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6. Pregnant 2!

Imagine for
*Your POV*
“congratulations it’s a girl” the doctor said, I’m pregnant and right now Justin and I are at an appointment, I looked at Justin, he smiled, “I’m going to have two princesses” he said “so, can we start making the baby room now?” I asked him, “yeah, we can” He said, I dried of the gel, “Thank you” I said to the doctor and gave him my hand, Justin did the same and then we walked out of the door.
“So, do you want to buy the things for the room now?” Justin asked “yeah, I can’t wait anymore” I said, Justin lifted me up in bridal style and twirled me around, I screamed of laughter “think about it, I’m going to have two princesses” He said looking at me in lust, I took my arms around his neck and gave him a kiss, “now, set me down, I’m really heavy and thick” I said, “never say that about yourself, you’re not heavy and you’re not thick” he said looking in to my eyes, I gave him a peck on the lips, and then hopped down from his arms. “Come on, I can’t wait anymore” I said smiling really big “Okay, come on then” he said, we walked to the car and Justin helped me in “Thanks” I said, he leaned down to me and gave me a kiss, he walked over to his side and got in.
We drove to the mall and got to a baby shop with all kind of things for the baby. “Okay, so what are we going to get?” Justin asked, “Well, a bed, changing table, changing bag, toys, clothes, a dresser, diapers, dummy’s, nursing bottles, a breast-feed chair and other stuffs, you know” I said to him “that was a lot of stuffs” Justin said looking at me in shock, “yeah, I know, but it’s important” I said to him, he smiled a took my hand, we found a shopping cart and started to look around, “what about this bed?” I asked Justin, the bed was white and was just really beautiful “I like it, it looks cosy” he said, “great, then that’s the bed we’re going to buy” I said to him, after looking around for all the things for an hour we found what we needed “Okay, we can go home now” I said to Justin, Justin thought it was boring buying baby things, me I was totally opposite, I loved it. We payed and went home.
When we got home, I took some of the boxes and started walking to the door “What are you doing?” Justin asked me, “I’m just taking some of the boxes” I said like it was the most obvious thing in the world, “You’re not going to take any of these, you’re pregnant and I don’t want anything to happen to you” he said, he took the boxes from me, “Justin baby, I can carry some of them, and I’m not going to be hurt, it’s just some boxes” I said to him, “No Y/N! I’m not going to let you, at the first appointment the doctor told you that when you were 4 months pregnant you couldn’t lift anything, so we are listening to the doctor” he said looking me into the eyes, “okay, but I can help making the room, right?” I asked him pouting, “”you can help me painting the walls” he said, “OMG Justin, we forgot to buy some paint” I said freaking out, “no, I already did that” he said smiling “But you didn’t know which gender she would be” I said, “I had a feeling, so I bought some pink” he said, “I love you” I said to him “I love you to, now get in and make yourself some tea while I take these boxes” Justin said “but..I.” I started but Justin interrupt me “No, you inside now” he said, “okay” I said pouting, I pretended to be mad, and made some heaving steps. I made some tea, and sat in the couch in the living room, I could see Justin walking up and down the stairs, I wish I could have helped him, but he was right, I couldn’t help him because of this stomach.
After half an hour Justin came in to me, he sat down beside me, breathing really heavy, “someone is breathless” I said to him, “well yeah, there were a lot of boxes” he said, he laid he’s head on my lap and turned to my stomach, he lifted my shirt a little so he could see my it, “hey baby, I love you my little princess, I can’t wait to see you, I love you and your mommy a lot” he said and kissed it, “thank you” he said, “for what?” I asked confused, “thank you for making me the happiest man alive, and for giving me this beautiful girl in 5 months” he said, and since I have a lot of hormones I started crying, “No Y/N, please don’t cry” he said sitting up, “Justin, it’s just the hormones” I said laughing a little “oh, yeah right, phf I knew that” he said laying down again, “ of course you knew that” I said sarcastic, “hey don’t be sarcastic to me” Justin said pouting, “aww, I love you” I said, “I love you to” he said. I laid my hands on my stomach and leaned back in the couch, but then I could feel something, I could feel it again, OMG she’s kicking, “Justin, lay your hands on my stomach” I said to him, he looked at me confused, but he did it, then she kicked again, “OMG, she’s kicking” he said smiling really big, “yeah” I said, she kicked again, I started laughing of happiness, how could I be this lucky?

*A week later Justin’s POV*
It’s amazing how lucky I was, Chloe had been kicking a lot, yes we already decided a name, and we both love it.
Today Y/N and I are going to make her room, I have the most perfect idea, I told Y/N that I’m going to make the room while she’s out with my mom, ever since we told mom that Y/N were pregnant she had decided that she was coming over a lot more, since it was her grandchild, and she never thought she would get any, but she thought wrong, and she’s not only going to have one grandchild, no Y/N and I are at least having five more, I know it’s a lot, but I can’t control myself, Y/N is the best thing that ever happened to me, and now I get a little copy of her, I smiled at the thought.
I started painting, when there was a knock on the door, I walked downstairs and opened it, “Hey bro, you need any help” It was Alfredo, “yeah, that would be great” I said “come in” I said to him, I gave him a bro hug and then walked upstairs, he followed me. “Okay so, the room is going to be pink, but not too much, the walls is going to be brown, so it’s only the furniture’s there’s going to be pink” I said to him, “okay, then let’s get started” he said. After 5 hours the room were done, I looked around pleased with it. I heard the door open and Y/N’s gentle voice could hears, “hey Justin baby, I’m home” she yelled, “I’m in the baby room” I yelled back, I could hear her steps coming up towards us, “hey baby” I said to her, I gave her a kiss, it turned in to a make out session, what could I say, I’ve missed her lips, “oh, guys, I’m still here” Alfredo said, we pulled apart and Y/N looked over at Alfredo, “hey Fredo, I didn’t saw you, sorry” she said, Alfredo began pouting,  “aww, stop it, I’m sorry” she said and hugged him, they pulled apart, “okay, I’m going downstairs to fix something to eat” Y/N said, Alfredo started laughing, “what?” Y/N asked, “Well, you really are pregnant” he said, “what do you mean by that?” she asked “ A pregnant woman always eats” he said, she turned her head towards me, she send a smile with a wink telling me to play with, I smiled and nodded, “Okay, so what, I’m pregnant” she said and walked out of the room, “man, now you made her mad” I said to him, “shit” he said, he ran down the stairs and tried to find Y/N, I walked downstairs to, “Y/N I’m so sorry, it was not my meaning to hurt you” he said, I could see tears running down her cheeks, she’s such a good actor “well, that’s how I understood it, just because I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I don’t eat” she said, “I know, I’m so sorry” he said, “How do you think it is, how do you think it is to carry on a child for fucking 9 months?” she asked “I…..I don’t know” he said, suddenly Y/N started laughing. “OMG Fredo, you should’ve seen your face!” she said out of breath, “You just pulled a prank on me?” he asked, “Yeah, It was so funny” she said, I started laughing to, I went over to Y/N and gave her a hug. “Sorry Fredo” both of us said, “it’s okay, just please don’t make me so scared again” he said, “we promise” we both said, Y/N turned her head to me, she pulled me in to a kiss, I asked for permission and she let me in, we pulled apart and smiled at each other. 


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