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21. Part 2 of @officialrania.s imagine!

Part 2 of @officialrania.s imagines.
3 weeks has passed since Justin proposed to me. I haven’t been talking to him ever since. I’ve been staying at my friend Tania’s house so I wouldn’t have to talk to Justin. The only reason why I said no to marrying Justin was because I felt like it was too soon, we hadn’t even been dating a year.
I woke up feeling really sick, so I quickly ran out to the bathroom and threw up. Tania walked into the bathroom and got my hair away from my face.
“Y/N, this is the 5th time this week you’ve been throwing up, I really think you need to see your doctor” she told me as I finished throwing up. I nodded my head and got up from the ground. Then I walked over to the sink and splashed some water into my face. Then I quickly brushed my teeth’s and then walked out of the bathroom to find some clothes. But before I found my clothes, I checked my phone, as usual 20 missed calls from “Baby <3 :D”. I sniffled and locked my phone again, and then I found a pair of black jeans, a white button up shirt ´, a grey sweatshirt to wear over it. Then I found a pair of white and black adidas sneakers. I quickly just pulled my hair up in a messy bun and made a natural makeup look.
Then I grabbed my phone and my purse and walked downstairs. I was so starving, so I quickly made myself some oatmeal.


After I had eaten, I grabbed my car keys and opened the front door.
“I’m leaving now!” I yelled to Tania who was sitting in the living room.
“Okay, me careful Y/N/N (Your nickname)” she yelled back,
“I will” I yelled back and then I closed the door and walked over to my car. I got in and quickly drove to the hospital. I parked my car and then walked inside.
“I have an appointment at Doctor Mary’s” I told the lady behind the desk, did I forget to mention that Tania made an appointment for me while I was getting ready? I think I did.
“Yeah, what’s your name?” she asked as she continued to look at her computer screen.
“Y/F/N” I told her as I continued to smile. Right now I was actually feeling good.
“Yes, doctor Mary will be ready for you in a couple of minutes” she smiled, then she looked down at her computer again and I walked over to the waiter area.
“Y/F/N” Doctor Mary yelled as she looked around in the waiting area. I stood up and grabbed my bag before walking over to her.
“Hello Doctor” I smiled as I shook her hand.
“Hey Y/N, how are we feeling?” she asked as we walked inside her office and sat down.
“Right now I’m feeling good” I told her, “But I feel like I have to throw up every morning, and I’m always hungry” I told her as I looked down,
“Hm, come with me and lay down on the examination couch” Doctor Mary said as she stood up. I nodded my head and walked over to the examination couch and laid down.
“If you could just pulled your shirt up, then I’ll put some gel on your stomach” she smiled, I furrowed my eyebrows, but did what she told me to do. I gasped as the cold gel came in contact with my skin. Doctor Mary smiled and took a scanner and then spread the get out over my stomach.
“Y/N, if you look up at the screen, what do you see?” she asked as she continued to drag the scanner over to stomach,
“I don’t know, a clump” I told her as I furrowed my eyebrows once again.
“That’s probably right, right now, but in a few months, this will be a fully grown baby” she explained as she smiled widely down at me. My eyes got wide and I covered my mouth. This couldn’t be happening, I would never be able to take care of a baby, especially not on my own!
“How long?” I asked her as tears started running down my cheeks.
“A little over 2 months” she smiled, I nodded my head and dried to tears away, and then I took a tissue and dried the gel of my stomach.
I made a new appointment with doctor Mary and then I left. How could I be pregnant? Justin and I always made sure he wore protection! OMG, no there was a night where we were both drunk and one thing led to another and Justin forgot protection!
I covered my mouth as I quietly started sobbing and got into my car.
“I better go tell Justin” I whispered to myself, then I started the engine and drove off to Justin’s house.
I parked in his drive way and got out of my car. I made sure I had the picture from the ultrasound with me and then I walked up to the doorstep. I took a deep breath before knocking on the door. My whole body felt numb like I couldn’t move! A few seconds passed before Justin opened the door. His eyes got wide when he saw me. He sniffled and looked down.
“What are you doing here?” he asked as he continued to look down.
“I have something important to tell you! May I come in?” I asked him as I looked at him, he was a total mess, bags under his eyes, his hair was messy, all in all he looked heartbroken!
“Yeah, uhm of course” he said after he had been staring at me for almost a minute. I politely smiled at him and then walked inside.
“Have you been crying?” he asked me as we sat down on the couch. I noticed all kinds of picture of me and Justin, laying on the coffee table. I saw a picture of us kissing in the woods, so I picked it up and smiled at it.
“Uhm, yeah, it’s about the thing I want to tell you” I told him as I placed the picture on the table again. I pulled out the picture from the ultrasound and handed them to him.
“What is this?” he asked as he looked at the pictures,
“That’s our baby” I told him as I looked down, Justin looked up at me with wide eyes and then down at the pictures again.
“No, that can’t be true! We always used protection!” he told me as he looked down at the pictures once again.
“Remember what one time a few moths ago, we went to a club and got really drunk and we had unprotected sex?” I asked him as I fondled with my white nails.
“Oh God, are you really having our baby?” he asked me as he got a huge smile on his face. I nodded my head and smiled a little myself.
“Are you ready to become a dad?” I asked him, as I looked up at him.
“A you serious? I’m more than ready! I always wanted kids with you!” he smiled, then he stood up and walked over to me, before I even could perceive what was happening, Justin had placed his lips on top of mine.
“How long have you been pregnant?” he asked me as we pulled out of the kiss.
“Apparently two months, but I went to doctor Mary’s office today, so I found out today and I thought you deserved to know” I told him as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
Justin smiled widely and kissed my lips once again.
Then he unwrapped my arms and walked over to a black cabinet, he opened a drawer and pulled out the red velour box I remembered so well. I sucked in my breath as he opened the box and got down on one knee again.
“I hope you remember my long speech last time I proposed to you, because I won’t say it again” Justin started, he winked and then he continued, “Y/F/N will you please do me the honor of marrying me? Please don’t say no!” he said, I smiled and nodded my head, and Justin let out a long sigh and slipped the ring on my finger. Then he got up and picked me up,
“I can’t believe I’m marrying the love of my life and I will have a baby with her” Justin smiled as he twirled me around.

7 months later I gave birth to a beautiful princess. Justin was head of heels in love with her and he promised her that we would never let anyone hurt her. We decided to name her Amanda Heather Bieber.   


Tell me what you think! So I stayed up all night to finish this one, so sorry for all the mistakes, I was really tired!

- Amalie xo

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