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185. Proposal - at home

Imagine to EVERYONE! 
Justin and I had decided to take a day off to simply just be at home. It had been so long since I had last done our laundry, so I decided to use the day on that as Justin ended up using his day in his little studio at home. 
I had gradually done almost all our laundry, so I decided to go check up on Justin. 
"Hey baby, do you have any clothes you would like to get washed?" I asked Justin. Justin looked up from his computer and nodded his head. 
"Yeah, I would like these pants washed," he told me, then he stood up and pulled off his pants. He handed them to me, then he pecked my lips and sat down again. 
"I'm soon done, how about we go catch a movie afterward?" I asked him. 
"Sounds great," he told me. I nodded my head, then I turned around and left the room.  
I went back into our laundry room and put the last colored clothes into the washing machine, I lastly checked Justin's pants to make sure his phone or keys were in his pockets. Fortunately, they weren't, but I did find something else, I found a small box in his right pocket. The box wasn't big, it was the size of a ring box. I looked around and made sure Justin wasn't watching, then I opened the box and gasped loudly. Inside the box was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. The ring was very simple and elegant, but it also had a huge diamond on it. I bit down on my lip and closed the box, then I put Justin's pants into the washing machine and turned it on. Afterward, I decided to go back to Justin's studio to give him the ring. I tiptoed into the studio and over to him, then I wrapped my arms around his neck from behind so that he was able to see the box. 
"I thought you might want this back" I whispered in his ear, then I pecked his earlobe and gave him the box. I unwrapped my arms as Justin turned around in his chair. 
"Where did you get this from?" he asked me, then he gulped loudly. 
"It was in your pants," I told him as I smirked, then I went out of the room and closed the door behind me, and when I was far away from the room I started squealing. I couldn't believe that he would actually think about proposing to me!!! 
Soon after Justin came running towards me, and might I add that he was still only wearing boxers and a tight black t-shirt? 
"Did you see what was inside the box?" he asked me with wide eyes. I lightly nodded my head as I smiled, which made Justin groan. 
"It was supposed to be a surprise!" he whined, which made me smile.
"If it helps, then it actually was a surprise," I told him as I walked over to him. I stood on my toes and wrapped my arms around his neck, then I pulled him even closer so we stood nose to nose. Justin wrapped his arms around waist, then he pecked my lips. 
"I have been trying to find the right moment to propose, but either we got interrupted, or it just didn't feel right," Justin told me. I awed and started caressing his small hair on his neck. 
"For me it doesn't matter when or where you propose, heck I wouldn't even care if you did it here, I mean the most place to propose would be here at home, where we both feel safe and secure," I told Justin without even thinking. I immediately put a hand over my mouth as I realized what I had just said, but Justin just giggled, then he let go of me and got down on one knee. He opened the box and looked up at me, then the 4 words I had longing to hear my whole life left his mouth "Will you marry me?". 
"Yes," I whispered, then I jumped into his arms, but I made sure he would catch me. Justin hugged me tight, then he placed the beautiful ring on my finger. 

"Seriously, I believe this is the most romantic proposal, ever!" I told Justin with a chuckle, then I pulled him closer and placed my lips on top of his. 
Justin giggled, then he wrapped my legs around his waist. He slowly started making his way into our shared bedroom. He gently placed me on our bed and hovered over me, then he pulled away so we could catch our breaths. Justin then pulled his shirt over his head and leaned over me again. I lightly moaned as Justin started sucking on my sweet spot. Unfortunately for us, someone rang our bell, which made Justin sigh. 
"Cóckblock" he mumbled, then he got up and started walking downstairs. But before he went downstairs he grabbed a pair of pants and pulled them on, he didn't bother to put on his shirt, which made me smile. A minute later I went downstairs, after of course fixing my hair and my clothes. 
"Hey guys," I said as I realized the squad was here. 
"OMG," Kendall said, then she stood up and came over to me. She grabbed my hand and pulled it towards her face. 
"You two got engaged?!" She squealed, which made everyone look at us with wide eyes. I looked over at Justin and smiled widely. Justin then nodded his head, which made everyone squeal loudly. 
"When did this happen?" Khalil asked as he smirked. 
"Actually not even half an hour ago," I told him as I went over to Justin and wrapped my arms around his waist. 
"What?!" Hailey gasped. "Did we ruin something?" she asked, which made me chuckle. 
"For your information you are all cóckblocks," he told her. Khalil and Za started laughing loudly as I blushed. Justin awed and grabbed my face. He turned around so that we stood face to face, he then started singing his remix of "One Dance" by Drake. 
"Lips on your neck... We're never too close now never like you and me. I don't know your name, but I'm sure that you know me. A little life with the music, the feeling is mutual. Loving the way you move on me, skin so soft, hands on my face to be directed. And you're all that I can see.  You give the baddest one in here a run for their money, and when this song comes on (you know!)" he sexily sang as we started dancing. The squad started singing along and started dancing with us, but I was too caught up to notice. All I focused on was Justin and his beautiful, brown eyes. Sadly the song ended sooner than expected, and soon after I was pulled away from Justin by Hailey and Kendall. 
"So, how did he propose?" Kendall asked as we all sat down on the couch. Surprisingly the guys were also interested in knowing how Justin proposed, so I started telling them the story. 
"Aw, that was fücking romantic!" Hailey said as she grabbed my hand. 
"Yeah, that's what I told Justin," I told her as I looked at Justin, my fiance. 
"I really like the fact that you found the ring, it was like you were supposed to find it," Za said, which made me furrow my eyebrows. 
"You planned that?" I asked Justin. Justin shook his head and gulped. 
"Nah, it was an accident, but a really great accident," he told me, then he mentioned for me to come over to him, which made me stand up. He placed me on his lap and wrapped his arms around me and grabbed my hand. 
"Do you like the ring?" he asked me. I looked down at him with wide eyes. 
"Are you kidding me?"I asked him, Justin nodded his head as he kept a serious look on his face. "I freaking love the ring, you have no idea how beautiful it is!" I told him, which made him smile widely. 
"Really?" he asked. 
"Really," I told him, then I attached our lips in a sweet kiss. 
"Aww, come on guys, we better leave these lovebirds alone, they clearly need some time on their own"  Khalil said, then they all stood up as Justin and I continued to make out. I placed a leg on each side of Justin, then both him and I waved goodbye to the squad as we continued making out. As soon as we heard the door close, Justin immediately picked me up and walked upstairs, where we once again started making out. He once again placed me on the bed and started kissing my neck as he pulled down his own pants. I moaned loudly when the doorbell rang once again. Justin angrily stood up and walked over to our window. 
"Fück you guys" he yelled out of the window, then he closed it and went back to me. 
"It was just Za and Khalil messing with us," he told me, then he pulled my shirt over my head and started kissing in between my boobs.         

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