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101. Part 2 of @Y_rioss175's imagine!

Part 2 of @y_rioss175 ‘s imagine
* Justin's POV *
How could I be so stupid? How could I let my jealousy get in between Y/N and I? Ryan told everything that has been going on, Y/N had told Hailey that she was pregnant, and I didn't even know yet, but that didn't matter right now! I just wanted to find Y/N and apologize, but as I walked in the empty streets in the cold showers my phone started ringing.
"Hello?" I asked as I answered the call from an unknown caller.
"Hello, am I talking with Justin Bieber?" A male asked me.
"Yeah?" I said as I gulped loudly, I just knew something was up.
"I'm calling from UCLA Medical Center,” he said, and that's when everything stood still. I couldn't breath, what if something had happened to Y/N?
"It's about your girlfriend Y/F/N, she has been in a car accident and is now at the hospital" the man said.
"What happened?" I asked him, my voice was getting raspy, and my throat was closing, so it was hard for me to speak.
"Her and her friend Hailey had stopped their car in the middle of the road, when a lorry hit them" the man said, I gulped harshly and rubbed my face with my hand. I looked over at Ryan and sighed, and that's when he realized something was up.
"We’ll be there right away,” I told the man, and then I ended the call and looked down in the ground.
"Y/N and Hailey is as the hospital,” I told Ryan, and then I walked over to his car and got in. Ryan got in right after me and turned on the engine.
On our way to the hospital we passed by my car that was now completely ruined, but that didn't matter! All that mattered was Y/N and our baby!
"Faster Ryan, we need to get to the hospital!" I told Ryan. I couldn't sit still, and I was sure that I could run faster to the hospital than Ryan drove.
"Is Hailey okay?" Ryan suddenly asked, to be honest I had actually forgotten about Hailey, and I didn't even ask about her, when I was on the phone with the man from the hospital.
"I don’t know… I forgot to ask" I quietly told him, then we arrived at the hospital l, and I hurried to get out of the car and run inside.
"Where's Y/F/N" I asked a nurse, the nurse looked strangely at me, but eventually she went over to her computer and searched for her name.
"Hailey Baldwin, too" Ryan said. The nurse was way too slow for me to handle, so I started pattering with my foot.
“Y/F/N name is at second floor, room 268, and Hailey Baldwin is currently under the knife” the nurse finally said, I let go of my breath and closed my eyes, but Ryan stood completely still and did nothing.
“What is the surgery about?” I asked the nurse as I placed my hand on Ryan’s shoulder to comfort him.
“It’s a surgery in her shoulder, nothing really bad,” the nurse said, and finally Ryan could breath, too.
“What about Y/N’s baby?” I asked the nurse. My throat started closing, when the nurse furrowed her eyebrows and looked at her computer again.
“Of what I can see, Y/F/N isn’t pregnant” the nurse said.
“But we have the proves at home, her pregnancy tests are all positive” I told the nurse.
“Just a minute, I will just find a nurse that can go with you to her room and then give her an ultra sound” the nurse said, then she left, and I sat down in one of the chairs.
“Is it okay if I go check on Hailey?” Ryan asked me, I looked up at him and smiled lightly.
“Yeah, go check on your girlfriend” I told him, Ryan pattered my shoulder, then he left me to wait for the nurse.
I think 5 minutes passed before the nurse came back with another nurse.
“Justin Bieber?” the nurse said – like she didn’t even know me-, I nodded my head and stood up.
“Let’s go check on your girlfriend” she said, then we went upstairs to the second floor, room 268.
I felt a knot form in my stomach as the nurse opened the door into Y/N’s room, and the knot got even bigger, when I saw Y/N with a bunch of tube connected to her body.
“You say she’s pregnant?” the nurse asked me as I sat down by Y/N and held her hand.
“Yeah, of what I’ve heard” I told the nurse. The nurse nodded her head, and then she gently pulled up Y/N’s hospital shirt and started the ultra sound.
I looked at the screen nearby, and soon I was able to see a very small baby, but the nurse looked a little skeptical.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her, my breathing was getting faster and so was my heartbeat.
“The heartbeat isn’t that strong, but luckily I can save your baby” the nurse said. A big smile formed on my face, and I hurried to look down at Y/N.
The nurse left the room, and as she did Y/N started moving. A small groan left her small mouth as she slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes finally met mine, and immediately they got wide, and Y/N tried to move away from me.
“No, please don’t move baby! I’m so sorry” I gently told her as I held her hand tight. Y/N was shivering like crazy, not because she was cold, but because she was scared of me.
“What- what ha- happened?” she stuttered, I sighed and looked down.
“A lorry hit you and Hailey,” I told her. I gulped and licked my lips.
“Is Hailey okay?” Y/N asked me as she closed her eyes and squeezed my hand. I gently smiled and placed a peck on her hand.
“She is, she’s in surgery right now with her shoulder, but that’s the only thing that happened to her. Y/N opened her eyes and smiled.
“I’m glad she’s okay! I feel so bad…” Y/N said, I sighed and shook my head.
“If someone needs to feel bad, then that’s me! I slapped you Y/N, and that is not okay! Especially not when nothing happened! I’m so sorry baby, I really hope you can forgive me” I told her, Y/N smiled and nodded her head.
“Of course I can forgive you, I love you,” she said. I can’t believe she had actually forgiven me. Y/N had always been the most generous person I had ever known! She always gave people a second change.
“I love you, too baby” I told her, and then I got up and placed a kiss on her really dry lips.
“I actually have something to tell you, and please don’t be mad” Y/N said afterwards. I had a feeling she would tell me she was pregnant, so I smiled widely and shook my head.
“Of course not” I told her. I sat down again and grabbed her hand with both of my hands.
“I’m pregnant” she said, I smiled widely and pecked her hand.
“That’s amazing baby! But I already know” I told her, Y/N’s eyes got wide, and she covered her mouth.
“Ryan told me, and since you’re now actually getting on ultra sound, it’s kind of easy to guess” I told her, Y/N looked down at herself and furrowed her eyebrows.
“I didn’t even feel the gel” she said, she gently chuckled, but it was hurting her, so she stopped again.
“The nurse said the heartbeat isn’t that strong, but she’s getting you some medicine to take so our baby will be alright” I told Y/N, Y/N nodded her head and looked at her belly.
“Is our baby beautiful?” she asked me; I gently nodded my head and smiled at her.
“It’s perfect,” I told her; Y/N smiled widely and pecked my hand. Then the nurse came back and smiled widely, when she saw Y/N was awake.
“Good morning, how are you feeling?” the nurse asked her, Y/N smiled and nodded her head.
“My back is hurting, but otherwise I feel fine” Y/N told the nurse, the nurse smiled and made the needle ready.
“No pain in your lower stomach?” she asked Y/N, Y/N shook her head and looked up at me.
“No, I’m perfectly fine” she told her.
“Okay, well Y/N of what I can see you’re 3 months pregnant, so you’re actually able to know the baby’s gender” the nurse told Y/N.
Y/N smiled and looked over at me.
“Do we want to know the gender?” she asked me, I hurried to nod my head and smile.
“We would love to know the gender” I told the nurse. The nurse nodded her head and took the scanner again. She placed it on Y/N’s belly and moved it around.
“Well first of all the heartbeat is getting normal again, and you’re having a girl” the nurse said, I smiled widely as I chuckled, and so did Y/N.
“We’re having a princess, baby” I told her, Y/N nodded her head and covered her mouth as a tear ran down her cheek.
Right now couldn’t be better. Y/N was okay, our baby girl was okay, and Hailey was okay. Because an hour later her and Ryan came into Y/N’s room to say hey.
They saw the pictures of our princess, and they actually got to decide, what we would name her – of course with our help – but they came up with Harper Evelyn Bieber. And when she got born she was absolutely perfect! From start she had blue eyes – just like Y/N – and brown hair. But her eyes turned brown – just like mine – and her hair got a little bit lighter.
She was absolutely perfect, and she was the best thing that had ever happened to Y/N and I, because I changed personality, from the bad boy to the daddy type, which made Y/N and I’s fighting a lot less, and Y/N ended up marrying me, after I had used several months of figuring out how to propose to her, but what was better than have our daughter do it for me.
So one morning I had placed an engagement ring on Harper’s toe, and when Y/N saw it, I proposed, and of course she said yes ;)


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