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75. Part 3 of @__Tu__flaca0415's imagine!

Part 3 of @__Tu__flaca0415 ‘s imagine.
* Justin’s POV *
How could this happen? How could everything just go from being perfect to the pure hell?
It had been 2 hours since Y/N blacked out, and I hadn’t heard anything from any of the doctors or the nurses. I was sitting outside Y/N’s room with our newborn son in my arms, Liam was pure perfection, yeah I had decided to name him Liam, since he looked like a Liam, and both Y/N and I liked the name. Now and then a tear would slip down my cheeks, I really couldn’t imagine Y/N not being able to see our son grow up. Suddenly Doctor Evans came out of Y/N’s room and sat down beside me in one of the chairs.
“How is she doing?” I asked him, doctor Evans sighed and looked down.
“They’re doing their best” he explained, I nodded my head and gulped as I looked down at Liam.
“Did Y/N ever tell you about her disease?” Doctor Evans suddenly asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“What disease?” I asked him as I pulled Liam closer to me, Liam was sleeping at the moment, and he dad lots of warm clothes on.
“She got diagnosed with this disease, when she was about 3 months pregnant. The disease would make her die, when she would give birth, if she didn’t choose to get an abortion” he explained, my eyes got wide, and I quickly looked down at Liam.
“But will you be able to save her?” I quietly asked doctor Evans as tears ran down my cheek.
“Right now the chances are big, so hopefully yes” he explained with a small smile, I nodded my head and looked down at Liam who was slowly waking up.
“I don’t know, what I will do without Y/N” I told him, doctor Evans nodded his head, then he smiled and looked down at Liam.
“He’s adorable” doctor Evans said as he looked down at Liam, I nodded my head and smiled,
“Yeah, he looks just like a mixture of Y/N and I, he’s perfect,” I told doctor Evans. I was about to say something, when a nurse suddenly came out of Y/N’s room.
“Y/N is alive now, and she is perfectly fine” the nurse smiled, I quickly stood up and smiled widely, my princess was okay!
I walked into the room with Liam in my arms. Y/N was sleeping peacefully, and I could see she was breathing. I sighed and sat down in the chair beside her, then I grabbed her hand and placed Liam’s hand in it, then I locked my own hand around it and smiled.
Liam was fully awake now, and I think he was getting hungry; luckily the midwife was still in the room.
“Mary, do you have something I can give Liam? He is getting hungry” I asked Mary, Mary smiled and nodded her head, then she went out of the room to find some breast milk substitute. Suddenly Y/N started moving and groaning, I quickly pressed the red button to make sure she was okay. Doctor Evans was in the room half a minute later.
“What’s wrong?” he asked me, I smiled and pointed over at Y/N who was still moving.
“Is she already waking up?” he asked me as he furrowed his eyebrows, I furrowed my eyebrows too, and suddenly I got really concerned.
“Isn’t that a good thing?” I asked him, I could feel the big knot from before was growing big again.
“It is, it’s amazing” he told me and suddenly the big knot was gone again. Finally Y/N opened her eyes and looked around, she tried to sit up, but doctor Evans held her down.
“Good morning Y/N, how are you feeling?” he asked her as he smiled, Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and looked around until her eyes hit me, she continued to look at me and then a big smile formed on her beautiful lips.
“I’m good, I just have a huge headache” she explained as she continued to look at me, I smiled widely, then I grabbed her hand and placed it on top of Liam’s, Y/N hurried to look down and then her smile grew even bigger.
“Is he mine?” she asked me, I nodded my head and looked down at Liam.
“This is Liam,” I told her, then I handed her Liam. Y/N smiled widely and placed Liam on his back in her arms. Liam smacked his lips and grabbed Y/N shirt.
“Is he hungry?” she asked me; I nodded my head and stood up from my seat to lie down beside her.
“He is, but Mary is already making him a bottle” I told her,
“Perfect” Y/N whispered, then she gently caressed Liam’s cheek and lifted him up to her face, then she placed a gently peck on his forehead.

* Your POV *
I still have no idea on what happened, but that didn’t matter at the moment, the only thing that mattered to me was Justin and Liam. I can’t believe I was finally able to hold him in my arms, he was pure perfection, and of what I could see, he was perfect mixture of Justin and I. Suddenly Mary came into the room with a bottle in her hand.
“Y/N, are you finally awake?” she asked me as she smiled widely, I nodded my head and smiled too.
“That’s amazing, we thought we had lost you” she said, I furrowed my eyebrows, then I looked up at Justin who was nodded his head.
“What happened?” I asked them as I got the bottle from Mary.
“You were dead for about 2 hours” Justin quietly explained, my eye got wide and I gulped harshly.
“Are you serious?” I asked him, my eyes were getting watery, but I didn’t want to cry! I wanted to be happy, happy about still being on this earth and happy about finally having my own family.
“I’m serious! I really never thought, you would be able to experience Liam grow up” Justin explained, I sighed and smiled at Liam who was still eating.
“Well I’m glad I will be able to” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he wrapped an arm around my shoulders and kisses my forehead.
“I’m glad you will be able to too” he explained with a smile, then he leaned down and placed his lips on top of mine.

A week later we were able to go home. The doctors wanted to make sure both Liam and I were completely fine and nothing would happen to us, and luckily we were both fine, and I really just couldn’t wait to come home.
Throughout the week my parents, my sister, my brother, Justin’s mom, his dad and his siblings had visited us, they all knew about the terrible accident, and almost all of them started crying, when Justin told them about it. Jazmyn and Jaxon couldn’t really understand any of it, which I’m glad they couldn’t.
Actually the rest of the world knew it too, Justin had posted a photo on Instagram, and in Twitter about our son and my sudden dead, and of course there were different reactions to it, some were glad I died, and some were glad I survived.
Justin parked our car in our driveway, he hurried to get out, and then he ran over to my side in the back and opened the door for me. I thanked him, then I got out, then Justin grabbed Liam in his carrycot. We had been by Pattie’s house before we went home to pick up Esther. Hopefully Esther would be sweet to Liam, but I didn’t have my doubts.
I opened the door to the passenger seat in the car, and then I picked up Esther and carried her inside the house, where Justin had already unlocked the car.
As I got inside Esther ran into the house, and Justin placed Liam on the floor, then he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, he smiled and looked down at me with those loving and caring eyes.
“How are you feeling baby?” he asked me as I wrapped my arms around his neck. I smiled widely and got onto my tiptoes.
“I’m feeling perfectly fine, Justin. No need to worry about me,” I told him, and then I laid my lips on top of his. But the kiss didn’t last long, because suddenly Liam started crying, I smiled and pulled away from Justin, then I went over to Liam and picked him up.
“What’s up Mommy’s boy?” I asked him as I placed his head on my shoulder, I started rocking back and forth, and suddenly Liam stopped crying. I pulled him away from my shoulder and looked at him, he had a small smile playing on his lips.
“Wanna see your new room baby?” I asked him, then I grabbed Justin’s hand and walked upstairs, Esther was right behind us. Justin and I used an hour on showing Liam around in the house, but before the tour ended Liam was fast asleep on my shoulder with a smile on his face.        


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