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1. Pregnant!

*Your POV*

Could it really be true, how could I be pregnant? I was in the bathroom looking at the pregnancy test there were laying on the table saying positive. I heard Justin walking in through the door, but I was in a really big shock to notice. He came over to me kissing my cheek, without noticing the test, but he turned to the mirror and looked down at the test. He looked back at me "YN is this real, are we going to be parents?" he asked "Yeah" I just said "OMG I'm going to be a father, OMG I can't believe it" He screamed and jumped around, I got a big smile, I didn't thought he would be this happy, I mean we are both only 19, and yeah with his job, how could we work that out. "Hey are you okay?" Justin asked when he saw my frown, "yeah it just came in a shock" I said, "but we are going to work it out!" Justin said. "Yeah, but what about your job?" I asked "I have a year of, so it's no problem" he said which made me smile. Of course we are going to work it out, "come here" Justin said, I walked over to him, he pulled me in to a hug, he kissed my forehead. he got down on his knees, and took my shirt above my breast, "hey baby, I’m your daddy and I love you so much, I can't wait to see you" He said, he made smile, and it was the best.
*8 months later*

Justin and I got the news about getting a Babyboy, "ugh I hate this, why can't you just come out now!" I said to my baby bump, Justin saw me talking to it and started laughing "talking to him again?" he asked me "yeah, I just want him to come out, so I can be a normal size again" I said " Hey Y/N you are beautiful, and I love you no matter what, you're just a tiger who deserved her stripes" he said "it's not that, he is so heavy, and my back just hurts so much, I can't feel my feet’s" I said "come here sweetie, he comes out soon, what do you want to name him?" he asked "I thought about William Jason Bieber, but I don't know" I said " I like that, and do you know I like even more?" he asked "what?" I asked "you" he said kissing me "I love you, do you know that" I asked him "Hm, and I love you" he said, "come on, my mom is coming over, so what about you go up and take a shower to get relaxed, then I make some food" he said "Okay, see you in a bit" I said. I walked into the bathroom; I turned the shower on, and waited for it to be warm. I started undressing and when the water was warm I got in, it was so relaxing, I took my shampoo and started washing my hair, after I took the conditioner, after I got out and took my towel and dried myself. After I took some skinny jeans on and one of Justin’s t-shirts, I couldn't fit my own shirts because of my stomach.

I walked downstairs and I could smell Spaghetti, I love spaghetti. When Justin saw me, he came over to me and kissed me "are you okay now?" he asked "yeah, it was nice" I said "good, mom is on the way, and she can't wait to see your baby bump, it's been much bigger since she saw it last time" he said, "yeah a lot, and I can say, I’m not going through this again" I said "of course you are, we are going to have 7 kids more" he said "Never Justin, it's not you who’s going to have the baby in your stomach for 9 months" I said "Please baby, can't we at least get 2 more" he said pouting, "maybe, but not for at least 3 years" I said Stern "Okay, I can't wait" he said smiling.

There was a knock on the door, so Justin and I walked to the door, "Hey Pattie" I said "OMG Hey, you got so big" she said,  "oh no not in that way" she said right after "I know what you mean, and yeah I got so big, and my back hurts" I said, "Yeah I know, I felt the same way with Justin" she said, you took your hand to your stomach because he started kicking, "OMG not again" I said "what’s happening?" Pattie asked a little nervous, "he is kicking, and when he first get started, he don't stop preliminary" I said "can I feel?" Pattie asked "of course, let’s go in to the living room, because I really need to sit down" I said, Pattie and Justin started laughing "you're so lazy baby" Justin said, I just send him a glare, he stopped immediately, we walked in to the living room, and I sat down, Pattie planted her hands on my stomach, he kicked, and I could see that Pattie soon started crying, but of course happy tears. "He likes to kick" she said after a little time "yeah, especially at night" I said, "yeah, Justin did that to" she said, we laughed a little, Justin came in to us “Hey ladies, dinner is ready” he said “Gard, I’m so hungry” I said, Pattie and Justin started laughing again, “What?” I asked looking at them, “it’s just you’re always hungry” Justin said, he was still laughing “well I’m eating for two, so I can’t see what’s funny” I said stern, “Come here, I’m sorry, I know it’s hard for you, and again I’m sorry” Justin said, I smiled and Kissed him “it’s Okay, I love you” I said, “aww, you two are too cute, you are perfect for each other” Pattie said, I smiled at her, and walked in to the dining room, I sat down, so did Justin and Pattie.
After dinner, we moved in to the living room and we just sat there talking, but suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and something wet on my legs “ouch!” I said, immediately Justin turned his attention over to me “What’s happening?” he asked “My stomach hurts so much” I said almost crying, “err, mom what do I do?” he asked Pattie, “we have to get her to the Hospital” Pattie said, then Justin’s eyes got wide “OMG she in labour” Justin almost screamed, he helped me op from the couch and got me in the car, I got labour pain, and screamed, “Shh, it’s okay, we are at the hospital soon” he said, Pattie sat in the backseat rubbing my shoulders “Please hurry up, it hurts” I said.
When we got to the hospital, we got in “My girlfriend is in labour, help” Justin yelled, a doctor helped me in to a room.
After 8 hours I finally gave birth to our Babyboy, “what is his name?” the doctor asked “William Jason Bieber” Justin answered, “okay” the doctor said, he gave me William, I could see Pattie came in to the room, she had already happy tears running down her cheeks “Hey Pattie, say Hallo to William Jason Bieber” I said “aw, hey William” She said taking his hand, Justin took a picture of us, “aw see mom, can I lay it on Instagram?” he asked, “of course sweetie” she said, Justin came over to me, he kissed my forehead and showed me the picture, I smiled at him, and kissed his cheek, “look he has your eyes” I said to Justin, William’s eyes were Hazel just like Justin’s, “yeah, just like you whished” he said, it was true, I always wanted him to have Justin’s eyes. “Y/N and Justin you have visitors” the doctor said, in through the door, Jeremy, Jazmyn, Jaxon and my parents came, “hey guys” I said “hey” they all said quietly “say hallo to William Jason Bieber” I said, Jazmyn and Jaxon came over to me “see in a year you are going to run around with him, but right now he’s too little” I said to them, they nodded, and walked over to Jeremy “Hey honey, are you okay?” my mom asked me “yeah, but I’m tired” I said “Okay, we have to go again, but we are coming over tomorrow, okay” she said “yeah” I said back, they left, Jeremy came over to me, “he is beautiful” he said, “yeah, he has Justin’s eyes” I said admiring my son, Justin came over to us, “You done a pretty good job son” Jeremy said “haha, I agree, I’m so good, luckily there is coming more of them” he said, both of Pattie and Jeremy looked at me, “but first in a couple of years, so right now we have our son, and we have to raise him first” I said, Pattie smiled, “I’m just glad you can get kids” she said, “Yeah, me to”.

This is William Jason Bieber

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