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84. Part 2 of @jmacbelieberfan's imagine!

Part to of @Jmacbelieberfan
Finally 10 hours later we were landing, but Justin would still not tell me, where we were. The whole flight had been so nice, I actually never liked to fly, but this had made me rethink my idea of flying. Justin had made sure I had everything, a book called Paper towns by John Green, earphones and my iPad, oh and also my MacBook. But Justin and I had used most of our time on watching different movies and exchange our presents for each other. I had given Justin a gift certificate to a place, where he could parachute jump. I knew he had also wanted to try it, but he had never done it, so I decided to get him one of those along with a collage of the best pictures of us, I know it’s cheesy, but luckily Justin loved it.
Justin had given me this really expensive ring, it had a mother of pearls stone in it and then a lot of small diamonds around it, it was so beautiful!
But the funniest present he had gotten me a really sexy, pink pair of lingerie, which he apparently thought I should wear tonight, and now that he had gotten me it, he would of course get to see me in it, but later!
“Come baby, we’re finally here,” Justin whispered against my neck, I sighed and closed my eyes. Justin gently placed a peck on my sweet spot, and then he moved his head and stood up. He reached out his hands for me to take them, so I did, and he pulled me up from the comfy chair.
“Where are we?” I asked Justin as we got out of the plane, I said goodbye to Christine, and then looked at Justin again.
“We’re in Paris,” he mumbled against my cheek, and then he placed a peck on it and afterwards pulled away. I squealed as Justin wrapped his arm around my shoulders.
Justin and I spent our honeymoon in Paris, so to be back here was so amazing!
“Aww” I cooed, then I got onto my tiptoes and kissed his cheek, then I got down again and ran into the airport. Justin grabbed our suitcases, and then we made our way outside. Apparently Justin had rented a car, because he walked directly over to a matt, black Ferrari 458 Italia. But after he had gotten the suitcases into the trunk, he handed me the keys and winked. I gasped and my eyes were wide.
“Are you seriously letting me drive this baby?” I asked hi, Justin smiled widely and nodded his head.
“I trust you baby!” he said, I smiled widely and squealed once again.
It was getting dark in Paris since it was about 10pm and in Los Angels it was about 11am, so there weren’t that many cars on the road, which gave me the change to drive faster than normally. I had opened the window, so my hair was flying, and generally I was just feeling really good! I had always been a sucker for cars, and Justin said it was one of the many things he adored, so it couldn’t be better.
“Baby slow down! We can’t have the police arrest us!” Justin laughed as he looked at me, I smiled widely and shook my head, and then I got down to 160 miles per hour.  
“Sorry, you know I have something with cars” I told him with a smirk, Justin chuckled and nodded his head,
“I sure do” he said, I gasped and slapped him on his chest.
“But you still love me!” I told him with a big smirk; Justin smirked to and pretended to think about it.
“Hey, you shouldn’t even be thinking about it!” I told him as I pouted.
“You know I’m just kidding baby, I love you with all my heart, and you know it!” Justin said as he placed his hand on my thigh. I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“I love you too baby, and again happy anniversary” I told him; Justin pecked my cheek and looked around.
“We have to go left next time” Justin said, I nodded my head and slowed down even more, then as we made it to, where we were going to the left, I turned left and soon after we arrived at the hotel. I parked the car outside the hotel and got out of the car. Then a man that worked at the hotel came out to us and grabbed our suitcases.
“Hello Mr. And Mrs. Bieber, nice to see you again” he said, I smiled and thanked him, then I walked over to Justin and wrapped my one arm around his waist as Justin wrapped his one arm around my shoulders.
“Memories” I happily sighed as I looked around in the lobby, Justin nodded his head and kissed my cheek.
“Yeah, and I got us the same room as last year” Justin said, I gasped and looked up at him.
“You got us the honeymoon suit?” I asked him as I furrowed my eyebrows, Justin nodded his head, and then he started walking over to the reception.
“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Bieber, nice to see you again” the female receptionist said, I smiled and looked at Justin again.
“Is our room ready?” Justin asked her, Terry the receptionist smirked and nodded her head.
“It is Mr. Bieber” she said, I furrowed my eyebrows, then Justin got the key from Terry and started walking away.
“Why did Terry smirk?” I asked Justin, Justin didn’t say anything; he just tried to hide his smile.
“I don’t know?” he said, I scoffed, but eventually I started giggling. Finally we made it to the elevator, and of course Justin always got really tender, when we had to take the elevator.
“It’s okay baby, we’ll be up there, before we know it” I told him; Justin nodded his head and took a deep breath. We got inside the elevator and the doors closed. I made Justin stand up against the wall, and then I stood in front of him and placed my hands on his jaw.
“It’s okay,” I told him, and then the elevator started moving. Justin placed his head in the corner of my neck. His breathing slowed down as he took a deep breath of my scent.
“Why do your smell always calm me down?” Justin mumbled in my neck, I giggled and shrugged my shoulders.
“I don’t know, you tell me” I told him, and then the elevator stopped moving, and the doors opened. Justin breathed out and opened his eyes.
“See, it didn’t hurt did it?” I playfully asked Justin as I smirked, Justin shook his head and grabbed my hand, then we walked out and over to our room. Justin unlocked the door and opened the door, and immediately I could see candles and rose petals, I awed and wrapped my arms around Justin.
“OMG baby, you’re the sweetest!” I squealed, Justin smiled and chuckled a little, and then I let go and made my way inside.
“Baby, before we do something, I was wondering if you would go for a walk with me?” Justin asked me, I furrowed my eyebrows, but eventually I nodded my head and smiled widely.
“Why did you make the workers do all of this now, if we will just blow it out and make them do it before we get back?” I asked Justin as I referred to the candles and the rose petals; Justin chuckled and scratched his neck.
“I don’t know? Guess I wasn’t thinking” he chuckled, I nodded my head, then I grabbed my suitcase and opened it. I found my jacket, and then I closed my suitcase again and walked over to Justin. In the meantime Justin had blown out the candles. I grabbed Justin’s hand, then we walked out of the door and made our way downstairs, this time we took the stairs.
“Where are you going Mr. and Mrs. Bieber?” Terry asked as she furrowed her eyebrows.
“We’re just going for a walk, we’ll be back soon” Justin told her,
“Okay Mr. Bieber, would you like us to light the candles again before you arrive?” Terry asked, and Justin nodded his head.
“Please Terry, that would be amazing, if you could do it around 11, then that would be perfect” he said, Terry nodded her head, then she sat down again, and Justin and I walked outside.
“So, where are we going?” I asked him as I squeezed his hand. Justin smiled, then he started running, and since we were holding hands, I had to run with him, even though I hated running…
“Justin stop, I can’t breath” I had to say after a few minutes of running, Justin stopped and started laughing even though he was also out of breath.
“I’m in such a bad shape” I breathed out, Justin shook his head, then walked over to me and made me look to my right, and there we were in front of the Eiffel Tower. I gasped and wrapped my arm around Justin’s waist.
“It’s so beautiful” I told him; Justin nodded his head and looked up at the Eiffel Tower.
“Remember when I proposed to you up there?” he asked me, I giggled and nodded my head.
“You had been acting so strange all day,” I told him Justin nodded his head and chuckled.
“Yeah, but I had my reasons” he said, I furrowed my eyebrows and shook my head.
“No, you knew I would say yes” I told him; Justin shook his head and looked down in the ground.
“No, I was so scared you would leave me” Justin admitted, I smiled and bit down in my lip, then with my free hand I grabbed his jaw and made him look at me before placing my lips on top of his.   
“I love you” I told him, Justin nodded his head, then he connected our lips again.
“I know, and I love you too” he told me, I smiled, then just as I was about to kiss him again, it started pouring down.
I squealed and squinted my eyes together.
“Come baby, let’s hurry back so we won’t get so wet” I told Justin, but Justin shook his head and kept standing still.
“Nah, there is one thing I always wanted to do with you” he said, I furrowed my eyebrows and looked up at him.
“And that is?” I asked him, Justin smiled, and then he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him again before placing his lips on top of mine again. And suddenly it was like it had stopped raining, it was like Justin and I were in our own world…
But sadly that world ended a few minutes later because Justin pulled away from me.
“Come on, let’s get back to the hotel” he said, I nodded my head and grabbed his hand, it was wet, but my hand was wet too, so it didn’t matter.

We made it back to the hotel and hurried upstairs. Justin unlocked our door, and just as we got inside, and Justin had closed and locked the door, Justin walked over to me and connected our lips again, and I actually think this was the best love-making we had made, not only because we made our first child, but also because we were so passionate, and it was like we were one person. 


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