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35. Part 2 of @shinexarianax's imagine!

Part 2 of @shinexarianax ‘s imagine
* One year later *
The sound of my precious little baby boy, woke me up. I quickly crawled out of my bed and hurried over to his crib that was standing in my room.
“Hey baby, why are you crying?” I asked him as I picked him up and held him close to my chest. William was quick to tug on my shirt, which meant he was hungry. I walked over to my bed again; I gently placed William on the bed, while I pulled my T-shirt down. I picked him up again and sat down on the bed. I guided his head towards my breast and as he found it, he stared sucking. As I was breast-feeding him, the doorbell rang. I groaned and slowly got out of the bed. I quickly found a fabric diaper and laid it over my breast so no one could see my breast. Then I walked downstairs and unlocked the front door. My house was big, but luckily I could afford it, since I got a good payment.  
“Hey Sweetie” Paul said as he stepped inside. Yeah, every morning before Paul leaves for work, he stops by to help me with William, so I had the opportunity to shower and get ready. I always felt bad, when I was alone with him and had to shower.
“Hey, you’re here early today” I told him as I closed the door behind him.
“Yeah, well I couldn’t sleep, so I just thought I would be in good time today” he explained as he pulled off his blazer and his shoes.
“Did Justin call last night?” Paul asked me, as we walked out to the kitchen.
“Yeah, 10 times!” I told him, as I sat down in one of the chairs and looked down at William.
“When does he realize that you don’t want to get back with him?” he asked me as he looked in the fridge.
“I don’t know? You should think after a year of me ignoring him, would stop him” I told him; Paul nodded his head and continued to look in the fridge.
“Did you eat breakfast?” he then asked me as he started pulling food out of the fridge.
“No, I just woke up” I told him, and then I could feel William stopped sucking. I pulled him away from my breast and placed a finger in front of his mouth to see if he was still hungry, he wasn’t, so I pulled my T-shirt up again and started burping him.
“Would you let me make us breakfast?” Paul asked, as he walked over to me.
“Of course, I trust you!” I told him, Paul smiled and then caressed William’s cheek.
“Hey baby” he cooed, and then he quickly rubbed their noses together, which made William squeal. He would be such a good father someday…
“What are you going to do today?” Paul asked me as he started making us breakfast.
“I think I might visit work today, they haven’t seen William yet and I know Sara is dying to meet him” I told him; Paul nodded his head and continued to cook.
“Maybe we could go together? I’m going in late today because I worked until 11pm last night” he asked, I smiled and nodded my head.
“Of course, is it okay if we walk? William needs to sleep” I asked him; this time it was Paul who nodded his head.
“Great, when will breakfast be ready?” I asked Paul as I got up from my chair.
“Half an hour” he explained,
“Then I can take a shower, of course only if you will look after William” I told him, Paul chuckled and nodded his head.
“You don’t even have to ask me, I will always look after him” he explained, I smiled widely, and then I placed William in the small cradle in the kitchen.
“See you in a bit” I told him, and then I ran upstairs and took a shower. After I had showered, I went into my bedroom and over to my closet. I found a simple black summer dress, a pair of mint blue ballerina shoes and a jacket to wear if it got cold.
I made s simple makeup and just braided my hair so William wouldn’t grab it.

After breakfast, I quickly got William dressed in a white body stocking there was written “Ladies I have arrived” on it, I pulled a little, comfy bear suit on him too, only to keep him warm. Then Paul, William and I left. Paul was pushing the pram, when we walked past a grocery store,
“SHIT!” I said, as I stopped walking.
“What’s wrong?” Paul asked, as he also stopped walking.
“I forgot diapers, can I please run in after some?” I asked him, Paul smiled and nodded his head.
“Great, I’ll be back in a minute or two” I told him, and then I ran inside the grocery store and found the diapers William used.
I paid for them and then went out. But I stopped walking as I saw Justin standing beside Paul.
“When did you become a dad?” Justin asked him,
“I’m not a dad” Paul said as he looked down in the ground.
“Well, who are you babysitting for then?” Justin asked him, I sucked in my breath and started walking over to them,
“It’s just someone” Paul him, then I had finally made my way over to them. I placed the diapers under the gram a long with William’s changing bag.
“Y/N?” Justin asked, as I picked up William,
“Yeah?” I asked him as I turned around, I gently pecked William’s cheek and looked up at Justin.
“Who are you babysitting for?” he asked me,
“I’m not babysitting for anyone, William is mine” I told him, I showed no emotions, I just looked down at William,
“Are you serious? Who’s the father?” Justin asked me, he was mad, and I liked that.
“You really wanna know?” I asked him, as I smirked,
“Yeah, I actually want to, because then I’ll beat the crap out of that person!” he explained,
“Well, you actually don’t deserve to know” I told him, I turned around and handed William to Paul, who gladly took him.
“You’re the father Justin!” I told Justin, and then I turned around and started walking away with the pram.
“WAIT? I’m the father?” Justin asked, as he ran after us.
“Yeah, you are!” I told him, I kept walking, but Justin stopped me by grabbing my arm. I rolled my eyes and turned around to look at him, that’s when Justin kissed my lips. I gasped and quickly pulled away.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I asked him as I glared at him.
“You can’t just walk away, William is my child too, so I deserve to at least hold him!” Justin told me, in disbelief, I shook my head and turned around.
“No, you don’t deserve to hold him! I will be sure that William will never see you again!” I told him, that was when William started crying. Paul tried to calm him down, but he didn’t succeed, so I grabbed William and held him close. Paul took the pram and we continued to walk. But William would still not stop crying.
“Y/N! Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t love me! Then I will leave you and William alone and never come back!” Justin said, as he stood in front of me. I sighed and looked away, I loved Justin, and I could never tell him, that I didn’t love him!
“See, I knew it! You love me as much as I love you” Justin said as he smiled, “Can I try to hold him? And see if I can get him to calm down?” Justin asked, I gulped and looked up at him.
“Okay, but please be careful!” I told him, then I handed him William, Justin carefully laid him on his chest and started rocking back and forth. A minute later William was sleepy peacefully on Justin’s shoulder. He had a tight grip on Justin’s T-shirt, so I would have a hard time getting him away from Justin.
“How did you do that?” I asked him in a whisper,
“I don’t know, I just did something,” Justin told me; I scoffed and bit down in my lip.
“Can you keep him on your shoulder, he has a tight grip on your T-shirt, so if I took him away from you, he would start crying again” I explained to him.
“Of course! But only if you give me a chance to make everything up to you” Justin said, I groaned, but eventually I started smiling.
“Okay, but you only have one chance to make it up to me!” I told him, as I sternly looked at him.
“Yes! Thank you so much Y/N, you won’t regret it!” Justin told me,
“But we’ll take one step at a time” I warned him,
“Of course, everything for you!” Justin told me,
“Y/N, I need to go to work now, but I’ll call you when I get off so I maybe can babysit William tonight, you and Justin looks like you could use a night on your own” Paul explained.
“It’s okay Paul, I think Justin needs to have a night with William, so he realizes how hard it is to be a parent” I told Paul, as I smiled at him.
“Okay, well I’ll see you guys soon then” Paul said, then he hugged me, I hugged him back and then he awkwardly hugged Justin. Lastly Paul gently pecked William’s forehead, then he left.
“Wanna see my house?” I asked Justin after a minute of silence,
“Yeah, I would love that” Justin said, then we left to my house. After that day Justin did everything to make sure I would be his forever, and he completed…


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