, then he shook my hand and winked at me. 
"I better get back to others, but perhaps I could get your phone number, and then I'll contact you first thing tomorrow?" Justin asked. I nodded my head, then he found his phone, unlocked it, and then handed it to me. I quickly typed in my number and gave him his phone back, then he locked it and put it back in his pocket. 
"It was nice meeting you, Y/N," he told me, then he placed a kiss on my cheek and left. 
Immediately Charlie and Noah came over to me with huge grins playing on their faces, well mostly Charlie's face, but you could tell Noah was also excited. 
"Y/N tell me everything! What did he talk to you about?" Charlie said, then she dragged me towards some chairs and made me sit down. 
"Well first of he told me that everyone around England loves my music, which I didn't know because none of my music was supposed to slip out," I told her. Charlie looked at me with wide eyes, then she gulped and looked down. 
"You released my music?!" I furiously asked her as I stood up. Charlie nodded her head lightly and continued to look down. 
"I thought you deserved recognition for all your amazing songs," she told me, she then looked up at me waiting for me to yell at her, but when I didn't yell at her, she got confused. 
"Why aren't you yelling?" she asked me, "Aren't you mad at me?" she continued. 
"Yes I'm mad, but at the same time, you kinda did me a favor", I told her. Charlie furrowed her eyebrows and looked at me weirdly. 
"What do you mean by that?" she asked. 
"Justin asked me to be featured in one of his new songs," I told her. 
"Justin? As in the prince?!" she asked loudly as she stood up. I nodded my head repeatedly, then I embraced her in a big hug. 
"OMG, this is so amazing!" she told me. I nodded my head, then I pulled away from her and sat down. 
"So, what is the song called?" she asked me. 
"What do you Mean," I told her. Charlie rolled her eyes. 
"I meant, what is the name of the song," she told me. I chuckled and nodded my head. 
"I know what you meant, the songs name is What do you Mean," I told her. Both Charlie and I started laughing, especially I laughed, Charlie felt embarrassed. 
"Aww, don't be embarrassed, everybody makes mistakes," I told her, then I embraced her. 
"You're right, but seriously, you're going to make a song with the prince! That's so crazy!" Charlie squealed, and in the end, I joined her.  

*The next day*
I woke up around 10am with a minor headache because of the alcohol I had been drinking last night, but usually, the headaches were worse. I turned over and grabbed my phone on the nightstand only to see 3 missed calls from an unknown number. I furrowed my eyebrows and decided to call the number back. 
"Hello?" someone said as they picked up the phone. 
"Hello, my name is Y/N, I can see that you have been trying to get in contact with me," I told the person. 
"Oh, Y/N hello, it's Justin, I'm glad you called me back," Justin said. I immediately smiled and sat up in bed. 
"I was actually just calling to hear if you were doing anything special today?" he asked me. 
"I'm not doing anything, why?" I asked him. 
"Well I was wondering if you were in the mood for a studio session today?" he asked. 
"Of course, what studio?" I asked him. 
"I'll get a car to pick you up at 11, would that be okay?" he asked me. 
"Of course," I said. 
"Great, then I'll see you there," he told me, he then was about to hang up, but I said something before he could. 
"Don't you need my address?" I asked him. 
"Y/N, I'm the prince of England, I practically know everything about everyone," he told me, then he hung up. I chuckled to myself, and then I went into my bathroom to get ready for the studio session with Justin.    


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